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Obama lying to America, refusing to listen

August 14, 2009

As president of the United States, Mr. Obama has the right to have an opinion. However, he doesn't have the right to make up the facts.

I strongly disagree with Obama on so many issues. He claims if I disagree, I am somehow an ideologue or a zealot. I am neither. I am not part of any "mob," Nazi or unAmerican group.

I served this country as a Marine by choice because I love this country. I took an oath to protect it from enemies both foreign and domestic. The enemy now seems to be a president and a Congress that refuse to listen to the American people and have a serious problem telling the truth. Instead, they lie and distort numbers and facts to promote a socialist agenda. Some examples follow.

Obama claims the $787 billion stimulus bill is working. Really? Working? Unemployment is at 9.5 percent (10 percent nationwide), 9.25 million people were receiving unemployment benefits in July, and 800,000 ran out of benefits and fell off government rolls and are no longer counted as unemployed. Foreclosures rose to 7 percent in July, banks repossessed 87,000 homes, and 360,000 families received foreclosure notices (one in 355). The federal deficit is now at $1.3 trillion and will rise to $1.8 trillion by year's end. Obama claims the recession is "easing." The numbers don't support that, Mr. Obama.

Next comes health care. Mr. Obama's numbers and claims in his health care proposal appear to be misleading and totally made up. Obama claims the plan will be paid for. The Congressional Budget Office says it would cost $820 billion in new taxes, $250 billion in deficit spending over 10 years and "massive" cost increases after 10 years. Obama claims there are 50 million uninsured people. Not so. Actually, there are only around 20 million. Obama claims you can keep the health care you currently have. Not so. House and Senate bills both contain provisions that require that after a grace period, all will be entered into a "managed care plan" (public portion or co-op), which will lead to a single-payer plan. Obama says as much in his own words in a 2003 video on YouTube.

Obama claims no service cuts for seniors. Not true. There would be $500 billion in cuts to Medicare funding, a "comparative care research panel" to look at your medical records, a level of health age and cost to determine what, if any, care you will receive. Health ID cards would allow access to your bank accounts to ensure payment for services. There would be use of taxpayer funds to pay for abortions. There are many other hidden or misleading parts of this disastrous mess. Do some homework. Get information. Take time to get real facts. You will see the rosy picture Obama paints is not quite what the facts dictate.

Obama lies about AARP endorsing his plan. He claims doctors fully support the plan. Not true. (The AMA does, but only has 17,000 members nationwide). Obama claims everyone will somehow be covered. There isn't an estimate anywhere I could find to support this assertion. Mr. Obama seems to play fast and loose with the facts. He packs his staged town hall events with "friendly" citizens and "liberal operatives" who toss "softball" questions with prepared answers. Those with dissenting views and tough, challenging questions aren't allowed. This is dishonest and deceptive on Obama's part, and shows the lengths Obama will go to promote his vision of a government takeover of our lives.

We are not banks, insurance companies, lending institutions or car companies. We are not mobs or somehow unAmerican because we disagree. Mr. Obama should rethink the misleading way he is conducting his presidency and implementing policy. Even those who supported his election are starting to realize they made a mistake. Mr. Obama, stop lying to us. Start listening and start governing the people of the country, not your special-interest groups. We deserve to be told the factual truth, not the made-up truth as you see it.

Alan Rose, a guest columnist, lives in Fonda.



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