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Humor from the Adirondacks

April 22, 2012
By DON WILLIAMS , For The Leader Herald

When you are living "off the land," miles from the "outside world," in the backwoods of the rugged Adirondack Mountains - raising a large family, fighting the elements, caring for the animals, and putting up with the punkies, the black flies, deer flies, mosquitoes, yellow jackets, hornets, house flies, ants, mites and fleas - a good sense of humor becomes an asset. It gets an Adirondacker through troubled times. Thus, the lumbermen and guides became known for their special brand of Adirondack humor. It is witty, clean, funny, and reflective of the people and the region.

Much of the Adirondack humor is somewhat common to wherever settlers, hunters, sports, storytellers and musicians gather. Their "one-liners" have taken on a life of their own and have become widespread and immortal - passed down from one generation to the next, and from one settlement to another. Have you heard these before?

The hardest thing about holding down a job is all the work that it requires!

Live each day like it is your last because someday you will be right!

I use the Biblical method of hunting-seek and ye shall find!

I was born in a log cabin I built myself! "Have you lived there all your life?" Not yet, I am still here!

A game protector met the Old Guide with his gun in hand.

"What are you hunting?"

"I don't know; I haven't seen it yet!"

Asked an Old Guide why he illegally shot does - "You can't eat horns!"

The Old Guide said he was better than his reputation. He figured that he was "good" - good for something, and then again, maybe good for nothing.

The Old Guide believed in abstinence as long as he could practice it in moderation!

The Old Guide had good luck digging gingshang because "even tho it took a long time to train them," he had trained his hunting dogs to point out the valuable plant.

Posted on Adirondack land - "This land protected by shotguns three days a week-you guess which ones!"

The Old Guide loved the Adirondacks so much when he went away he got homesick every time he heard his own voice.

The Old Guides met and started to chat.

"I've got an ox with the fits; what did you do when your ox had fits," a guide asked.

"I gave it turpentine and kerosene," a guide responded.

The next day, the guide who asked for help said "I gave my ox that mixture of turpentine and kerosene and the mixture killed him."

"Killed mine too," the other guide said.

I trust you enjoyed a little Adirondack humor. If you smiled, I know you have a slight Adirondack connection; if you chuckled, I know the rural mountains have touched you; if you let out a little "ha!ha!", I know you relate; and if you had a good belly laugh, I know that you belong to that mountain tribe - the Adirondackers.

And, if you sot like a grouch, I know you really understood the humor, but did not want anyone to know that you enjoyed it!



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