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Back to reality with?DOT, CSX in?Fonda

June 24, 2012
The Leader Herald

DOT/CSX have taken the accident created by a CSX worker's human error involving a woman going south at the Broadway crossing and turned it around 180 degrees to convince "lifelong residents" we have a major traffic problem heading north.

DOT put up concrete barriers to justify the non-existent problem heading north. If there were such a problem, why did DOT take the barriers down last fall when 30A bridge construction stopped and not re-install them until this spring when it resumed? Apparently DOT can't even decide whether there is a problem.

The accident was a result of human error, so how can DOT/CSX single out this specific crossing in Fonda, when human error can occur at any crossing CSX controls from Miami to Albany, Boston to Chicago or any crossing on the East Coast where CSX runs?

Since we all have cell phones, all any CSX employee (who over-shoots the side-bar signal bringing down the gates) has to do is call the Syracuse Dispatcher to see if another train is coming before manually raising them. What a concept.

Then there are the Hatfields (DOT) and McCoys (CSX) that can't come to a reasonably economical agreement over the half-million-million dollar estimates to solve this non-existent problem. To listen to DOT, it would be easier to climb Mount Everest in bedroom slippers. Since they are both in bed together, it must be a real fight under the covers to ensure a compromise can't be reached. Here again, politics certainly made strange bedfellows. One fabricates the problems and the other swears to them.

Since there is no safety issue going north, much less both ways, there was no need for any "gold-gilded" traffic light in the first place. It appears the "simple solution" is take the $500,000 grant, upgrade the Broadway crossing, create safe pedestrian walkways at both crossings (since the gates are synchronized), and send DOT and CSX on their way.

I believe "truth wills out" but there seems to have been very little of that with this well orchestrated, taxpayer-funded dog and pony show designed to find a way for DOT and CSX to get what they want, which is to close the crossings at all cost.

I am tired of DOT and CSX proclaiming how concerned they are about us because we have never really been part of the equation.





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