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Sailing not child’s play

April 9, 2014

Adults have every right to take risks, as long as they understand that if taxpayers have to foot the bills to get them out of jams, they will be liable for part or all of the cost....

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Apr-11-14 6:51 PM

This is just one more example of an uninformed editor jumping to conclusions and spouting off about a topic that he has no knowledge of.

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Apr-11-14 4:51 PM

Mrs Kaufman in her blog according to LA TIMES said: In her blog, Charlotte Kaufman mentioned taking both children to a doctor before the family set sail. Lyra had tested positive for salmonella, she wrote. Lyra "is currently taking three types of antibiotics and a steroid, to battle bronchitis and a bacterial upper respiratory infection," she wrote days before beginning the trip. Does it sound like the one year old is ready for a 3000 mile sea voyage on a 36 foot boat. Dumb and selfish.


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Apr-11-14 11:10 AM

MrBob51, it's called "fundamentally changing America".

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Apr-11-14 11:05 AM

Not as sheltered as you may think. I believe if you want to take chances you live with the consequences.

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Apr-11-14 9:53 AM

There are many thousands of people who sail to far off places with children. Take a trip to, say, Bequia and count all the sailboats. Then count the number of children.

All of you who say that sailing with children is "dumb" must lead very sheltered lives.

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Apr-11-14 9:53 AM

Comparing them to the Pilgrims or settlers going west is reaching. If you want to go be with grizzlies that is fine. If you blow it you get eaten, your problem. They created a situation that was not necessary and expected someone to rescue them. Your dad did not plan on flying around the world with you in the Cessna. To me what they did was not necessary nor educational for small kids. It was selfish and they fortunate that things worked out well for them. I hope they use this gift for something worthwhile. As far as your life I'm happy that you have enjoyed it wish you the best in all your adventures. I do agree with you that people must be able to decide what is acceptable risks but they need to be willing to accept the results of their risk taking. I stand by my statement, dumb by any standard.

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Apr-11-14 5:35 AM

You're right Anna, but what we have now are too many Americans who rely on the Government to assign what they are or are not capable of and to set their limits for them. They feel the need for guidance and control by, in their view, a benevolent Totalitarian Government. Wherever did they get that idea?

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Apr-10-14 6:36 PM

Pards, reaching? Absolutely. As kids, our father had a small 4 seat Cessna we'd pile in and just take off to where ever on a whim. Our family back packed in Denali with the grizzly bears. As an adult, I did research in Mendocino National Forest, and camped for days alone, researching a thought to be extinct water plant. There were more coyotes, wolves and black bears than people. The Kaufmans have been doing this all their life so they felt secure in their knowledge. Many other families have done this before them. I'm so glad I grew up in a family that fostered taking risks but it's not for everyone. Lets let people decide for themselves what they are capable of.

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Apr-10-14 5:40 PM

??? What does Fulton County and sailing on the ocean have in common??? The childs play should be the schools are drowning the tax payers, but we are on dry land.

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Apr-10-14 9:38 AM

Why is this a 'problem' when 1.1 million people in metro New Orleans live BELOW sea-level? That didn't work out when the water came, yet taxpayers are still footing the bill to rebuild and allow them to live there. So, where's the outrage and complaints??? By that logic we might as well just fix their boat and let them go on their's cheaper. Taking a chance or seeing an opportunity is a personal decision, WE ALL DO IT and is nobody's business but our own unless somebody wants to make it their business, like this activity. If anyone is concerned about taxpayers paying for rescue, there's always Katrina, Irene and Sandy to contemplate.

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Apr-10-14 9:30 AM

Anna, you are reaching. If they were escaping from tyranny then I might buy it. If they were going to try and make a better life for their family I might buy it. To sail around the world for the fun of it. NO way. Dumb move.

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Apr-10-14 7:18 AM

Hope they go again! People don't seem to car about the children being beaten or abused around here, but wait a dog is abused let the whole county show up at the court house. Misguided Idiots look in the mirror for once J A C K A S S E S

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Apr-09-14 6:58 PM

The Pilgrims were being hounded by the religious authorities to boogie out of town. These dumdums were just trying to make some kind of silly news bit at the expense of their children.

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Apr-09-14 5:19 PM

Would you all call parents reckless when families set sail from England and reached Plymouth 400 years ago? Or what about all the wagon trains moving families and their children into unknown lands, westward, not even 200 years ago? Maybe it's corny, but this is the American spirit. Many families set out on adventures, whether it's onto the sea, or into the wilderness. Thinks happen. Some live on, some don't. Some outraged to think some people want a life. Not only is our government turning into a nanny state, it's people are turning into nannys too.

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Apr-09-14 5:17 PM

Dum dum dummies

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Apr-09-14 4:11 PM

They still are a pair of dummies.

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Apr-09-14 2:54 PM

Each year around 2000 kids are killed in traffic accidents. (NHTSA, 2003) 10,000 kids are injured or killed by firearms in the U.S. each year. (Pediatrics, 2014) Yet the presumption is these parents carelessly put there children's life in peril. Take a ride through town and witness the kids on bikes and skateboards without helmets. Reckless parents- if we took the children away from reckless parents there wouldn't be enough foster homes- there isn't now! How about all the children that are latch key parented. All the children that are not even wanted by their parents. More parents should be so committed to their kids. They needed a rescue; if anyone has a problem with that, then they need to get a life. Away from fast food, reality TV, and off the couch.

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Apr-09-14 1:59 PM

As a Navy vet I can tell you there are extreme costs to diverting a Navy vessel and dropping rescue divers.. This wasn't a simple day cruise on the ocean.. As an American we pay taxes expecting intervention and help from said gov't.. This is not the same thing.. The parents took unacceptable risks and put those kids in danger.. Silly and irresponsible is doing them justice

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Apr-09-14 1:38 PM

Yes people sail everyday and many take their children along. This was not a one or two day trip, they were attempting to sail around the world. Did they not think that they would be putting their children in danger. Did they not think that they were going to be in some storms. Heck if this is ok then how about a quick trip up Mt. Everest? Should they pay? No that is part of the cost of running a country. However did they put the lives of their kids in danger, yes. Dumb move by any standard.

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Apr-09-14 1:19 PM

Hey people sail every single day, life has risks and that is reality! Should you have you child taken away if they choke at the dinner table? What about the farmers children, dangers abound and always has... Should you pay the shot if an emergency service pulls up to your house whether or not you called them personally? Parenting is called that because it is the PARENTS call. They are the ones that get to make those decisions, the community raising all children is communism not really the smartest way to raise anything but a disturbance! Leave governing to governments and parenting to parents!

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Apr-09-14 12:30 PM

Because they're idiots.

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Apr-09-14 12:17 PM

With all due respect, there are quite a few families that sail, or motor, cruise with their families. There are, in fact, whole websites on the topic. Just Google 'Cruising with Children' and a few such sites should pop up.

Many cruiser kids feel they have it made. While their peers sit at home doing the typical school/sports/home scenario, these kids find themselves spending their young lives visiting far away lands most people only ever read about in books.

Yes, I would agree that these folks seemed less-than-prepared; but then, maybe not. Bad things happen to good people too. If a family goes on a day hike in the woods at Hope Falls, like thousands of people before them, and this time one of the children gets mauled by a bear, are the parents irresponsible for taking their kids on a nature hike? Surely not.

How is this any different?

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Apr-09-14 12:01 PM

I agree that they should have to reimburse the Government for their rescue, but losing custody of their children is another matter. They were selfish idiots who wanted to travel by boat and they took their children, but there is nothing to show that they abuse their children, since they took them with them, neglect can not be an issue either.

I just can not imagine what possessed them into thinking that taking the kids was a good idea. That's their only big mistake.

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Apr-09-14 11:49 AM

Two morons. Keep the kids throw the parents back in.

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Apr-09-14 11:43 AM

Idiots will do idiotic things. Look at all the fools who voted for Obama.

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