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Picturing a Year

Photographer’s project shows 365 days of photos

January 16, 2011
By RODNEY MINOR, The Leader-Herald

GLOVERSVILLE - Sara Baldwin's recently completed Project 3.6.5. shows a variety of images. From photos of children and animals, to landscapes and everyday objects around the house, all are what the photographer describes as "lifestyle" photography - they show the world around her, as she sees it through the camera lens.

The city resident said she thinks the photos for the project - which can be viewed at her website at - also demonstrate something she believes; that there is plenty of beauty in the world, people just have to look for it.

"No matter what the situation is in life, you can always find something nice," she said.

Article Photos

Photos courtesy of Sara Baldwin

This photo is part of photographer Sara Baldwin’s Project 3.6.5.

The project involved Baldwin taking at least one photo a day and posting it online over the course of 2010. Hence, the name of the project.

Of course, for a professional photographer, getting photos was not necessarily the hard part.

"I probably took 300 to 400 photos a day, so I had an ample selection to choose from," she said.

What was difficult was narrowing down the choices she had available. For help, she knew she had friends she could turn to.

Sarah King is not just Baldwin's friend, she is also a photographer. The Pennsylvania resident said without the advice of a friend, it can be tough to narrow down that many photos.

"When you take so many [photos], its not practical to try and post them all," she said.

Last year was not Baldwin's first attempt at doing the project. She tried to do it in 2009, but only made it a couple of weeks before she dropped out.

As the mother of a daughter, now 6, and a son, now 3, explained, "Life kind of gets in the way."

However, this time around, Baldwin's friends also provided her with motivation to stick with the project when it seemed like it was taking too much time.

King, who runs Capturing Fireflies Photography, said she provided encouragement when she could. Every couple of months, she said, they would talk about how much time and work Baldwin had put in, and how close she was to finishing,

King said she herself tried to do a photo a day project for a couple of years, but could not finish it. It's not easy, she said.

"I think it's fantastic," King said about Baldwin's completing the project. "It took a lot of dedication."

Baldwin said in order to complete the project, sometimes she would have to settle for what she could get. There were days when getting pictures outside of the house was not possible due to illness, so she had to improvise.

A pile of laundry on the floor may not make for a great photo, she said, but there was a day when that was what she had to work with.

"[The photo] selection also just depended on the day," Baldwin said. "On rainy days, for instance, I sometimes just got what I could."

The subjects of her photos changed a great deal over the course of the year, she said. Starting in winter, sometimes she would go and get photos of whatever she could just to get out of the house for a couple hours.

As time passed and work picked up for her, Baldwin said, she was able to be more selective.

"It became more important to me to get something I did not get before," she said.

The 28-year-old photographer also was motivated to build her portfolio last year after starting her business in February.

However, the inspiration for her business developed years ago, around the same time her daughter was celebrating her first birthday.

She had professional photos taken but was not thrilled with the results. Baldwin said she thought the photos did not look unique.

So, Baldwin got her own camera and some editing software. She soon began reading everything she could on photography.

Eventually, the work culminated in her opening her own business.

Baldwin said she will spend two to three hours with her clients, and will go to the location they want to shoot at.

"I try to focus on creativity and making things more personalized [for the client]," Baldwin said.

While Baldwin said she was happy with the result of her Project 3.6.5., she also needed a break from it.

This year, she is working on a couple of projects similar to 3.6.5., but they focus on 52 weeks of photography instead.

However, she said anyone who is trying to do 365-days of photography should stick with it.

"When you accomplish this, it's a good feeling," she said.

For more information and to view photos from Baldwin's projects, visit her website at



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