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Mandate may hurt cheese businesses

Wooden boards may be unsanitary under rules

June 12, 2014

Local artisan cheesemaker Monica Foote, who operates Danascara in Fonda, is concerned a potential new mandate from the FDA could hurt her business....

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Jun-12-14 12:43 PM

More unfunded ridiculous mandates. Common sense flying out the window yet again.

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Jun-12-14 12:49 PM

In recent history, I've not heard about any recalls from cheese makers that use wood boards, or people getting sick from them. If this stupid FDA rules goes forth, I guess we'll have to get our cheese from Europe. There goes more small businesses. There goes our freedom.

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Jun-12-14 12:53 PM

Oops, not so fast, I just read in Forbes, that the FDA might stop foreign cheese makers that use this age old method from importing their cheeses.

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Jun-12-14 1:11 PM

Do them idiots know it takes bacteria to make cheese? Guess not.

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Jun-12-14 1:42 PM

Dear Liberals, This is what we mean when we say excessive and needless regulation.

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Jun-12-14 2:01 PM

Good grief, who would have guessed?? A group of Federal, unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats dictating stupidity while destroying people, commerce, business and worst of all, tradition. As the Scooter would say 'holy cow'!! Getting sick of it yet?? Legend has it that an ancient Arab preparing for a journey across the desert put a portion of milk in a sheep's stomach to drink along the way. That night when he camped he discovered the milk has separated into a thin watery liquid and solid white chunks. He drank the whey and ate the cheese. AhHa..rennin. Probably some truth there; as soon as sheep, goats, cows, water buffalo were domesticated cheese-making closely followed. Except in China, odd, they did ok with the silkworms though. Anyhow, cheese-making has been around for several millennia and my point is we're still friggin here, leave it alone for chrissake. oops..I'll do two 'Our Fathers' and three 'Hail Marys' later.

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Jun-12-14 3:24 PM

they are worried about wooden boards??!! what about all the crap Monsanto is feeding us??

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Jun-12-14 5:51 PM

Just so MrBob51 will have something to rave about, I would like him to know: 1) that I know nothing about cheese making, 2) I know very little about sanitizing wood, but 3) I do not want to become ill from the food I eat - all of which he would probably agree with if I wasn't one of THEM!

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Jun-12-14 7:37 PM

Google how many people get sick due to unsanitary cheese boards. Even Schumer does not like this.

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Jun-12-14 10:36 PM

Why is it when anything happens it's because of liberals? Show any proof whiner

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Jun-12-14 11:41 PM

grant18, I'm just guessing that your diet is bland, sterile and tasteless, BUT here are a couple of tips -- 1) in order for your immune system to work properly, it needs practice. Society today is too germophobic -- don't touch anything that could be "germy" without disinfecting first. -- 2) Live life and enjoy -- NOBODY gets out alive - live everyday like it's your last, one day you'll get it right

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Jun-13-14 6:12 AM

You want proof gville70? Truth is Lib/progressives can't resist trying to control everybody and everything..., and you spelled 'winner' wrong too, heheh.

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Jun-13-14 8:03 AM

You took the words out of my mouth g'ville. But hey it's easier for some to think in terms of the world being divided into left and right. Don't ever mention that you can be "conservative" on some issues and "liberal" on others. That would confuse the*****out of them. Come to think of it, confusion reigns supreme now that Eric Cantor has been labeled as a "liberal"!!!...Might as well sit back and enjoy the show..

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Jun-13-14 12:27 PM

From the FDA: "Recently, you may have heard some concerns suggesting the FDA has taken steps to end the long-standing practice in the cheesemaking industry of using wooden boards to age cheese. To be clear, we have not and are not prohibiting or banning the long-standing practice of using wood shelving in artisanal cheese. Nor does the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) require any such action. Reports to the contrary are not accurate. The agency's regulations do not specifically address the use of shelving made of wood in cheesemaking, nor is there any FSMA requirement in effect that addresses this issue. Moreover, the FDA has not taken any enforcement action based solely on the use of wooden shelves". So there's no mandate, no law, not even a proposal for such a mandate. Much ado about nothing.

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