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Tax fraud a real problem

May 16, 2014

The Earned Income Tax Credit can be a blessing to low-income families. It also has been a bonanza for tax cheats — and the Internal Revenue Service cannot seem to stop the....

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May-20-14 1:52 PM

TOT...really? Obama gave them the breaks? try this, "Now here's a vital point in understanding this trend and, more specifically, why GE's taxes are so low: Corporations have seen their taxes decline under both major political parties. Former Democratic president Jimmy Carter got the ball rolling in 1978, when he bowed to pressure from pro-business lobbyists and slashed corporate tax rates. In another concession to moneyed interests, he also cut the top rate on capital gains from 48 percent to 28 percent. Republican Ronald Reagan went even further in lowering corporate rates and capital gains in 1981.

In other words, this massive decline in corporate taxes goes way back, and it transcends differences in economic philosophy. The engine of that change is politics. If rival lawmakers in Washington have been able to agree on one thing over the years, it's that their political interests are deeply enmeshed with corporate interests, no matter the party affiliation."

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May-18-14 5:12 PM

People who OWN property should find out if the market value on their property went up. Seems like the problem is people are to lazy to look it up. When they get the tax bill they will be the first to gripe. No wonder Fulton County gets away with what it does.

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May-18-14 7:47 AM

Bob, We have 100% agreement on subsidies and loopholes. I'm afraid that neither of us will see a simplification of the tax code in our lifetime. Will Rogers had it right..."There would be only one way we could slow down the aging process, and that's if it had to work it's way through Congress."

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May-18-14 6:52 AM

Laker, I was just trying extrapolating off your comment to explain what the term 'corporate welfare' really is and how it compares to Social welfare. There's a huge difference but when the term 'welfare' is thrown into the mix the definition gets muddy and the illusion created is one of another taxpayer subsidized give-away. We may not say it the same way but both our sentiments are the same. I think we both agree that subsidies and loopholes are way too subjective and are totally out of control.

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May-17-14 3:13 PM

tot, bob read my post, I guess you didn't. I said I'm in FAVOR of giving some tax incentives to corps. But the subsidies and loopholes have gone too far. No argument from me bob that anything would be better than our current tax code, or lack of!

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May-17-14 11:54 AM

Yes laker, but do you realize most of that 'corporate welfare' is their OWN earned money that they get to keep for Capital improvements, Business re-investments and such? It's spelled out in the Tax Code. Not so for Social Welfare now, is it. Solyndra and those other Billions of $$ the President wasted financing worthless 'green' investments on our dime was Corporate Welfare and, like Social Welfare, we will never see a penny of it returned to the Taxpayers. Welfare moochers get other Property Taxpayers money with no regulations attached while we have to pay a heavily regulated and confiscatory Property and Income tax to support them. One more reason a Flat or Consumption Tax would be much more attractive than what we're paying for now.

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May-17-14 11:24 AM

Like GE, Obama gave them YEARS of zero taxation yet they continue to outsource a substantial amount of jobs. The also are moving plenty of jobs OUT of NY! A democrat ploy to get everyone on welfare and unemployment... it is a huge success.

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May-17-14 10:57 AM

Yes Laker lets drive those corporations right out of our state. Those greedy rotten employers! Who wants them in YOUR world?

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May-17-14 10:55 AM

Tax free NY? Not so sure about that, let's call it tax trap New York! It is a gimmik so liberals can pound their chest and point out the new jobs. The only thing is,they are not new or growing. They are not being attracted to NYS, the ads are being run INSIDE our own state. It is propaganda. A real successful ploy for election year politics!

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May-17-14 7:34 AM

So where is your outrage to "Startup NY"? New corporations come to NY and get tax free status for 10 years?

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May-17-14 7:19 AM

Yes, it galls me to see people mooching off welfare who are capable of working. But what about the issue of CORPORATE welfare??? Oh, nothing wrong with a few tax incentives for corporations, but with the outrageous subsidies and many loopholes, once again "Joe working guy" must pick up the slack. Agree with those on here who say that the system must be simplified...for EVERYONE.

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May-17-14 7:09 AM

Heheh, you're right taxtired, welfare is doled out on the first floor and Child Support is on the 3'd floor, anyone care to guess which one gets the lions share of 'visitors'???

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May-16-14 5:53 PM

To the disagree. You must be on welfare not to know where the property tax room is.

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May-16-14 4:45 PM

If anyone needs to know. Go to the second floor of the county building on Main Street, Johnstown

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May-16-14 4:37 PM

Tax Fraud!!! Does anyone know Fulton County raised the value of your property yet?? Wait until the percentages are changed to reflect it.

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May-16-14 2:41 PM

Nice story but why didn't you turn her in GHK1946?

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May-16-14 2:39 PM

I'm leaning more towards a consumption tax gville70, although a flat tax has merit. With a consumption tax everybody pays the same tax for goods and services depending what you want and can afford. Something has to break soon, we cant keep devaluing the dollar and expect growth of any sort. Anybody bought Beef or Pork lately? Historically we have had fluctuations in commodities that our economy and dollar valuation was able to absorb, not today. Soon, we'll be seeing $10-15 fast food burgers WITHOUT raising the minimum wage.

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May-16-14 2:31 PM

The IRS is on it. Yes folks, the very same IRS who promotes their OWEN tax cheats. Expect nothing more than 'we're outraged' and 'we care'. Investigation? Yeah,right.

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May-16-14 1:50 PM

Flat or consumption tax.. Eliminate the IRS altogether

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May-16-14 1:39 PM

I knew of a G'ville girl who worked this system for years and years. Each year she would work a job for one or two months till she had made $2000.00 and paid-in some federal tax. Then she'd quit and take the rest of the year off. In Jan. she'd file taxes and get back her paid-in taxes plus EITC of $4-5000.. Sweet SCAM. The rest of the year she sold drugs (off-the-books) and was on Public Assistance and Medicaid. Fulton County economics. LOL.....but not funny.

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May-16-14 1:22 PM

The tax code as it is written is wrought with fraudulent allowances. If an honest person does his/her taxes completely honestly they would be the fools that are overpaying. Our government wastes more money on a daily basis than it spends honestly. You want to pay into this system anything more than you have to? Correct the problems with spending then more taxpayers would feel right about PAYING A FAIR TAX! Last year our government took in RECORD tax revenues and is on track to surpass that easily again this year. Problem is even with RECORD TAXATION they are running a DEFICIT! Spending more than ever is NOT the path to fiscal responsibility!

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May-16-14 12:50 PM

Eliminate the EIC. Eliminate the deductions, incentives and loopholes. Go to a much simpler tax code. It is hard to cheat when there are fewer rules.

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May-16-14 12:31 PM

The EITC is a bad idea from the start. A $30,000 income with 2 kids will get you all the $$$ you paid in taxes and a $6,000 bonus. That brings you to a take home pay of $36,000 which means you now have a $50,000 equivalent pay. It really does not pay to have a decent paying job and work anymore. Just do the minimum thinking and your far better off.

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