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Cheers and jeers

June 9, 2012
The Leader Herald

JEERS - To accidents waiting to happen. The construction has started in the area of Hales Mills Road and South Kingsboro Avenue Extension for the Walmart Supercenter, and the clock is ticking before accidents begin. There is only a yield sign upon entering Hales Mills Road. At the yield sign, construction vehicles and workers can block a driver from seeing if there is any oncoming traffic. We have not seen a flag man or any other safety assistance there. It seems there should be a stop sign, not a yield sign. The space between the signal on Route 30A and South Kingsboro and the yield sign is about four cars long, so there is no way a traffic light can be installed. Measures should have been taken to prepare for the traffic congestion. Let's hope this issue is addressed before accidents happen.

CHEERS - To 75 years. On Sunday, the Pine Tree Rifle Club will hold an open house in celebration of its 75th anniversary. For all these years, it has provided a safe and challenging environment for its members. The club has regularly sponsored hunter safety courses for members and the public. The facility has been host to weddings, anniversaries and numerous special events. When the Outdoor Writers chose Fulton County for their 2011 Fall Conference, club members stepped up to help. If you have ever wondered what the club has to offer, stop there Sunday to see live demonstrations of skeet, pistol and rifle shooting and archery. And thank the club for being a part of our community.

CHEERS - To charging. Members of the Canajoharie village board are considering whether to charge people who need to be rescued in restricted sections of Wintergreen Park. The area is heavily posted. Tragic news of deaths and injuries at the Canajoharie gorge falls has been reported a number of times. Yet, some people continue to place themselves in danger by jumping off the falls and swimming in that area. Some then find themselves in need of being rescued. Those who ignore the warnings and have to be rescued should be charged for the equipment expense, which now is picked up by taxpayers. We agree with Mayor Francis Avery: The village is the victim and volunteer rescue workers are putting their own lives in danger. The downside of the effort to charge after a rescue is state approval will be needed, and that may take a while.

CHEERS - To mutual support. The Gloversville and Johnstown school districts support an agreement in which the two districts would share Gloversville's bus garage as well as mechanics, maintenance staff and administration for transportation services. We look forward to seeing this happen.



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