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City Manager?

Gloversville may weigh the option

April 28, 2014

GLOVERSVILLE — City officials may look into the possibility of changing the city’s form of government from a mayor and council to a city manager and council....

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May-05-14 9:50 AM

Reading these comments solves the big mystery! Why is Gloversville filled with potholes, Main Street dying, the unemployed thriving, and crime on the rise so fast I am surprised the GPD cars are not breaking down from over use? Why does the City of Gloversville look like a place where most people would not feel comfortable driving through in the middle of the night? Well, here it is clear and easy to read for all: because the people can NOT change with the future, they can not look at positives that would help their city and most of all: Oh look! An Easter Egg Hunt! Oh, who cares if he wastes all our money, he gives us eggs for our kids! Same old problems in good ole' G'ville: Lead Poisoning, Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicaid, but hey look they have finally found their King! Gloversville would be the perfect site to shoot a movie about an apocalypse THAT ALREADY HAPPENED! Sad. I do not think change is possible here, I think people who actually pay taxes should get while they can!

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Apr-30-14 1:05 PM

I posted the following: ""he won't list accomplishments of King in this forum"? BECAUSE THERE ARE NONE!!! You can't name a single positive thing he has done that has benefitted Gloversville in any way" 4 people disagreed with my post but when asked to rebut with ONE thing that King did for the city..... NOTHING in response.

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Apr-29-14 11:10 PM

Hmm. Isn't it interesting that as soon as the tide goes against them, the king's supporters have nothing more to say.Guess they can't handle the truth.

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Apr-29-14 1:06 PM

I would like to see this discussed in a civilized and intelligent manner. Since we have an narrcasistic idiot leading the city, he will do anything to derail any meaningful discussions...I applaud Ms. Wentworth and hope she continues to bring this fruition...the city needs something other than the clown we have now...

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Apr-29-14 12:57 PM

Terrible Idea from a Terrible woman

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Apr-29-14 12:53 PM

And please do not get me started on his vendettas against certain city employees and council members.

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Apr-29-14 12:44 PM

It seems that he was re-elected by voters who do not read the newspaper, listen to the radio, nor attend council meetings.....but they do attend his pizza parties and Easter Egg hunts, so that makes him an all around swell guy.

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Apr-29-14 12:40 PM

Dayton king cares nothing for this city.....just his paycheck and perceived power. Here is what he has accomplished in his 4 year reign :

He lied knowing about the city vehicle policy but recanted when this newspaper outed him. He lied about his house being in foreclosure, but then admitted it was. He lied about not driving the city vehicle for personal use, and then recanted when he was caught on camera. He failed to appoint an ethics board for 4 years despite the city charter mandated he do so. He failed to duly appoint our Fire Chief and held up her contract for months. He tried to insist that he is a member of the city council, and dropped that when it was shown he is not. Because HE allowed a person or persons into the city archives unsupervised, it was found that many photos and historical documents are now missing,making it necessary for the city clerk to issue a memo regarding who has access to the archives and under what protocol.

Why was he re-elected ?

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Apr-29-14 11:49 AM

FYI, I don't even live in Gloversville, but happen to know both parties. Mr. King is by no means my hero or even a close friend. And neither is Ms. Wentworth. As a neutral outsider I only see a vindictive person who would go to any means to further her personal vendetta. Again, is this what's best for your city? Would she be suggesting this if her candidate was the Mayor? (She had a couple in the last election.) And again in my opinion, I don't think so!

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Apr-29-14 11:41 AM

"he won't list accomplishments of King in this forum"? BECAUSE THERE ARE NONE!!! You can't name a single positive thing he has done that has benefitted Gloversville in any way

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Apr-29-14 7:50 AM

Indiethinker, this idea was discussed by Ms Wentworth long before your hero king showed up and the reason behind it is to get rid of the clown show that your boy king has made of G' we really have to list all the F**K-ups he has brought along with his personal baggage?? I applaud Ms Wentworth for getting this out front, seems she does care along with her group to clean up the image of dysfunction and incompetence that the lyin king has brought here.

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Apr-29-14 7:35 AM

It saddens me that valuable energy is being utilized on this topic. County wide consolidation of services and private employment.

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Apr-28-14 8:20 PM

She wants a puppet she can control since she can't control the Mayor. The voters also didn't want her as Councilman at large (1,130 to 1,049 votes). The council is suppose to look out for the taxpayers not create yet another position. The voters need to keep control by not allowing a power hungry councilwoman do what she wants! Save Gloversville Impeach Wentworth!

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Apr-28-14 8:15 PM

I don't need to list anything about Mayor King here. If he was do bad why was he voted back into office? What should be questioned is Ms. Wentworth's true motive for pushing this and what it's cost to the city of Gloversville would be. Do you think she would be suggesting this if Jim Handy had won the election? I would bet not.

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Apr-28-14 7:53 PM

While I do not live in Gloversville, I would think that a city manager position would not be a good fit for such a small city. Troy and Schenectady once had city managers and got rid of them because they became a source political infighting also. "The grass is always greener on the other side."

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Apr-28-14 7:48 PM

Indie, it appears by the responses to this article that the majority are King haters. What are your reasons for supporting him? Please name one good thing he has done for this city that wasn't someone else s idea

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Apr-28-14 6:53 PM

Sounds expensive.

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Apr-28-14 6:40 PM

I thought I better give the source of my City of Batavia salaries. It's publicly available at the SeeThroughNY website of the Empire Center for Public Policy (a conservative think tank with data foiled from the NYS Retirement System).

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Apr-28-14 5:57 PM

Reason #2 Against: If the City Manager served "at the pleasure of the Council, the influence of politics could be twice as great. A Mayor can be changed only every 4 years. The majority on the Common Council can change every 2 years. As pointed out by Pards13 & tinbucktoof, no one would ever consider taking this position without a contract. Then you'd be headed down the road of the School Superintendents, as in 5 year contacts extended every year & requiring $100,000+ buyouts. I can't believe anyone without the motivation generally assigned to Ms. Wentworth who would ever give this idea more than a few seconds consideration.

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Apr-28-14 5:46 PM

Well, Mrs. Wentworth listed her reasons in favor. Let me list my reasons against. #1: Salary of City Manager - Mr Molino's 2013 salary was $92,601, he has a Deputy whose 2013 salary was $61,349. Also, there is a Clerk/Treasurer whose 2013 salary was $63,186. Also, there is a Bureau of Human Resources head whose 2013 salary was $61,402. Also, there is a Director of Public Works whose 2013 salary was $93,034. Also, there was a Director of Maintenance whose 2013 salary was $74,092. Councilman Siarkowski may not have had specifics but he was generally correct.

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Apr-28-14 5:20 PM

Before you shout vendetta Indie...take a look at what the Lyin King has tried to do to the GFD and the current Chief. Now THAT is a vendetta. You people that try to defend him are as delusional as he is.

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Apr-28-14 5:11 PM

No one will work at the pleasure of a common council. Most have a 3 to four year contract that is renewed at the pleasure of the council.

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Apr-28-14 3:59 PM

Have worked in Batavia. Have friends in Batavia. The Manager/Council Model appears to work well.

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Apr-28-14 3:15 PM

Wentworth said "the manager would serve the council and could be removed at any time by a majority vote" Well with the track record of this council namely a few, with that comment I don't think you will be having too many qualified applicants applying, unless they get a contract alittle longer than Wentworth's puppet string!

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Apr-28-14 2:45 PM

Does anyone think Wentworth would have even suggested this if not for her on going hatred of Mayor King? I wonder which side she would be on if he had suggested it. To turn the city government topsy turvey in a personal vendetta is very questionable to me.

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