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Watching the Grammy Awards

February 20, 2011
By KATHRYN SPIRA, For The Leader-Herald

I watched the Grammy awards Feb. 13, as I do most award shows, with great anticipation. The difference with this broadcast was that only 10 awards were presented, with most of the time spent on performances.

The broadcast was three and a half hours, which I watched later in the week on my DVR with Terry fast-forwarding through commercials so I could see the whole thing. I also skipped through the ultra-country performances, something I couldn't have done if I watched it live.

I have to admit I do like some of the new crossover country singers, including this year's winning group Lady Antebellum, who won both song and record of the year. The record of the year, by the way, isn't the same as album of the year, won this year by Arcade Fire, who I didn't like. As Wikipedia explained:

"Many wonder what the difference is between Record of the Year and Album of the Year. Record of the Year is awarded for a single or for one track from an album. This award goes to the performing artist, the producer, recording engineer, and/or mixer for that song. Album of the Year is awarded for a whole album, and the award is presented to the artist, producer, recording engineer, and mastering engineer for that album. So, in this context, "record" means one song and "album" means the whole collection of songs on a CD or LP. In essence, "record" really just means "single."

I was intrigued with the special performances of Bob Dylan, Barbra Streisand, and for the first time ever on a Grammy presentation, Mick Jagger singing.

When I first started watching Grammy Awards programs, there was no rap category. I have never liked rap and the rapper Eminem, who was nominated for many awards, isn't someone I listen to either. Actually, I not only don't like rap, I actually cringe when I hear any rap. And the visuals they show of them hopping around actually makes the whole presentation worse for me.

I have to admit my favorite part of the show was when Barbra Streisand performed after she was awarded the lifetime achievement award.

I must say I also enjoyed newcomer (to me) Bruno Mars, but not enough to buy his album. I guess my musical tastes are somewhat dated.

Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in New York City and Los Angeles, now pursues freelance writing from Caroga Lake in Fulton County. Previous columns and contact information may be accessed at her website at



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