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Don’t you just love kitchen gadgets?

March 6, 2011
By ANITA HANABURGH, For The Leader-Herald

I covet every gadget in the William Sonoma catalog. Don't you just love kitchen gadgets? The first day is always the happiest day for the new owner of a kitchen gadget. You remember that day when you clamped the L.L. Bean apple peeler on the counter and began stripping the contents of your piled high apple pie? It was so much fun. But that happiness can't compare to the happiness you felt when your daughter asked, "If you don't use that peeler any more, can I have it?"

I love the store Sur La Table. I marvel at the individuals who spend a whole paycheck on single-use widgets. I wonder how they fit them in their kitchen. I wonder about the amount of cooking they must do to need such a thing. Still, I crave every gadget they have.

If I had more time, more money, more counter space and more outlets, I might own:

1.) A Cuisinart Elite die-cast 16-cup 100-watt food processor - This heavy duty processor has three bowls, is easy to clean, has a seal-tight lid, adjustable stainless steel blades and a retractable cord. Talk about fun! I could just empty out the fridge, slice or chop the stuff up in 30 seconds and be done for the day!

2.) A premium Margaritaville trio frozen concoction maker - I'm not a fan of margaritas, but I could be with this amazing station. For a mere $500, this frozen drink wonder makes margaritas, daiquiris, pina coladas, mudslides, mojitos and smoothies and shaves its own ice. Featuring two separate motors, this is one restaurant- quality machine! Using its rotating chute, this sturdy baby can service three (thus the trio) 24-ounce pitchers at a time. An instant party!

3.) A Nespresso Citiz espresso maker with Aeroccino Plus automatic milk frother - I am not kidding and it's less than $400. If you want perfect espresso without the mess, this one's for you. It uses Nespresso's coffee capsules, which are easily ordered separately online. Its heating element is precisely engineered to hold the exact temperature and its Aeroccino Plus milk frother consistently makes perfect foam and I know that you have been seeking this kind of precise engineering and consistency. What's not to love?

4.) A Swissmar eight-person Stelvio Raclette party grill with reversible grill top - Even if you don't know what raclette is, you need this. This party starter boasts a granite top for grilling anything from shrimp, to bell peppers to beef tenderloin to potatoes, even tofu. The undercabinet holds individual dishes for melted cheese or sauces. In fondue-style, your guests can cook their favorite items then dip 'em. It does not come with a cook book, but one can be purchased for $4.18 on Oh, the Swissmar French Racleete is made in China.

5.) Krupp's high performance 4.75 quart deep fryer - The best way to get the most calories. This high yield, high temp frying gadget is sleek and efficient. Its best feature is a removable cord that allows easy cleanup. Using patented technology, this powerful fryer flows air through a carbon filter to keep frying odors at a minimum. Hello McDonald's!

6.) Hurom compact masticating electric slow juicer - A slow juicer, just what I need. A mouthful for the title, this juicer delivers a mouthful of nutritious liquid from fresh fruit and vegetables. It extracts the juice instead of grinding the juice, providing 35 percent more juice. This $370 tool takes a ton of work space. Delicious results, yes, but I'll have to stick to Tropicana.

7.) A deBuyer 1.5 liter stainless steel double boiler Bain Marie - My next paycheck, I'm seriously buying this for only $42.02. My mother would love, love this. This ingenious one-piece cooker can be used with success to prepare custard, hollandaise, melt chocolate or just gently heat anything on the top of the range. No outlet needed. Its ergonomic handle also is a spout for the addition of water. This fun, durable, well-made necessity has a thick base. Oh, what's a Bain Marie? A double boiler.

8.) KitchenArt stick proof measuring cups - Wow. Maybe I really can buy something today. Another "cordless cutie." No more scraping out shortening or peanut butter from the stainless measuring cups. Just slide the bottom to the desired measure, fill and push the ingredients out. Dishwasher safe and the measurement markings won't fade. If these work, they will be my new favorite things and, if you don't tell, my friends next Christmas present. They can be found in the King Arthur Flour catalog, Amazon, Target and others. They are priced from $5 to $15 depending on size.

But if I buy another gadget, I'll need more space. Anyone want to buy a Ronco Slicer Dicer?




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