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Muslims treated unfairly

June 21, 2012
The Leader Herald

Nearly every day, I receive an email or read a writeup on the Internet about how Muslims committed this crime or committed that crime.

This is outright prejudice. Writing this stuff and posting it online or sending an email is writing and sending propaganda.

What people need to realize is that not all Muslims commit crimes. Most are decent, hard-working people and don't deserve the negativity attached to this type of propaganda.

If somebody wants to bring to light the crimes that certain Muslims did commit, then please refer to them as terrorists. Without putting Muslims in front of it, you are targeting all terrorists.

Also, if you must speak of Muslims, do so in a positive light. Speak of any positive events to which they may have contributed.

Please do the entire world a favor and put an end to prejudice.

This letter was written by an atheist.





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