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Cornell participates in study

March 1, 2009
By Marilyn J. Smith, For The Leader-Herald

Cornell Cooperative Extension statewide recently participated in an economic impact study. The nature of the study was to get a sense of the economic effect of Cornell Cooperative Extension as an employer throughout the state.

This is the second time we have participated in such an effort.

The first was in 2005.

Before I continue, I want to restate that the study looked only at the economic impact of CCE as an employer.

This study did not attempt to look at the economic impact of programming. That study will come at a later time.

The study was conducted last year, based on data collected in 2007. Each county association was analyzed as to the impact in that county. In our case, the data was analyzed for the two-county area.

The following represents the findings relative to Cornell Cooperative Extension of Fulton and Montgomery Counties:

As of April 2007, the Cooperative Extension Association of Fulton and Montgomery Counties employed 18 full- and part-time employees.

The economic impact of the direct and indirect salary, wages and benefits of earned by the workers living in the two counties earned is about $800,000 during the year.

During 2007, CCEFM spent an estimated $482,700 on purchases of goods and services from businesses in the counties, accounting for approximately three additional jobs in the counties.

The Associations' suppliers and businesses patronized by Association employees spent money with other county businesses, creating additional jobs and economic activity. Economists refer to these ripple effects as "multiplier effects."

Through the multiplier effect, we estimate that the CCEFM sustained an additional 2 FTE jobs and $221,400 in economic activity in the counties during 2007.

Taking into account spending by the Association, its employees, and the multiplier effect, we estimate that the Association accounted for about $1.34 million in economic activity - equivalent to 21 FTE jobs in Fulton and Montgomery Counties - during 2007.

Taking into account spending by each county association, its employees, and the multiplier effect, we estimate that statewide Cornell Cooperative Extension accounted for about $158 million in economic activity, equivalent to 2.246 FTE jobs in New York state.

As we consider this data, it is important to keep in mind that the mission of CCEFM is not to directly generate local economic activity. However, it is an often overlooked fact that even though we are a not-for-profit entity, we do generate significant economic activity in the two counties through employment, purchasing and program delivery.

For more information and links to additional resources, please visit Cornell Cooperative Extension Fulton and Montgomery Counties at



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