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Spending way to poorhouse

April 11, 2014

Tax Freedom Day for Americans, on average, is April 21 this year....

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Apr-14-14 8:35 AM

In your screed about job creators, you left out the 1/2 Trillion Obama flushed down the Green energy crap-hole. All failed and not ONE job created. Explain that.

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Apr-14-14 8:30 AM

We are already aware of meaningless, twisted liberal/progressive 'good facts' versus 'real facts'. So here are the real facts: Bush's first term = 1.88 Trillion increase in Nat'l debt. Bush's second term = 3.0 Trillion increase in Nat'l debt. Obama's first term = 5.8 Trillion increase in Nat.l debt. The largest increase in National Debt under ANY President's first OR second term is owned by Obama. So, "just take some of the facts, write an article, and make it all look like a simple reason for something based on how you lean politically". You just got caught doing EXACTLY that. Silly lib.

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Apr-13-14 1:13 PM

The overriding reason the date is later is because since the recession, more and more people are out of work. Those job creators, the ones who got all the tax cuts, so they could create jobs, apparently aren't doing what they were given money to do. LH editor, Obama took office in 2009 and the national debt was 11.9T, please if you are going to state facts, do so properly. This is the problem with the country right now, just take some of the facts, write an article, and make it all look like a simple reason for something based on how you lean politically. In the JEERS, you call for freedom of the press, yet you can't write a proper editorial that presents ALL the facts, just the ones you want to emphasize to fit your agenda.

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Apr-13-14 12:20 PM

Nice try john, as a Constitutional Individualist I will NEVER put my faith or support into a Government who, as you alluded to, provides healthcare, retirement or the necessities of life but remember, this is America..if you like that idea you can keep that idea!

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Apr-13-14 11:26 AM

Mr.Bob51 For instance, lets expand the service system, where profit and profiteering is out of the system. Get rid of profit and the not-for-profit that is exploiting the people of their health care, retirement and the necessities of life.

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Apr-13-14 9:39 AM

???Are you saying no one should 'earn' money???. Money that is earned without direct involvement? We already have, thanks to the IRS, unearned income credit. I know where you're going with this comrade but sorry, the Free Market does not mean everything is free.

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Apr-12-14 9:25 PM

MrBob51 How about a plan market society where money is passive. That's postulating on that premise. No money to worry about, Facts!

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Apr-12-14 12:43 PM

I already said what I mean john. Research what I said instead of postulating on your premise of what I mean. Meanwhile, I hope you realize this Government is confiscating YOUR money too, not just republican's or conservative's...or did you miss that too.

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Apr-12-14 10:44 AM

mr bob51 Do you mean, the usury in England that drove the people off the common land so they could profit by raising sheep. And then to exploit them in the cities?

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Apr-12-14 10:09 AM

What? Nothing about cutting subsidies and outright hand-outs for people who don't want to work? Nothing about the half of a Billion dollars Obama has flushed down the 'green hole'? Come on Laker, the problem being the wealthy or Business' is strictly a progressive/liberal point of view. In my opinion it's the fostering of class envy in a Country that has no 'classes'..a European invention brought to America and the moocher mentality that goes along with it and allowed to flourish at the expense of hard working Americans. Don't let yourself get pulled deeper in to abyss without considering that.

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Apr-12-14 9:03 AM

Dear Paul Ryan, I can't thank you enough for your budget proposal which INCREASES defense spending by billions of dollars instead of trimming the waste, continues to fund tax breaks for the wealthy, subsidies for big oil etc etc. Sincerely, Hillary

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Apr-12-14 8:12 AM

Speaking of 'facts', I wonder when gville70 is going to offer up some instead of name-calling and the vileness of wishing some of us would die. You're getting more vitriolic, hateful and frustrated with every post. I suppose that if all you know is how to throw stones at others, rather than admit this Regime is bankrupting America, you might as well try to be the best you can be.

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Apr-12-14 8:06 AM

So john4848, to which 'right wing' do you refer to? The European (ideology) or the American (seating position in Congress). You might want to look up the difference, if you dare. It might answer the question of why progressive/liberals call Republicans/Conservatives 'fascist's', 'nazi's' etc.. THAT is the European definition of the 'right' while the American 'right' is merely a seating position. It's obvious you and others never learned that fact.

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Apr-12-14 7:42 AM

GVILLE70: Please enlighten us on how Obama fixed things. Was it by increasing the national debt to 17 trillion? Was it by reducing the median income to a 32 year low? Was it adding more people by one half to the Foodstamps rolls than on Foodstamps prior to Obama? Or was it his excellent record on jobs? Or was it his way of dealing with the IRS, Benghazi, NSA, James Rosen, AP? Or was it his crowning achievement -ObamaCare - that miraculously got to 7 million just in time for the March deadline. What has this president done to "fix things"?

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Apr-12-14 6:37 AM

Another right wing propaganda Editorial by the Chamber of Commerce Leader Heralds editors. A bunch of stooges.

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Apr-11-14 8:33 PM

Anyone that votes for the murderous Hillary is a progressive. There is no good reason to vote for her. She stated in the past that the way to do it is tax everything that moves and doesn't move, she also stated that the USA cannot afford all of her policies... Obama has proven that!

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Apr-11-14 6:58 PM

The House does appropriate spending bills, but Senate, under Harry Reid, ignores most bills sent to the Senate. What Reid does, is take a bill and it's title from the House, guts it's contents, then puts it' own spending agenda and sends it to the House. The bill sent to the house contains nothing that was originally in it. In this way, the Obama administration actually controls the spending. Also, by not producing a viable budget, we have been running government by debt ceiling increases, another way this administration spends our tax dollars.

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Apr-11-14 6:55 PM

So many conservative trolls so little facts.. Saddle Obama with your wars and failed tax cuts then blame him for fixing it.. Drugs and TOT can't put together a complete thought between them let alone offer any solutions.. Can't wait for you dinosaurs to die off so smarter heads can prevail..

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Apr-11-14 4:29 PM

So which is it Grant? Is the house responsible for the budget or the president? Maybe you should be noting that Hillary's husband didn't balance the budget, but rather Newt Gingrinch did.

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Apr-11-14 4:02 PM

If Mrs. Clinton runs (and I doubt she will) I'll be voting her because her husband BALANCED his last budget.

BTW, this is something President Bush never managed, in case there are any foolish people in Gloversville that think self-professed conservative Republicans manage budgets better.

And one more BTW, there's been a Republican majority in the House of Representatives (where all spending bills MUST originate) throughout the so-called "out if control" spending of President Obama.

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Apr-11-14 3:21 PM

PLEASEGET: What about Hillary makes you so excited about voting for her? What are her positions on debt? Healthcare? Social Security? Jobs? Poverty? Or would you be voting for her on purely a Liberal bias?

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Apr-11-14 2:59 PM

GetAClue, that statement is an oxymoron. you can't agree with TOT and want to replace Barry with that witch - and I'm being nice

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Apr-11-14 2:36 PM

I agree with TOT...Hillary can't get here fast enough

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Apr-11-14 2:10 PM

Hey I didn't write this editorial but this just is what it is. Another fact that the liberal haters will tear up... what they should be doing is joining in with the rest of us and TEAR up! The liberal plans are unraveling but they are leaving us with huge unpaid debts! Mid-terms will help but Obama has to go before the true repeals can be done to rid us of these unnecessary financial burdens!

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