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Test can assess your ‘foodability’

November 20, 2011
By ANITA HANABURGH , The Leader Herald

So many of us think we know so much about food and the food industry. Are you really a foodie? Take this test to assess your "foodability."

1. What handheld, footed tool, slices firm fruits and vegetables with precision into thick, thin, julienne and waffle cuts?

a.) blender

b.) robocoupe

c.) mandolin

d.) Ronco router

2. What food label did American pop-artist Andy Warhol paint?

a.) Heinz ketchup

b.) Morton Salt

c.) Campbell soup

d.) TV Dinners

3. What cooking method poaches sealed food at a low temperature in a vacuum sealed bag

a.) sous vide

b.) julienne

c.) panciered

d.) confit

4. The best wine for drinking with veal is

a.) Pinot noir

b.) Shiraz

c.) Chianti

d.) Pino grigio

5. What is the menu term for the thymus glands and pancreas of young animals

a.) veal

b.) poultry

c.) sirloin

d.) sweet breads

6. What food female did Fortune magazine name the second most popular American woman in 1945 (Eleanor Roosevelt was first.)

a.) Fannie Farmer

b.) Betty Crocker

c.) Julia Child

d.) Giada

7. What is the Japanese name for the seaweed used to wrap sushi?

a.) wasabi

b.) Jasmine

c.) panko

d.) nori

8. What architect brought his award-winning kitchenware design to Target stores beginning in 1999?

a.) Joe Faber

b.) Micheal Graves

c.) William Sonoma

d.) Martha Stewart

9. Which meat cut is the most tender?

a.) chuck

b.) loin

c.) shoulder

d.) round

10. According to the U. S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection?Service, to be safe, potentially hazardous foods must be reheated to an internal temperature of

a.) 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

b.) 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

c.) 313 degrees Fahrenheit.

d.) 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

11. A Maitre d' is another name for

a.) waiter

b.) chef

c.) headwaiter

d.) manager

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12. What herb has a downy silver-green leaf, a potent earthy flavor and is often used with pork and in turkey stuffing?

a.) Basil

b.) Sage

c.) parsley

d.) rosemary

13. What "neighborhood" restaurant chain, headquartered in Atlanta, has a 70 percent male customer base?

a.) Friendlys

b.) KFC

c.) Wendy's

d.) Hooters

14. Where did Ethel and Lucy work in the "I Love Lucy" television episode "Job Switching"?

a.) Vitameatavegamin display window

b.) Tupper ware home parties

c.) Kramer's Kandy Kitchen

d.) Mr. Peanut Products door to door

15. An essential antioxidant, this fat soluble vitamin is found in nuts and nut oils, green leafy vegetables, turnips, beets, collards, pumpkins and mangos.

a.) Vitamin B complex

b.) Vitamin D

c.) Vitamin C

d.) Vitamin E

16. What flatware is sometimes placed horizontally above the center of a place setting?

a.) silver plated

b.) Dessert silverware

c.) monigrammed

d.) salad forks

17. What is the most popular month to eat out?

a.) July

b.) December

c.) April

d.) August

18. What English breakfast dish, adopted from India, is made of flaked, smoked fish, rice and hard cooked eggs?

a.) Kippers

b.) Kedgeree

c.) Bean Curd

d.) bonkers

19. What is the generic term for yeast, baking powder, and baking soda?

a.) leavening agents

b.) bubbling herbs

c.) baking salts

d.) enhancements.

20. How many bubbles does the average bottle of Champagne contain?

a.) 49,000

b.) 490,000

c.) 49 million

d.) 4,900 bubbles.

Each answer counts 5 points.

You know you're the Foodie Frontrunner if you scored 90-100 points.

You're a Fair Foodie if you scored 75 to 90.

You're a Foodie's Friend with 60 to 75.

You're pretty Faroff as a foodie if you scored 50 to 60.

You definitely Failed as a foodie if you scored 50 or less.



1.) a

2.) c

3.) a

4.) a

5.) d

6.) b.

7.) d.

8.) b.

9.) b.

10.) a.

11.) c.

12.) b.

13.) d.

14.) c.

15.) d.

16.) b.

17.) d.

18.) b.

19.) a.

20.) c.



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