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Gloversville fire chief to retire

Whitman-Putnam, 46, cites health, other factors

April 23, 2014

GLOVERSVILLE — After 27 years of service and working up the ranks to fire chief, Beth Whitman-Putnam announced at the Common Council meeting Tuesday she will retire at the end of June....

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Apr-25-14 11:03 AM

I think Grant18 had you confused with the scurrilous remarks made by JohnSteady.

And John csse you do not know the meaning of scurrilous........

scur·ril·ous 'sk?r?l?s/ adjective adjective: scurrilous

1. making or spreading scandalous claims about someone with the intention of damaging their reputation.

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Apr-25-14 7:12 AM

To Grant18: I am not questioning Chef Putnam's qualifications. I don't know anything about malicious rumors and threats. My comment refers to retirement systems and how they work in terms of FAS compensation. This Chief has done an excellent job and I appalud her. Personally, she is the best Chief this city has ever had. As for you being a former council member, you should reread my comment and maybe you will see my points. My points have nothing negative to do about this Chief. I give her five stars plus for the outstanding job she has done.

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Apr-24-14 7:09 PM

. . ., Chief because you definitely earned it!

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Apr-24-14 7:06 PM

My favorite memory in thinking back on the Chief's career is a man coming to the microphone at a Common Council meeting. Trying to be complimentary (I think) he said "You should see that little girl run up the ladder with all that stuff on her back!" Then-Mayor Susan Hammond, who had appointed her, suddenly became angry and replied "She is not a LITTLE GIRL, she is a fully-qualified & well-trained firefighter just like everyone else who rides on our trucks!"

As for Trevor518's comment, I was a Councilmember at the time & I can confirm that she was fully qualified & it was only a malicious rumor that she had made a threat. Mayor Hammond felt very strongly in equal rights & equal pay for women & EVERY member of the Council agreed with her. I also remember that the Chief's abilities were tested when she went to the NYS Fire Officer Training (conducted by the NYC Fire Dept) & finished FIRST IN HER CLASS! I hope you have a long & happy retir

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Apr-24-14 11:34 AM

She has done a great job and is respected by her people, why bash her?

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Apr-24-14 10:23 AM

Why do people have to post negative comments about the chief's retirement ? Yes, I am posting to you John Steady. Jerk.

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Apr-24-14 7:30 AM

Congrats and best wishes to the chief. Now let's make sure one of her substandard underlings don't get the job!

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Apr-24-14 7:16 AM

Isn't it a shame that there are ignorant people out there that don't understand how retirement systems work, so we put down those who do. As for the reasons this Chief is retiring: it is none of your business. All of the negative comments that you people post on this site really doesn't help the city of Gloversville. It actually show the stupidity of the people who live here. This is why Gville will never get ahead. No one is going to come to this city because of the constant bickering that goes on. I spend no money in the city of Gville for this reason.

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Apr-24-14 5:55 AM

Thank you for your service, Chief.

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Apr-24-14 3:41 AM

I bet I'll be dead and gone before you see the two departments merged into one. Makes sense to have one large department then two smaller ones. With more "Manpower" to cover shifts at both locations have to be a plus. One chief salary instead of two! But then again you get those that feel the department is overstaffed as it is. Funny how their are not the ones out there fighting the fires.

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Apr-24-14 3:34 AM

27 years ago if I recall correctly she failed the physical and was not going to be appointed but then threaten to sue the city because her father was a firefighter, her grandfather, etc. Then quietly she was on the force. She has proved herself in the 27 years. Question, why hasn't she recommended someone as her replacement? Her former Chief did! Seems odd!

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Apr-23-14 9:00 PM

i enjoy people like tommylarry, your comments are as well thought out as your display name. people like yourself bash the people how work hard, have a goal, and strive to do better. like it's everyone else's fault that you never reached your goals in life while sitting on the couch watching t.v. all night thinking that could be me. so the next time your up late thinking of buying that px90 while feeling guilty you slammed a pint of ben and jerry's know that there's people out there busting their *** making something out of there lives while other are thinking about it. try the ben and jerry's "everthing but" it's got all you looking for without the ambition you crave.

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Apr-23-14 7:49 PM

There always has to be one. To put it bluntly, it is none of your business why she is retiring. She has served with distinction and dedication for 27 years. Enough said!

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Apr-23-14 7:19 PM

Our Fire chief made history by being the first woman to be a paid chief in the State of New York. Your comment slamming her was uncalled for and truly ignorant. She said there were other reasons for her retirement and as was said, if you don't know them, keep your ugly comments to yourself.

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Apr-23-14 7:11 PM

If you do not know Beth and are not privy to her reasons, perhaps you should keep your mouth shut. She lived and breathed GFD and served with dignity for 27 years.

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Apr-23-14 3:19 PM

is it possible another of the so called reasons was she's been chief for three years and now her final average compensation for retirement includes her salary as chief for a fat pension. Not bad for 47 yrs old. Sounds like what the last super of Johnstown did when she was super for three years of a five yr. contract and up and retired suddenly.

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Apr-23-14 11:18 AM

Best of luck Chief and thank you for your service. This is a window of opportunity to move towards a consolidated FD with Johnstown if I ever saw one.

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