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Some old, some new resolutions for 2011

January 30, 2011
By ANITA HANABURGH, For The Leader-Herald

Resolutions, resolutions - I don't have my Christmas tree down yet. Seriously. I just got back from a long trip, my daughter visited with the baby and the TV is shouting about being a size 10 in 2011. Oh busboy. A new year. It's almost February. This year, I am continuing my plan from last year: No negative resolutions for me. I am only going to make resolutions that I will want to keep. The motivational speaker, Zig Ziegler insists that one make "Go up goals" and I'm with him.

Last year, I sat down and vowed that from now on I would make goals that I would look forward to filling, that would raise my spirit and that would make me feel good. I want to make goals that will feed, no pun intended, my passions, not bury them. Like last year, today my fat brain dominates my thoughts. There is so much I want to eat, so many restaurants, so many events, so much food, so little time. What to do?

First off, I'm going to repeat two of last year's resolutions.

Get up early and be the first guest at the local Vintage Cafe. I want to pour the coffee and talk with the regulars. I don't want to have any place to go, but just sit and have oatmeal with all the fixings and enjoy the gossip. I might just start a group and become a regular, too.

Visit the best restaurant in the world, which is listed along with the 50 best at the website,

For the last two years, I have wanted to experience The French Laundry in California. This year, they are no longer the best restaurant in the world. They dropped more than 20 slots on the Michelin Star rating of the world's best restaurants. Oh well, I never did manage to get there. Visiting the best restaurant in the world is not a year goal, it's a lifetime goal. Now the best restaurant is in Denmark. That is a bit further than California. It is called Noma; ever heard of it? It sounds wonderful. The report says that "Great restaurants are a blend of sophisticated cooking, imaginative ideas and respect for ingredients and Noma is more than that. It's an experience that reminds you why some restaurants deserve to be revered." Well, I can dream.

Then I'm going to add some new resolutions. This year I am going to:

Cook with my teenage granddaughter who has a passion for television foodie shows. Izzy loves anything food, but doesn't have the opportunity to cook very much. I want to spin ourselves into a cooking frenzy for days preparing food items from the basic to bizarre. We will laugh and talk and make a mess and have Grandpa clean up.

Eat at Little Anita's in Albuquerque, N.M., with granddaughter, Nina. Nina was born in Taos, N.M., 19 years ago and I have promised to take her on a road trip through the state for her 20th birthday.

When I visited New Mexico for Nina's birth, I ate at Little Anita's. New Mexican food is different than Mexican, We will order a green Chile-washed blue corn Enchilada with a fried egg topping. We will order a burrito "Christmas-style" which will be delivered half covered in red and green chilies. We will enjoy a serenade by the mariachi band as we eat hot sopaipillas squirted with honey. We will make a memory of a memory. The last time I ate at Little Anita's, I did.

Have a turkey dinner at the Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts. First, I want to have the turkey feast fest at my home on Thanksgiving Day, but then I want to visit the plantation the next day. We will eat with the pilgrims and the Indians. At Plymouth Plantation, they serve turkey with all the fixings all weekend long. Yum, turkey twice.

Invite my nearby cousins to a family barbecue. A good Irish Catholic family, I have 38 first cousins. My grandmother lived with us so I knew and still know them all. No matter how long it's been, when together we are all best friends. Although I will make the food a priority, liberal politics will be the main course.

Eat at the Wild West YMCA annual dinner dance on March 4th, the "hoe down to keep the snow down." Of all the great local events, the YMCA dinner is the "fun one." The dinner is honoring the YMCA Hero, "Marshal" George Kline. This year, the food is prepared by Lanzi's on the Lake. The Big Smoothies will make that gym rock, so I better bring my appetite and my dancing boots.

So there you have it, my seven resolutions for 2011. Why don't you give it a try.

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