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Teach the word of God

June 27, 2012
The Leader Herald

An open letter to Richard C. Klueg:

Not knowing Scriptures you do err. Jesus said: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." That is not you.

The suffix "ian" means little or like; Christian, therefore, means "little Christ" or "Christ like." Sin is defined as not obeying the commandments. The fourth commandment is to remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy, and the Sabbath is defined as the seventh day. The seventh day goes from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday.

Your church keeps Sunday, which is the day of the Sun god. How can you call yourself Christian and not follow Christ?

Jesus Christ kept the commandments including the Sabbath. An unspotted sacrifice is required to atone for sin. Jesus was unspotted in that he was sinless. If he was not sinless, then we worship in vain, because he could not pay for our sin debt, just as we cannot pay a monetary debt with a forged check or counterfeit money.

Jesus also said that the beast (antichrist) would think to change times and laws: the only time that is a law is the Sabbath commandment.

It requires someone higher than the authority that made a law to change the law, or the one who made the law. There is no one higher than God. God did not change the law and man does not have the authority to change it. So the Sabbath law stands as written.

If you want to become more like Christ, start to keep the commandments and teach the word of God instead of being partial in the law.

Your ministry is in danger of being judged as false because your teachings are false.

If you wish to hear more of this, we need to talk face to face.





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