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New Moms

New arrivals help moms celebrate

May 11, 2008
By RICHARD NILSEN, The Leader-Herald
Melissa Ellsworth had her 4-month-old son Noah Robert at work with her Tuesday.

Ellsworth works at Peck’s Flowers in Gloversville and gave birth to her son at Nathan Littauer Hospital Jan. 7. She is among local new mothers looking for the best possible future for her children.

“We tried for two years,” Ellsworth said of her and her husband Samuel’s efforts to have a child. “We were both very excited.

Ellsworth said she has been working at Peck’s for a year.

Business owner Bob Peck said he didn’t mind Ellsworth bringing her newborn to work. He has a 3-year-old and recognizes the need at times, even though they were particularly busy as they approached Mother’s Day. She said she tries not to do it too often, but once in a while she has to.

“This is our second busiest time of the year here,” Peck said.

Ellsworth said she works at the flower shop two days per week and also helps out at the family business in Northville, Sacandaga Dog Supply. Keeping her son close by is part of her attempt to make sure she can do the best for him.

“I want to raise him right,” she said. “I only bring him to work when I have to.”

When asked about her hopes for a new child, Ellsworth said she and her husband weren’t concerned about whether they got a boy or girl.

“We didn’t care what sex the baby was,” she said.

Ellsworth did have some suggestions for new moms.

“Enjoy every moment with your baby,” she said.

She also had some advice born of her experience the first four months with her newborn.

“Fit in sleep when you can,” she said with a laugh.

Ellsworth also said she thought it was good to get as much information as possible on child rearing.

“Take all the advice you can get,” she said.

At St. Mary’s Hospital May 2, Melissa and Lawrence Michalski were welcoming there newborn, Ian.

He was born about 10 p.m. the previous evening, so was less than a day old. The Michalskis also have a daughter, Olivia, who is 2¢ years old.

“This is it,” Lawrence Michalski said. “We wanted two children. We got lucky with a boy this time, so we have one of each.”

The Michalskis, like the Ellsworths, weren’t terribly concerned with their newborn’s sex, but said it was nice to have one of each.

When asked if they were concerned with the downturn in the economy, they said it didn’t factor into their decision to have another child. Ian’s mom said it may be because she comes from a big family.

“I’m one of eight in my family,” she said.

Her husband said he has one brother and one sister.

Lawrence said they already have plans for saving for college and want both their children to be successful.

“We’ve got to get them through kindergarten first,” Lawrence Michalski said with a laugh. “Then we’ll let things develop. Since we both have brothers and sisters, we both have an idea each child will be a little different.”

On hand in the hospital was Lawrence’s mother, Cindy Michalski.

“Ian is my fifth grandchild,” she said.

Cindy Michalski didn’t have any concerns for how Ian would be raised by her son and daughter-in-law.

“They’ve been wonderful parents with Olivia,” she said. “They’re doing a great job.”

Melissa Michalski works as a residence supervisor at Liberty Enterprises and Lawrence works at Union Hall Inn in Johnstown as bartender and waiter.

Cindy Michalski said her daughter-in-law is a “trooper.”

Just hours after giving birth, Melissa Michalski was up and around with her newborn. Cindy said she was the same way with Olivia when she was born.

The new mother had a few pieces of advice for new mothers.

“Be ready for anything and keep an open mind,” Melissa Michalski said.

She also said a mother has to be able to multi-task. She said she was happy with giving birth in Amsterdam even though the family was from Gloversville.

“The nurses here never made you feel like you were bothering them,” she said.

Like the Ellsworths, the Michalskis said they weren’t overly concerned with the economy. They did acknowledge the change in pricing since Olivia came along, however.

“The price of gas is sending everything up,” Lawrence Michalski said. “It’s $20 for a package of diapers now. It costs $15 to $16 for a can of powdered formula. It was $12 to $13 for formula with Olivia.”

Melissa Michalski said she had no complaints.

Unlike Ellsworth, Michalski said she was fortunate enough to be able to stay home with her first-born.

Her final piece of advice: “Count each day as a blessing.”

Richard Nilsen is a general assignment reporter and can be reached at

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The Leader-Herald/Richard Nilsen
Melissa Ellsworth kneels beside her son, Noah Robert, 4 months, at Peck’s Flowers in Gloversvuille Tuesday.



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