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Top school incomes above medians

10 highest earners in 2013 made more than $100K

April 6, 2014

School administrators ranging from superintendents to building principals top the list of the highest-paid district officials in 2013 in Fulton, Montgomery and southern Hamilton counties....

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Apr-08-14 8:18 PM

Momof1 are you sure about the not getting paid to chaperone events? I heard a chaperone at Fonda game complaining how little they were paid for sitting on the bleachers with friends/family at a basketball game? I think you would be surprised that they don't do anything extra without getting paid. Staying late = tutoring stipend, nights or weekends = chaperone stipend, etc. I also have to defend FedUp - in the private sector if an owner wants to give time off that's fine it comes out of his pocket but in a school district the burdens falls on the backs of the taxpayers and vacations and honeymoons should not be paid time off. It hurts the kids to have a substitute and it is unfair to the taxpayers paying the bill. When you only have a 180 days in a year to work I think there are plenty of time for a vacation. Does anyone know how many sick/personal days the average school employee gets in a 180 day work year? I would love to know.

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Apr-08-14 7:14 PM

The reason I asked is because I know of a local sch district where the principal tells a teacher to "leave the door open this week". The principal said he can get a better idea of teacher effectiveness by standing outside and listening, rather than going into the classrm, when the students see him and may alter their behavior accordingly. When sitting in a class observing the teacher, he referred to those observations as a "one act play"...makes sense to me!

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Apr-08-14 6:22 PM

This was one of the sticking points statewide on the new teacher evaluations, and unless it was changed very recently, it was standard for NYSUT. What percent it counts for the entire evaluation I do not know.

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Apr-08-14 5:44 PM

Hill..."The union forbids unannounced observations"?? you mean the union in general, or certain school districts? Not disagreeing, just asking.

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Apr-08-14 3:27 PM

F.Y.I. MrBob51: If you go back and reread my last post you will see that I never called you a name, but instead said that your comments make you SOUND like an angry, bitter little man, so no, I'm not ashamed. As for me "heaping on excuses" because I'm "losing the argument" (a point which you seem very adamant to make)I'll let you think you've won the argument (or what you perceive as one) and stop commenting. It's pointless to continue trying to explain things to someone who seems to be so narrow-minded to think that an opinion contrary to theirs is simply "liberal". Oops, I used a bad word. P.S. I am by no means a liberal. I just have an opinion that is different than yours.

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Apr-08-14 2:34 PM

There should be web-cams in the classroom so that kids who are home sick could still receive their teacher's instructions. And, they could also prove to the public what a fine job they are doing. Too bad that the union forbids "unannounced" classroom observations. I guess you really don't want us to "spend time in the classroom" so we'll take your word for it.

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Apr-08-14 2:18 PM

It sure is cute that YOU are the one calling ME names after I called you a liberal. Are you ashamed? Angy old man or bigot or racist and other meaningless throw-aways are terms used when a liberal loses an argument. Everybody but liberals know that.

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Apr-08-14 2:06 PM

Perhaps MrBob's Free Market should be employed in "public education"; eliminate the school property tax & let everyone pay tuition, same rates for everyone. If you can't pay, then you don't get an education. One could potentially "shop around" for the education of their children. School administrators would be responsible to those who pay the tuition & if the education results are poor, then, as in the corporate world, administrators would get the boot. The districts that do the "best job" would flourish, those who don't would fall by the wayside & cease to exist, just as it would in the "free market". And, just for kicks, MrBob, you are often confusing YOUR and YOU'RE. :)

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Apr-08-14 12:34 PM

something compelling? posted by Mr Boob??? seriously??????

When? I must've been missing the day that something compelling was posted by him....and by looking at the number of disagrees he always gets, I'm certainly in the majority there....hahahaha

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Apr-08-14 12:03 PM

MrBob51, your diatribes make you sound like an angry, bitter little man who goes on the attack and brandishes someone a liberal if they dare express an opinion other than yours. Your last post stated, "All opinions have value" and I couldn't agree more. Maybe you should remember that before you start with the "name calling" (liberal is obviously a four-letter word to you). A difference in opinion does not a liberal make - it just means that someone has an opinion other than yours.

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Apr-08-14 11:24 AM

Since today is bake-day, I'll leave you libs with one thought to ponder; I will not and have NEVER requested ANYONE to keep their opinions to themselves,ie. shut up, directly or indirectly. All opinions have value, however, I WILL say that if you do not like your opinion(s) challenged, this is most certainly NOT the place for you to be.

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Apr-08-14 10:45 AM

Yesyesyes momof1, all you've done is confirm the typical progressive dictat that if your not a teacher, shut up. I also see your desperate liberal attempt to change the subject our OUR education, or rather, your perceived lack of everyone elses education and, as a bonus, you heap on the excuses. So why didn't you just make up some statistics, after all, that and those other tactics are what you libs do when you're losing an argument.

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Apr-08-14 10:34 AM

Usedto can read! You must have been in a classroom too but comprehension eludes you so in place out comes the babble accompanied a leap of logic..right off the cliff. Why do you do this to yourself?

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Apr-08-14 10:19 AM

One other point to make: This article is titled "Top School Incomes Above Medians" which I'm sure, the Leader Herald knowing its audience, was meant to grab attention and draw in the reader so that they could be outraged. What the article fails to mention is how many of the people who earn what is considered to be the median income have the amount of education (albeit some of it mandated by the Dept. of Education - Masters Degree!) that educators have? Isn't the adage, "If you go to college and work hard that you'll get a well paying job?" Teachers, administrators, doctors, attorneys, and many other professionals do just that and then they are crucified for it. I'd be curious to know what the average level of education is for all of those who make the median income or less. Where are those statistics?

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Apr-08-14 9:41 AM

As for stipends, they do exist. Teachers receive stipends for things such as coaching or being a club/class advisor. However there are not stipends for things like chaperoning school events, staying after school (or arriving early) to help students, getting done all of the things that you were not able to get done during the day such as grading papers, photocopying, lesson planning, etc. because you were busy teaching! Oh, and nevermind the work that gets brought home. It's all part of the job. Can you imagine how much teachers or administrators would be paid if they were able to submit billable hours like lawyers? Uh-oh, I'm sure I just opened up a can of worms with that one!

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Apr-08-14 9:32 AM

MrBoB51-I apologize for not being explicit enough in my post. What I should have said is how many of you have spent time in a classroom as something other than a student - say as a teacher, principal, guidance counselor, substitute, etc.? As to what I may or may not have knowledge of, you have no idea. (P.S. I'm not a teacher!) Also, there are a few things that should be cleared up. To the person complaining about teachers taking time off, let's not forget that they are regular people too who have appointments, get sick, suffer through illnesses (their own, their children or other loved ones), and get married. Lives do not get put on hold from September to June just because school is in session. Yes, teachers get paid sick days, a few paid "personal days" and are able to have a substitute come in for the days they are not able to be there. However, don't many working folks (non teachers) also receive an allotted amount of paid sick days, paid vacation days...

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Apr-08-14 8:38 AM

Booby, you're at it again. I've been to many professional sporting events and could not coach or manage a team. Your "all of us have been in a classroom" implies that anyone can teach. This one of your "compelling" thoughts? Stop complaining about a career that you could never have been successful at. Your attitude would have had any student and/or parent heading out the door.

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Apr-08-14 7:52 AM

MomOf1 posted an interesting question: 'How many of you have spent time in a classroom'? The answer is ALL of us. If your point is to silence anyone who does not teach you might want to re-think that one as you have relegated YOURSELF into commenting on ONLY that topic or Unions and NOTHING else as YOU have no direct experience in, say, Government, Military, Agriculture, or a host of other subjects in which you have no knowledge or direct involvement with. Perhaps you don't realize the fact that WE are NOT the pliable, young heads full of mush sitting in a classroom.

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Apr-08-14 7:47 AM

Well, isn't it interesting that after citing 6+ years of education you still need a 'manual' to 'fix' students. Your job is Education, your manual is the curriculum and planner. You are NOT the do-all and end-all you think you are although you have been indoctrinated to think so and you, in turn, are putting out an inferior product as a result of that belief. That being said, I see you missed the 'reasoning by analogy' class, or blew it off because it required thought.

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Apr-08-14 7:09 AM

How about teachers planning their weddings during the school year because they don't know they have July and August off? Nope they want the taxpayers to pay them to be off and to pay for their sub too. My son said he has a sub at least once a week. It can be for a couple days in a row and he even sees his teacher in the school throughout the day. Teachers post pics from Florida or their cruises during the school year. If you know anyone who has been involved in these Bonds at other schools ask them about how the schools inflate the prices so they can sneak more items in at the end that the taxpayers will know nothing about. Do your homework and you will be enlightened.

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Apr-07-14 10:39 PM

MrBoB, I like games. You are comparing apples and sneakers and that is not a strong argument at all. A mechanic has a manual and educators don't. When you figure out how to get a 100% success rate with children, I will be the first to buy your manual. I have three children(2 school aged and 1 professional) one who is a very successful young adult and as a parent my success rate isn't 100%. The human element plays a huge part in a child's success, so using a mechanic as a comparison is unfair. A guy who I used to work with is retired and substitute teaches and he told me the new found respect he has for teachers and administrators. I just don't get the lack of appreciation for what these folks do. I feel very confident saying that they played a huge role in my oldest child's success. Oh yeah, schools accept all kids too. Whatever baggage they have comes with them. Send the totaled car to the mechanic and see if they can get it running in a day. That's what teachers have to do!!!!

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Apr-07-14 7:23 PM

@ Hill, I guess I wouldn't mind them living outside the district so much either if they weren't so "spend happy" with our tax dollars on so much of the luxury items we don't need. All I hear about in this project is the Turf Field and not about the disgusting locker rooms or leaky roofs. Priorities are messed up. They are lumping in what they want with what the kids need and use the students as pawns. Makes me sick. Love to hear the boe justify the free tuition as well. I heard they believe the "out of district" kids make are school look better academically. Ouch - did you feel the slap like I did from that one?

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Apr-07-14 7:20 PM

I have two comments:

Why is Mr. Pikus' salary missing?

Why do so many School Boards have such an unusually high percentage of members who are either retired teachers, teachers in other school districts or close relatives of teachers? And a quick corollary of that question - why do the non-teacher voters keep electing them?

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Apr-07-14 7:08 PM

Since Dr. Michel had quotes about administrator's pay in this article, I wonder why his salary was not added, as it is higher than any on the list...and all the districts (and the taxpayers) are paying his BOCES salary and benefit package.

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Apr-07-14 6:56 PM

FedupFFdad: I have no problem with teachers residing elsewhere, the business manager living in Oneonta, and most of the other administrators living in Fulton County. What I have a problem with is the BOE allowing children of staff residing outside of the district to attend FFCSD tuition free. The BOE sets the rate for tuition, and then they let it slide for those employed by the district, all 25 kids whose parents should be paying $4400 apiece every year. You do the math. $110K a year could keep two teachers they let go. You know the saying, "Why buy the cow when the milk is free?" I'd like to hear a BOE member justify the situation.

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