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Kinderhook development a nightmare

June 27, 2012
The Leader Herald

And so the nightmare begins. Yes, Kinderhook Developers have been clearing the land for months now to build their low-income housing project literally in our backyards.

My once beautiful backyard filled with woods and animals is now a clearing filled with big, yellow construction equipment, mounds of wood chips and a Porta-Potty.

The animals have been displaced from their habitats. A Red-tailed Hawk's home has been taken, and the hawk has been seen several times circling high above our houses as if in search of its home and prey. We can forget about seeing deer in our yards ever again unless it's a John Deere. This morning, a baby rabbit ended up in our pool, but luckily, my husband rescued it.

Now, if you think this project just affects a few north-end residents, think again. Take a ride up here and see for yourselves the damage that has been done. The huge logging trucks constantly in and out of Northern Terrace have succeeded in causing the street by the corner of Brentwood Avenue to cave in - yes, cave in. One neighbor's automobile bottomed out and got a flat tire while making that corner to get home. As of Saturday, after numerous complaints, the city decided to close the street off to through traffic, except for locals who need to get to their homes. There are 5-ton limit signs posted at the entrances of Northern Terrace and Lee and Brentwood avenues due to this danger. Meanwhile, there are barriers up and city crews have begun to fix that portion of Northern Terrace. Who will pay for this? Taxpayers? Kinderhook? What other damage yet unseen will be incurred?

Several neighbors on Lee Avenue are experiencing new water problems. Their toilets, sinks and tubs have slow-moving water which is not going down as it should. They are beginning to back up. One resident has had the city department come twice to flush the lines.

In a recent article in The Leader-Herald, it was reported Fulton County earned the distinction of having the highest unemployment rate in the state outside of New York?City. Brand-new low-income housing is just what we need to bring in even more unemployed people to raise those numbers even higher.

And so the nightmare continues.





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