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Why was Pia voted off show?

April 17, 2011
By KATHRYN SPIRA , For The Leader Herald

I was so shocked when I watched the results of "American Idol" last week. And I wasn't the only one. Even Herman thought Pia was a frontrunner for the title. And he hardly watched "Idol."

After her shocking elimination on "American Idol," "Life & Style" magazine revealed Pia Toscano was so shaken up that she had to be escorted off the stage.

Furthermore, according to "Access Hollywood:"

"The judges and the crowd on April 7th's 'American Idol' weren't the only ones shocked and outraged by Pia Toscano's elimination. Stars took to their Twitter accounts in droves in the hours following the news, sounding off on Thursday night's results.

'Don't have an IDOL habit, but how could the USA vote Pia off? I may be done for the season!' Tom Hanks wrote.

'Jersey Shore's' Snooki was in agreement with the Oscar winner, writing, 'Pia should have won the whole thing! I'm not watchin Idol anuymore. I'm with JLO on this one'

Many stars were left flabbergasted by the booting of the ballad-loving beauty. One blogger commented, 'Steven Tyler was right, guys don't vote and the girls are jealous.'"

Here's my feeling. The general voting audience who call in or text their votes are young females between the ages of 12 and 16. As with last year's winner, they are looking for whoever appeal most to that particular segment of the population, and Pia isn't it.

This may be a flaw in the way "Idol" is set up. There are probably lots of people like me who don't vote but have a definite opinion. As with elected officials, if you don't vote, you have no right to gripe about the results.

So, the upshot of all this is, if I really care about who gets to be the next American Idol, as Judge Randy Jackson said, "Don't assume that your favorite will make it to the next week. You need to call in and vote."

In fact, country music star Carrie Underwood, who got her start on "Idol," said very honestly on Ellen Degeneres's TV show that she voted for herself as much as she could, and asked all her friends and family to do the same. She said for the two hours after the show she couldn't be bothered to do anything else but vote repeatedly for herself.

And it probably takes that kind of passion to make it all the way to stardom. At least that's my view.

Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in New York City and Los Angeles, now pursues freelance writing from Caroga Lake in Fulton County. Previous columns and contact information may be accessed at her website at



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