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Councilman to discuss use of city vehicles

October 28, 2008

GLOVERSVILLE - Ward 2 Councilman John Castiglione will address the city's vehicle use policy at a Common Council meeting tonight.

The policy, adopted by the council in 1995, lists the approved uses of city-owned vehicles and designates a policy for keeping mileage and use logs.

Castiglione said recent Freedom of Information Law requests for the mileage logs of city-owned vehicles brought the issue to his attention. He said there have been some instances in which those operating the city-owned vehicles failed to keep proper logs.

"It's the responsibility [of city employees using city-owned vehicles] to maintain these logs so the information is available to the public," he said. "Some have been [keeping logs] and some have not."

The policy requires employees operating city-owned vehicles maintain a daily use log with the vehicle's mileage at the beginning and end of each trip, the purpose of each trip, and other information.

City hall critic Robert Castiglione, who is John Castiglione's cousin, recently alleged Mayor Tim Hughes has failed to keep proper mileage logs. Robert Castiglione was charged last week with harassment after reports from Hughes and others that Castiglione had been stalking Hughes. He was issued a ticket to appear in City Court Nov. 3.

John Castiglione said his plan to address the vehicle policy has nothing to do with the incident between his cousin and Hughes. He said it's simply a coincidence.

"This is just a reminder," he said. "It's not specifically directed at the mayor."

Castiglione said the policy was created mainly for department heads, but he thinks city police also are required to keep logs on patrol cars. The policy does not specifically exempt police vehicles, but Police Department Capt. James Lorenzoni said police do not keep daily logs on patrol cars.

"The mileage is logged at their routine maintenance," he said. "Patrol vehicles don't keep a daily mileage log because of the high mileage they see."

Lorenzoni said he believes the policy was created mainly for other departments' vehicles. He said police patrol cars do not leave the city and are not taken home by anyone in the Police Department.

Cat question

In other business, the council will conduct a public hearing about a revision of the city's animal control policy. The proposed resolution would revise the policy to include cats and the requirements for owning one in the city.

The resolution, created by Ward 4 Councilwoman Ellen Anadio, calls for cats to be registered and properly vaccinated. It would prohibit any city resident from owning more than four cats. The council will vote on the proposal after the hearing.



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