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Obama acts on his own

July 7, 2014

Congress would not go along with President Barack Obama’s plan to drive electricity prices up. So Obama is acting on his own to do so. U.....

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Jul-09-14 11:13 PM

adkkev, it is a sad shame that they haven't taught civics in schools for quite some time. Most people under 40 really do not know what is expected of American citizens. BUT the current administration likes it that way. An informed citizenry who participates in the community is big government's greatest enemy.

When the people fear the government there is tyranny. When the government fears the people there is liberty - Thomas Jefferson

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Jul-09-14 6:16 PM

Yes adkkev, we are. Who knew? Not you. Stands to reason you can't figure the rest. Silly liberal sheep...unlike you, a lot of us do not need somebody to demand we follow a certain ideology/philosophy, we can think for ourselves. It's obvious you can't, your post pretty much summed that up.

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Jul-09-14 3:46 PM

"last bastion of freedom"? The United States is the ONLY and LAST country in the world with freedom for its citizens? Who knew?? "Americans in name only"? What does this even mean? Does it mean that if a person does not adhere to MrBob's ideology/philosophy then they are not an American?

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Jul-09-14 1:57 PM

Now go back and count those that lost their coverage, the ones that have higher costs and deductibles, the ones that have lost their doctors and hospitals and the MILLIONS OF CRIMINALS that do not have coverage... yes I see how you can mistake this for a success. A success for destroying the healthcare system and bankrupting our country... remember it was called the affordable healthcare act? What a joke it, he and all your progressive losers are! Lest jam trough another unproven unthought through policy like immigration... there is a topic you are going to love!

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Jul-09-14 1:54 PM

ADKman, so you are in favor of the boy Muslim king's turning the last bastion of freedom into another socialist state????? No much of an American are you??

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Jul-09-14 12:49 PM

Annarondac, you say Obama changed America like it is a bad thing. I think it is a good thing.

TiredOfTax, there are MILLIONS of Americans that now have insurance that did not have insurance before January 1st. Are you really that out of touch?

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Jul-09-14 11:58 AM

BF1, you ARE oblivious to the obvious aren't you. Draconian Federal and State regulations are to blame for most of your examples, Government interference. Money flows from consumers to business' for goods and services with taxes and jobs the result. Who indoctrinated you differently? As far as your example of Hep-C medication costs...Hep-C is the result of very risky behavior that has serious consequences. Be prepared to pay, but you expect somebody else to pay for it don't you. Do you think the meds fell out of thin air or God handed it to the Pharmacy? Some of your arrogant statements are entertaining but man, you are either REALLY out of touch or you believe the BS you throw out and have no intention to adding to the dialog with anything that has been reasonably thought out. One thing we have in common is I'm arrogant too and I'll be here to set you straight when necessary, like now.

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Jul-08-14 1:28 PM

Obamacare did NOTHING to control costs. It did NOT increase the number of insured and is NOT the answer to the healthcare problems that we continue to have. This was a one sided ram it through extremely complicated takeover of our healthcare and it will not, can not and never will pass the test of time. Just like the democrats tenure for the past 6 years. It will all be washed up quickly in the future as it is worth NOTHING!

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Jul-08-14 11:41 AM

The overall cost of healthcare and its effect on insurance preminums, Big Pharma and the exorbitant costs of prescription medicines, private defense contractors, private lenders raising interest rates on student loans - just a few examples. Come on - I would have thought these would be obvious to all and wouldn't require explanation. And the money flows from the consumer's wallet to big business's coffers. The tradeoff (jobs, taxes, etc) is not remotely reciprocal. Sure, businesses are entitled to profits but not to the level of multi-million dollar bonuses on top of multi million dollar salaries or $84, 000 hepatitis C medication ($1,000/day for 7 weeks).

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Jul-08-14 10:43 AM

"Diapers and politicians need to be changed often and for the same reason" You bet drugs, that and the Tree of Liberty is about to get a good 'watering'.

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Jul-08-14 10:41 AM

No BF1, you don't get to use the 'straw man' argument, not here. What business interests conflict with the citizens? What citizens? So money only flows from big business'? How did it get there? This President is doing what has never been done before so I want those details you won't mention. The big picture is the transformation of America and YOU claim the same-old same-old? Explain yourself.

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Jul-08-14 9:52 AM

Part of the problem is that the founders never foresaw career politicians. Pay needs to be cut along with their pensions. Local municipalities, states, and too many companies are crying that they can't afford pensions that have already been guaranteed, but not a peep on these golden parachutes

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Jul-08-14 9:46 AM

well BF1, I'll type slow so maybe you will understand. Vote for the candidate that is NOT in office. IF the voting public does this a couple of times "they" just might get the message. Then the voting public needs to constantly contact the elected one to ensure that person is representing them.

Diapers and politicians need to be changed often and for the same reason

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Jul-08-14 9:09 AM

I don't doubt that there may be new faces in office come election time, as this sort of thing happens every 8 years or so, but what exactly is going to "change"? Every single politician, whether republican or democrat, is interested first and foremost in their own political life and therefore beholden to whoever funds their war chest. That money flows from big business, whose interests frequently conflict with those of the citizenry. Until that system changes, there will be no substantial change, no matter who wins what election. The current president has not done anything that every president before him has done, in one form or another. No I'm not going into detail because details aren't necessary - this is a big picture issue. To scapegoat him is to be blind to politics and ignorant of history. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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Jul-07-14 11:54 PM

BoB, we can only hope. Too many don't exercise their duty to vote and too many of those that do feel they aren't affected by whoever is in an elected office. What other explanation is there for Charlie "the crook" Wrangle, Chuck "I never miss a photo op" Schumer and Farley among others

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Jul-07-14 8:17 PM

This will all change in a few months. Many Americans-in-name-only from both sides are gonna get the big boot. Count on it.

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Jul-07-14 1:53 PM

Obama in his first campaign said "I want to fundamentally transform America." He did. Why is anyone surprised?

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Jul-07-14 12:26 PM

Unfortunately the Congress is made up of many who are gutless cowards interested only in reelection. Their oaths of office mean nothing to them. Nor does the separation of powers.

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Jul-07-14 12:23 PM

I am totally not surprised! He has done what he wants every time he wants and answers to no one. It would not be a huge deal if what he was doing was legal or even slightly beneficial but Obama's agenda is so far off of what we need it leaves me to wonder what his plan truly is. If he set out to divide the US right down the middle, cause less people to be in the workforce and extend the financial recovery as long as he can... then he is doing a marvelous job. But what about all of the other failures he is causing? Like the border crisis, the total loss of control in every aspect of foreign policy and our helpless healthcare debacle? If total financial ruin is his plan there again, he is on the right path.

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