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Dozens of local bridges deficient, state says

March 30, 2014

Dozens of bridges in Fulton and Montgomery counties are deemed “structurally deficient” by the state Department of Transportation....

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Mar-31-14 7:27 PM

No-information man strikes again. The Thruway Authority sold 500 Million in bonds in a PRIVATE sale to cover initial costs. A 2 Billion LOAN from The Federal Dept. of Transportation has been applied for. The short term bonds will be be paid back through Thruway Authority revenue. If the Federal loan is is not granted in full it will have to be covered through higher Tolls and/or using money from the Executive Budget intended for OTHER transportation projects. I call that information, come on back when you find some.

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Mar-31-14 7:02 PM

You dummy MrBob. It is a national problem and the federal government is footing many of the bills, which is why spending so much on defense is foolhardy. Where do you think the money to replace the Tappan Zee Bridge is coming from? Loans from the feds.

Most of the deficient bridges are in the northeast because of the salt used on the roads in winter. The state with the worst bridges is Pennsylvania, but the second is Oklahoma.

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Mar-31-14 3:23 PM

If you want to talk about something being "structurally deficient", drive to Ballston Spa on Route 67. There are less craters on the moon. Your State tax dollars at work.

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Mar-30-14 7:11 PM

I have yet to loose my memory but I recall another article in our local paper on the same Issue. Does not surprise me not much has been done to address or fix these Bridges.. I want to know why? It seems that someone is not doing there job. What are we paying taxes for? The Miller Street Bridge has been closed long enough. If Townsend Ave Bridge is bad get It fixed along with the rest of them that need repair. I'm sure it would be cheaper to repair the Bridges than the cities having to pay for lawsuits that may arise from someone getting seriously hurt. You can't keep rerouting traffic through out the cities.

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Mar-30-14 1:10 PM

I think we can bridge this situation by hiring untrained poorly paid undocumented workers having no knowledge about construction to repair these bridges in return for granting them instant citizenship, health benefit and lifetime welfare check. The current administrations in both NY and Washington should highly approve this plan.

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Mar-30-14 1:04 PM

ADKman - "This is a serious problem for the whole nation"

Probably not. You see, the people pushing all of this infrastructure stuff have a vested interest in saying it is bad. I constantly hear about our crumbling schools. yet our schools are better than 95% of the homes. Fear, doom and gloom is the tool of the activist looking to spend tax dollars.

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Mar-30-14 1:02 PM

Well DUH!!! Let's see who did this survey and analysis. Oh yea, the very people who design and manage the repairs. I suspect there are some bad bridges, but this is more about Job Security.

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Mar-30-14 12:23 PM

It is NOT a serious problem for "the whole nation" as reported by left leaning "news" outlets. And BTW "infrastructure" is another union Democrat buzz word meaning union jobs, etc. Locally take a good look at what our left leaning congressmen are putting together at a time when these actually used bridges are failing-- a $15M pedestrian bridge to nowhere over the Mohawk connecting an expensive unused marina with an empty parking lot. Reminds me of the King of Facebook, ignoring potholes while financing Railfarce, Easter egg hunts and countywide transit services.

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Mar-30-14 12:15 PM

Correction, the stream washed out the road.

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Mar-30-14 12:15 PM

Isn't Tannery Road a dirt road and not plowed in the winter? The last time I was up there, the stream that crosses the Tannery Road was washed out.

On the second matter, government should be in the business of keeping our infrastructure sound, water clear and protecting the citizens from foreign invaders.

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Mar-30-14 11:53 AM

Two years ago I had read that the Tannery Road Bridge in Bleecker was on the list. Witnessing fully loaded logging trucks traveling across that bridge was quite surprising to me as all of that weight would further weaken it!!

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Mar-30-14 9:44 AM

I carry a life jacket from our boat in the car whenever I cross the Tappan Zee Bridge.

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Mar-30-14 9:27 AM

The problem here is the inflated prices. I believe that every town, city, county or state highway department can build forms pour concrete and pave roads... now add in the mandated hire of engineers and dot inspectors and the mandated materials and union workers. Lets just say it ain't done frugally!

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Mar-30-14 9:21 AM

I'll cross this when I come to it.

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Mar-30-14 7:40 AM

You have to be kidding. We HAVE the means to do these repairs..and more, but with State Mandates consuming over 75% of our County Property taxes and over 55% of that shelled out for welfare moochers leaving around 18% of the total to serve the County's needs YOU have the nerve to blame Americas Defense budget!!!!???? You are beyond low-information adkman, it's settled, you severely suffer from no-information.

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Mar-30-14 1:30 AM

This is a serious problem for the whole nation. We spend more and more tax dollars on our defense budget, but our nation's infrastructure is crumbling. Don't drive on the Tappan Zee!

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