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You know you are a ‘foodie’ when...

February 20, 2011
By ANITA HANABURGH, For The Leader-Herald

You know you're a "Foodie" when:

You love food for consumption, study, preparation, purchase and news.

You are not a foodaholic - someone who indiscriminately craves food.

You are not just a foodaphile -someone who just loves all food.

You are not an Epicure - a person who cultivates a discriminating palate for the enjoyment of good food and drink.

You are not a gourmet - an epicure of refined taste.

You are not a gourmand - one who enjoys food in great quantities.

You never answer "What are you eating," with "I don't know."

You are sick and the first thing that pops into your head when you wake up is "feed a cold."

You wonder what other people are having for dinner.

You think about what you're having for dinner while eating lunch.

You take a picture of the food in front of the customer next to you.

You ask the waiter to explain at least 10 things on the menu.

You can't decide among five things.

You beg your friends to order the items you didn't.

"Do not start to eat before others," is your most difficult commandment.

You steal menus from restaurants.

In restaurants, your kids and spouse put their arms around their food so you don't taste it.

You covet food.

Zagats is your bathroom reader of choice.

You understand food labels.

The little ladies that give out food tastings at the grocery store know you by first name.

Every night you pray that Wegmans will move to Johnstown.

You forgot that Paul Newman started as an actor.

You plant only edible flowers and border them with herbs.

You make a Christmas wreath out of dried fruit and herbs.

To you, a perfect afternoon is strolling the streets of Saratoga and reading the menu choices in the restaurant windows.

You drink your coffee out of a measuring cup, just in case.

You have kitchen utensil ornaments on your Christmas tree.

You have William Sonoma recipes as your home page.

You cry when your favorite chef is voted off "Top Chef."

You have a subscription to Cook's Illustrated and Better Homes and Gardens.

You know there are three teaspoons in a tablespoon.

You chat with Anthony Bourdain when you cook.

You have an apron with your name on it.

You memorized your mother's chocolate cake recipe when you were in second grade.

You know how to cook for a vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, diabetic, sweetaholic, in-law and grandchild and all in the same meal.

You know the difference between a beefsteak tomato and an heirloom tomato and have looked up how to use each of them.

Your favorite entertainment is cooking all day with friends to put on a themed dinner for charity.

You choose to go to the New York Fancy Food Show instead of a Broadway show.

You have been involved in some way in every dinner event in the entire community.

In Paris, you choose to watch the crepe maker on the street while your friends go see the Mona Lisa.

You sit next to the Great Pyramid and first take a picture of the man carrying the tray of pita bread on his head.

You have more pictures of yourself posing with food than family members.

You enjoy visiting a four-star restaurant all by yourself.

You like Cheerios with raisins and you also like steak tartar.

You like to eat at McDonald,s as well as the Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel.

You enjoy preparing peanut butter sandwiches and preparing creme brule.

You like to prepare a meal for friends as much as eating out in a restaurant with friends.

Your spouse or significant other is putting on weight.

You know Paul Levy coined the term.

You have a copy of his 1985 book.

Your favorite author is Ruth Reichl.

You keep all her books for the recipes.

You have a copy of Fanny Farmer's Original 1986 Cookbook and a paperback of The South Beach Diet.

The food applications on your iPad could be are a source of "App envy" with chefs.

You would joining a food blog if you knew how.

You don't know all the answers, but know all the questions.

You write a food-related newspaper column 52 times a years mainly for the fun of it!




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