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Local car-charging stations are a current trend

April 21, 2014

JOHNSTOWN — There’s only a few of them in Fulton and Montgomery counties right now, but chances are, more will be popping up soon....

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Apr-23-14 6:51 AM

I can't wait to get one.

Get me some Solar City panels so I can charge it at home too.

No more trips to get ripped off with an oil change. I'll still get ripped off with my yearly inspection though. Oh well, can't have it all.

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Apr-22-14 10:16 AM

Oh and I stated my opinion, without defaming the right or the left by name calling.

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Apr-22-14 10:06 AM

Electricity still comes from coal, which the current administration is trying to shut down. As technology improves, capitalism will adapt but the technology is not there, and the current leaders don't seem to like capitalism.

75 miles on a charge, in a rural area? Really? The environmentalists are closing down nuclear plants, and now the wind mills are killing birds. So what are we do to?

Instead of trains and tractor trailers moving oil, what leaves a less of a carbon foot print? Pipelines. The Keystone Pipeline will not solve our energy problems, yet it will cut our carbon footprint and we can buy energy from friendly countries, instead of those that would rather the US implode or explode. Shipping crude oil to other countries is also polluting, because the US has the cleanest refineries in the world using the latest technology. We also have resources right under our feet. What better to save the environment than for the US to lead.

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Apr-22-14 9:27 AM

Leave it to TiredOfTax to toss Obama's name in the fray.

You right wing clowns prattle on and on about things like the Keystone Pipeline to make the US energy independent (which it won't) and yet are opposed to things that actually would make us oil independent, like hybrid and electric cars. Keep in mind that electricity can be generated by natural gas, nuclear, solar, and wind. As technology improves and market forces do their thing, electric and hybrid automobiles is looking better and better. But you righties just keep on driving your pickup trucks and Hummers and whine about Obama (Benghazi! IRS! NSA! Kenyan Muslim!), while us pesky liberals look for solutions to our country's problems.

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Apr-21-14 4:46 PM

I remember when they had these behind the G'ville post office for the delivery jeeps. That plan was supposed to be the greatest green energy saving program of the century but what is the fiscal situation of the USPS now & where are those cute little quiet jeeps? As usual, just another boondoggle to feather some bureaucrat's buddies. Follow the money & we shall see. Just saying.

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Apr-21-14 1:52 PM

Just put an Obama emblem on the top and reserve the place around the charging stations for liberal democrats. They are the ones that are going to need the chargers anyway. Obama motors for Obama voters!

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Apr-21-14 1:07 PM

For $2.40 I want one. Seventy two dollars a month. When was the last time someone seen that price from National Grid??

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Apr-21-14 12:40 PM

Nevertheless, this is electrifying news.

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Apr-21-14 12:28 PM

just pushing the "carbon footprint" to the electric company instead of the gas pump. A 100% electric Ford Focus has a price of about $40K- twice that of a gas model and has a range of 79 miles. Are they expecting an influx of $90K Teslas ????

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Apr-21-14 12:09 PM

If you get one of these cars, you just have to make sure your neighbor has a plug on the outside of his house and sleeps late.

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Apr-21-14 12:07 PM

Gee, How about subsidizing 80% of my gasoline use? Rest assured, they will get all the fools hooked on this freebie and then WHAM, Electric prices go up do to high demand and the freebie is no longer free. And now every person who uses electricity will have to pay for these freeloaders.

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