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Cheers and jeers

May 19, 2012
The Leader Herald

CHEERS - To the headline, "Plan calls for city schools to share bus garage." The possibility of the Gloversville and Johnstown school districts sharing Gloversville's facility has been talked about for years - with some saying "yes, it can work," and others being the all-too-popular naysayers. Patrick Michel, superintendent of the Hamilton-

Fulton-Montgomery Board of Cooperative Educational Services, has released a three-year study that shows both districts would save money. We never understood, from the beginning, why sharing a garage would not be a win-win for everyone. We encourage those involved to make this plan work and set an example of how it can be done.

CHEERS - To the long-awaited shelter. It's been five years since an anonymous donor gave $20,000 to Gloversville to build an animal- holding facility. Now, thanks to a public-private partnership between the city and the Regional Animal Shelter, the long-vacant 16-by-36-foot building has officially opened. A loud cheer goes out to the volunteers who did not give up. The need for volunteers and donations of supplies doesn't stop with the ribbon cutting, however. Without continued support, the shelter could close faster than it opened.

JEERS - To the long arms of a nanny state. Using a tanning booth may come with risks, especially for teenagers, but does that mean New York state should ban indoor tanning for anyone younger than 18? Over 10 years, the number of melanoma cancer cases in New York rose 72 percent as tanning salons exploded in malls and shopping centers nationwide, according to the American Cancer Society. Supporters of indoor tanning, however, say tanning booths mimic the sun and are safe when used in moderation. A proposal to ban minors from going into tanning booths is getting some support in the Legislature. How far do we allow state government to overregulate our lives? Will kids be banned from beaches at high noon next?

CHEERS - To young poets. In looking at what it takes to be a good poet, it was written a poet is created by the application of effort, intelligence, heart, soul and persistence. Congratulations to Gloversville High School students Marc Brown and Kurt Callen, who apparently have those characteristics. The two were recognized for their entries in the Great Adirondack Young People's Poetry Contest. And thank you to English teacher Stephanie Alam for fostering the talents of these and other students.



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