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Cheers and jeers

June 21, 2014

CHEERS — To a good Scout. Broadalbin-Perth 10th-grader Andrew Meashaw, a Boy Scout, spent nearly a thousand hours over the past year planning and building a nature trail on school property....

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Jun-22-14 5:16 PM

gville, it's still free, as long as you get home delivery.

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Jun-22-14 3:14 PM

You guys can have this forum, it wasn't worth it when it was free... LOL

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Jun-22-14 1:52 PM

don't know if it should be a CHEER or a JEER, but it seems like we lost a few Barry Soetoro supporters in the "new pay per view" format. They will certainly never see daylight again. BUT to them ignorance is bliss

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Jun-21-14 5:52 PM

Great Job Andrew and all the volunteers who helped renew the nature trail! It looks great I encourage everyone to go for a walk!!

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Jun-21-14 12:30 PM

And while our veterans suffer from a broken VA, all illegal immigrants through the dream act and those choking our southern border will get top quality care for what ails them. Shame of this administration. This is exactly why our borders are being invaded, through dream acts such as this.

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Jun-21-14 11:48 AM

The problem is the SIZE of the problem. It grows with each new law and every single policy that they enact. The people that have been swallowed up and are now dependent on government has hit the tipping point. Remember the 49% comment that got Romney in big trouble? It was not that it was not accurate that got him in that trouble it was because it WAS SO ACCURATE that he got in trouble. Add that the current regime has increased the government addicted exponentially and voila democrat dominance. The only thing to beat them is their dishonesty, corruption and arrogance that fuels their ego, that is what will bring them down, THEMSELVES being THEMSELVES!

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Jun-21-14 11:11 AM

If you get audited by the IRS you have to have the past 7 years returns at your fingertips, no excuses. They will not allow you to claim the dog ate your hard drive even though that's exactly what they expect us to believe happened to Lerner' and SIX other IRS officials directly tied to this lie. Nobody believes them so the IRS's position is 'they're gone, so you (Congress)prove they're not'. Try that in your dealings with the IRS, see how far that gets you. I'm not a proponent of Civil Disorder but it's getting to the point where it may be necessary. Overwhelming the IRS by millions of citizens claiming 10 exemptions and not filing a tax return will force Congress to repeal the 16th. Amendment, get rid of the IRS and replace it with a Flat, Fair or Consumption Tax...anything but what exists today.

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Jun-21-14 9:59 AM

JEERS to continued mistakes and lies from Washington. The phony IRS scandal just keeps on getting harder and harder to believe. A hard drive failure led to the loss of emails? Then the hard drive that has the proof that it was lost was discarded? There are no backups for federal computers? There is no cloud? The recipients also do not have copies? WHen you send an email, post anything anywhere online, send photographs to someone on your phone and any other method that would prove your personal guilt is there FOREVER, but Lois Lerner who pled the FIFTH had her emails vanish and all the while that they were requested nobody mentioned a hard drive failure but now instantly we are expected to believe that they are simply gone... vanished for ever? I do not believe them. They are liars and are obviously corrupt, a LOT more than a smidgen!

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