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Claims must be addressed

April 4, 2014

Veterans Administration officials insist they are making progress in reducing the time those who have served our country in uniform must wait for decisions on disability benefits....

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Apr-04-14 11:49 AM

It will be once the stoosh ginnygog Kenyan squatting in our WH is gone.

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Apr-04-14 12:26 PM

And some are so foolish as to want more government involvement in their health care. LOOK!! They can't even manage a small subset of the population, what makes anyone with more than half a brain think the government could take on more and manage that?

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Apr-04-14 12:36 PM

MrBob: things won't change regardless of who is "squatting" in the WH; my mother's Aid & Attendance VA benefits took nearly two years to process & approve during the previous squatter's reign, approval coming two months after her death. The whole VA needs to be overhauled, BOTTOM to TOP.

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Apr-04-14 12:44 PM

Not only unacceptable, also disgraceful.

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Apr-04-14 12:54 PM

It is a sad commentary when those who give so much are treated so poorly and those who give nothing are treated so well. We as a country should be deeply ashamed.

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Apr-04-14 1:34 PM

I can't believe that our veterans are being treated so unfairly, it is almost like they think that they are conservative republicans or some other non left leaning entity.

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Apr-04-14 1:40 PM

I wonder how many veterans could have been helped if only...

In late March, President Obama took a week-long trip through Europe which included a stop of less than 24 hours in Brussels, Belgium for meetings with the European Union and NATO. The president stayed at The Hotel, a twenty-seven story hotel in the center of the city. The estimated cost for the president's stay, including about two weeks for an advance team, was $1,522,646.36

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Apr-04-14 1:51 PM

ToT: it's not a $$ thing, it's an agency that's totally disorganized from top to bottom, bottom to top. Data systems that can't communicate with each other, obsolete filing methods, the list is endless.

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Apr-04-14 1:59 PM

Its unfortunate that this has gotten so far behind. You have to wonder if there is progress being made as claimed. We all have to remember that the backlog can not be eliminated instantaneously, but once it is caught up, it must be kept up by keeping the staff needed to do the job.

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Apr-04-14 3:53 PM

The best advice any veteran can get is to make an appointment with either the County Veteran's Agency or the State Division of Veterans Affairs representative who has regular hours at the County's office on East Fulton St in G'ville. It is just about impossible to file a successful claim for service-connected disability benefits without professional help & both of these men know the system thoroughly. Besides, they are County & State employees so there is no charge to the veteran. If they do no more than make sure the application is complete & filed correctly they can save 2-3 years of appeal processing if an application is denied.

They can also greatly speed the process of obtaining VA medical care for non-service connected issues in many cases.

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Apr-04-14 4:20 PM

I am a Veteran and use the Veteran facilities. The best Care of ever got. Stop bashing the Veterans Administration. I don't understand your motives?

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Apr-04-14 6:32 PM

John, to me the motive is clear. Dismantle the best, most effective fighting force the world has ever seen in favor of a, shall we say, more sensitive approach. Part of that motive is ensuring Military Service becomes something to avoid rather than DUTY and HONOR. This squatter in our WH has seriously devalued America in every way possible.

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Apr-04-14 7:13 PM

Luckily not all of us feel that the U.S. has become devalued. There's a great big world out there, get your visa, check it out.

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Apr-04-14 7:24 PM

I've had several veteran relatives who all say their care at Albany V Hospital was excellent. It was just the getting in and getting out and all the paperwork that floored them.

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Apr-04-14 7:30 PM

I'm not surprised that this board's two corner sitting dunces have pinned this on Obama. MrBob and TiredOfTax. Benghazi! IRS! NSA! And now the VA! Pathetic.

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Apr-04-14 10:10 PM

adkkev, what is truly pathetic is when someone cannot see the truth even through mountains of facts and examples and then constantly defends the almighty. You are a special kind of steadfast supporter aren't you?

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Apr-05-14 7:24 AM

In this article the claims must be addressed: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500.

No matter how you progressives protect this liar in chief... it all starts right here. IF Obama wanted to take care of our veterans in a way that they should... they would have received BILLIONS of those stimulus dollars. That spending if done honestly would not have a problem passing any house or senate members desk, and if it did, the problem would be identified and voted OUT of office!

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Apr-05-14 7:27 AM

PS ADKman... the weak link here is the name caller. When progressive lose the fight they always start name calling. Next you will change the topic. For me until Obama is at the curb he IS the topic! (just in case you didn't understand that)

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Apr-05-14 8:59 AM

Adkman, Why are you a habitual liar? Go ahead and show us all where I am blaming the VA for ANYTHING. You can't, but then again, it doesn't matter. What does matter is you DID swerve into the truth and name some of the balls and chains around obamas neck. I bet you didn't mean to shoot yourself in the foot again but like I've always said, let a lib talk and they reveal their abundant failures, what and who scares them and who they are, they just can't help themselves. Remember, always know a lib by what they accuse YOU of, therefore, I will NEVER be accused of being an individualist and independent thinker by a lib. That concept is way beyond their experience. What a shame.

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Apr-05-14 1:11 PM

Nihilism must be exhausting for you people. So is bigotry. Our twice elected President, with over 50% of the vote, is everyone's President, and you disgrace your own name and the citizens of this country with your blind hatred. I didn't vote for Bush, but he was still MY President that I had serious disagreements with. Good luck with the Ted Kozinski Admiration Society, when's the next meeting BoB?

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Apr-05-14 1:26 PM

The problems with the VA is not the workers, both at the VA Hospital and at the regional office the staffs have been compassionate, as well as, doing everything within their ability to help veterans. The problem lies in the policies and the administration. Claim raters are required to process 3.5 claims per day; this is not a minimum to be met but a cap that raters are restricted to each day. This is an intentional policy to reduce claim payouts. Anyone worth their salt will recognize this is not a abstract action by the current administration.

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Apr-05-14 1:45 PM

The current administration despises the notion of a military deterrent and preaches diplomatic resolutions. They have struck out at every generation of veterans and active duty service members to undermine their involvement in being part of the deterrent. The World war II vets that had their memorial shutdown by the very guards that would of been paid just the same to keep the memorials open. Family members of service members killed in combat not getting the immediate funds from the government to cover expenses instead third party organization stepped in to pay the funds...not one of them a liberal organization. Our military members and vets are literally being attacked by this administration and the head thug is Barrack Obama. No if , and, or buts about it.

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Apr-05-14 4:25 PM

I wonder if I am in the same VA as flabber? Is he making this up or does he a mission to destroy the VA for some Insurance Cartel to get their greedy hands on, and to exploit the sick, disabled Veterans.

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Apr-05-14 5:56 PM

Ya, except every one of those issues was created by congress' shutdown. Just keep making up your own facts.

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Apr-06-14 12:15 PM

I see moderation, thanks for letting us know it's perfectly ok for YOUR nihilistic view of Bush, but disagreeing with obama automatically makes us racist or bigoted. Silly lib, keep on telling us more about YOU, after all, we've heard that other BS progressive bigotry before and will get no traction here. Try something new.

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