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Cheers and jeers

April 26, 2014

CHEERS — To a possible casino. This week, we found out there is indeed a developer that wants to build a casino on land near the state Thruway in Montgomery County....

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Apr-28-14 11:02 AM

ADKman, Administrators are NOT Union members. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE UNIONS. It is this constant right wing rhetoric that gives hard working, honest union members a bum rap. Most struggle just like you and I do. this blame can't be put on Unions in ANY way.

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Apr-27-14 11:57 PM

barbijane, you are 100% right in that our judicial system presumes innocence. BUT most drug possession crimes are akin to being caught with your hand in the cookie jar.

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Apr-27-14 9:42 PM

barbijane1016, I would not condone sentencing him for life for an arrest, but getting him OUT of a school setting is paramount. He should not be trusted to do the right thing under such circumstances.

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Apr-27-14 9:38 PM

In these days were we are to err we should err to the side of caution. A drug arrest for a school administrator is just cause for suspension WITHOUT pay! The man works with children for gods sake. He should be way beyond reproach when it comes to his being trusted. If it can to be that he was wrongly accused, amends could be made. What amends can be made for his possible influences on young children when their entire future is "altered" by him?

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Apr-27-14 6:58 PM

Generally the police do not make an arrest unless the have good reason and have sufficient evidence. The rest of the process is a crap shoot and depends on one lawyer out smarting another lawyer. Keep in mind that in most cases the charges are reduced to avoid being "proven guilty".

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Apr-27-14 2:55 PM

One question for TiredOfTax... Whatever happened to "Innocent Until Proven Guilty"? Seems more & more of us have forgotten about this small phrase lately.

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Apr-26-14 3:26 PM

GReader, are you suggesting the Gloversville superintendent was aware Pinkus was using meth and still recommended him for extension? If so, I think it is a ridiculous assertion. If not, I think your statement is meaningless.

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Apr-26-14 11:55 AM

So now "property tax payers" are no longer allowed to run for school board seats? I knew teachers and other school employees were prohibited, but this is a new one to me.

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Apr-26-14 11:36 AM

ADKman makes a much better case for a working man to JOIN a union than for an unpaid elected official to OPPOSE a union!

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Apr-26-14 11:34 AM

In this case I don't see where a Union is involved either. What I do see is Supervisors, Board members, Administrators AND prospective high level applicants all sitting on the same side of negotiating the table. The Property Tax payer seats are empty. The argument may be that the 'ordinary' citizen is not qualified to make such assessments regarding Educational Administration, to which I would respond...If, as a Property owner I'm qualified to pay (in my opinion) your exorbitant salary you da*m well better pull out a seat for me.

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Apr-26-14 11:25 AM

The blame is shared by the board of education and administrators who turn a blind eye to the things the school employees do. There is no accountability at schools. It is about sweeping things under the rug so the taxpayers don't find out. For the BOE, Supt and Principals it is about cover and protect. I am one of those parents that has gotten tired of calling about school issues. My child's teacher constantly makes snide remarks about in front of the other students but never got any support from principal. Teachers are allowed to come late, take time off during the school year leaving the kids with substitutes and then want to blame the home life for the kids not passing their class. The problems at our school begin at the top and the school employees are only taking advantage of the lack of leadership. Taxpayers need to push to ban board members of relatives/spouses of any school employee! Administrators are not supervised and neither are any other school employee - it's nothing new

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Apr-26-14 11:08 AM

Along with a bad conduct clause, public employees who are suspended should receive continuation of pay only if they waive their right to plea bargain the charges. And, if found guilty they must make full monetary restitution to the district or municipality.

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Apr-26-14 10:42 AM

A study done in 2005, almost ten years ago, found that separation pay for CEOs of private corporations had a mean of $5.4 million. These figures were ascertained after filing by the researchers, not voluntarily provided by the corporations (many of which subsist on public $$, including tax incentives). I wonder what that amount is today. Furthermore, if we are going to blame our boards of education, doesn't blame ultimately reach us, the voters who elected these volunteers? Perhaps that could be something asked of prospective candidates: the idea of a bad conduct clause in all contracts, which is a great idea.

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Apr-26-14 10:24 AM

School superintendents and other high level employees are NOT union members and therefore are NOT covered by union contracts. While it may be convenient and even sometimes correct to blame labor unions for some of society's ills, this is not one of them. That said, I would fully agree that school boards and other elected officials should be doing a much better job of negotiating contracts with these employees. I like the idea of a bad conduct clause that would preclude some or all of the outrageous payments we've seen in the past and continue to see today.

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Apr-26-14 9:33 AM

Why are public employees treated differently and handled with kid gloves compared to private sector employees? Unions. Is it the unions' fault that their employees are protected by these sweetheart deals? No. It is the fault of school boards, council people, and supervisors who negotiate and approve these contracts. It is way past time to vote these spineless, not too bright people out and vote in people who will be tough with these unions.

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Apr-26-14 9:13 AM

This is a prime example of what is wrong with our school system. We should be able to get the details that surround these events without any delay. We should see these people suspended without pay until proven innocent, and we should not pay a bad employee a single cent after they are FIRED for any reason whatsoever! Administrators and even teachers are afforded protections that far exceed anything that common sense should allow. Future contracts should be written that does just that, make it easy to get rid of those that fail to meet the minimal standards expected for those in close contact with our children!

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Apr-26-14 8:59 AM

Paying a drug offender to resign from his position with a school district is despicable if in fact that is what happened. I hope he hangs his head in shame and is prosecuted to the full extent of the law without. This gives the appearance that a special set of rules apply to the education community.

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Apr-26-14 8:53 AM

Especially in Gloversville, where our superintendent praised Pickus and based on his recommendation, the BOE voted to extend his contract and give him a raise.

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Apr-26-14 8:04 AM

In all probability, the conduct of those dismissed would reflect poorly upon the judgment of those who appointed them, hence the cover-ups.

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Apr-26-14 7:27 AM

Cheers to the L-H for filing foil request about school administrators. Hopefully you will stay with this until all information is in the open. Any other citizen would have lost their job on day one. These people work with our children are setting a pretty poor example.

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