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Make culprits replant trees

June 17, 2014

Two teenagers, Kurtis Callen and Vincent A. Scott, seniors at Gloversville High School, were charged with crimes related to the cutting down of 17 trees in front of the high school campus last week....

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Jun-20-14 11:06 AM

If you get the printed copy delivered to your house then the electronic site is free. I thought the same as you all but then found out differently. Of course if you are too cheap to spend 3.25 a week for it...... Just saying

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Jun-19-14 12:52 PM

I like the new changes along with seeing the E-edition pages. I can see the printed edition on line the day it's published, even in my winter home. The E-edition cuts out printing and paper, for all of you worried about global warming.

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Jun-19-14 11:36 AM

Yep, I'm with you guys. I'm not paying $100 a year for a digital subscription that should be supported by advertisements. I can see paying for a printed newspaper because the cost of printing is considerable, but a web based version costs next to nothing to publish.

LH advertisers, take notice. The number of readers of this newspaper are about to drop.

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Jun-18-14 11:55 AM

Good bye Knickman, I'm not sure if I want to fork over $160 a year for some thing that takes me 30 seconds to read. I guess I will check out the gazette.

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Jun-18-14 11:47 AM

Well Knickman, I'm with you on that. Later folks, it was fun.

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Jun-17-14 8:36 PM

Now that the L-H has decided to make this a pay site. It is time for me to say goodby to all of my commenting friends. I am not a print subscriber and live outside the print delivery area. I am a former long time resident of Fulton co. Have been living in Saratoga county for the last 16 years. I will catch up on the LH when I visit my mother who is a subscriber and will read her print copy. Best wishes, The Knickman

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Jun-17-14 6:53 PM

Wow. I just agreed with every single post. A new record.

Yes, these idiot vandals need to be taught a life lesson here. Make them buy the trees, dig the holes with shovels, and plant them. I like the idea of personal apologies to the families of memorial trees.

I've already mixed it up with a few family members on Facebook who say these poor kids are troubled and misunderstood. SMH.

Well, we all make mistakes, and we all learned from them. This is a big one and the judge shouldn't let this slide by with a slap on the wrist.

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Jun-17-14 6:25 PM

I believe that a bit of research on the topic by the two perpetrators into why each tree was planted, who they were and what each stood for. Then with this knowledge they should write an essay on each individual tree and explain in detail why it was important and explain to each planter why their tree was destroyed. They should then ask each and every person affected by these cuttings what they feel would like to have done to make restitution for the wrongs they suffered. Maybe they should stand in front of the school during morning and afternoon rush time with a sign saying that they were the ones to destroy the trees, to be available for public comment. These steps would not right their wrongs but it would send a message to them and to others that may be inclined to be as 'smart' as these two were.

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Jun-17-14 4:20 PM

I agree with T.O.T. a public apology, pay and replant the trees is a start. Then have the whole summer working outside doing community service is the next step.

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Jun-17-14 4:12 PM

Jail time. Nothing less. Show them what the future holds for them. and I like Scarecrow's idea of personal face-to-face apologies to the families whose lost loved ones were represented by those trees

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Jun-17-14 2:26 PM

So ToT, what's your suggestion for "punishment"? Just curious, thank you.

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Jun-17-14 2:06 PM

I do not believe that this would "replace" anything but the trees. It is not the trees that were of value, it was the reason and the people behind those trees and the work that went into the original plantings that are gone forever. No punishment can or will restore that!

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Jun-17-14 1:03 PM

I say a personal in person apology to the families of those whose trees were planted in memory of should be included.

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Jun-17-14 11:32 AM

Lord NO!!! Making them pay and also plant new trees may just violate their LIBERAL civil rights!!!! (sarcasm)

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