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Shine light on flights

March 28, 2014

Nearly 400 airplane flights taken for personal reasons by Attorney General Eric Holder and other top Justice Department officials were not included in government reports on use of aircraf....

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Mar-30-14 8:49 AM

Lies are flexible, the truth is not. This Administration excels at deception, outright lies and self-entitlement. That's the proven truth, what more needs to be said? How about...'deemed passed' or 'you can keep your doctor'..for starters.

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Mar-30-14 8:28 AM

No Hill, not 'who', the question should be 'what' debunked it; a phony 'old' document with modern word-processing type-set. Now do you remember?

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Mar-30-14 12:09 AM

BoB: Who debunked it, was it Rush, O'Rielly or Hannity?

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Mar-30-14 12:07 AM

"Ho HUMM!!!!!!!!!!" Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, whenever you hit the "Post Comment" button you hit the snooze button for everyone else.

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Mar-29-14 11:30 PM

Gee OK ADKman, Because you always are so open minded and always say the nicest things about everyone and everything I will stop posting and just let your nonsense just run roughshod all over the leader site... naaaa I'd love to just stick around and if it bothers you just do what I usually do on your posts... just disagree and move along. Thanks for the suggestion... keep them coming wont you?

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Mar-29-14 10:01 PM

TiredOfTax, just go away. Your idiotic right wing statements are boring.

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Mar-29-14 2:59 PM

Ho HUMM!!!!!!!!!! Lets go back to the fact that this administration is the most wasteful in history and that this article outlines what in years past was a huge slap in the taxpayers pocket. But very sadly today this is simply a small blemish on the huge bulging balloon of daily waste from Obama and the wasteful policies that he and his fellow DEMOCRATS rammed through in his first two unbridled rule over this country. It is time to stop this wasteful flush of taxpayer money!

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Mar-29-14 11:26 AM

Debunked: If Clinton had still been obligated to report for induction, his draft board could have got him any time they wanted: they certainly knew where to find him, yet no one ordered him to report to an induction center, no federal agents arrested him for draft evasion, and no MPs came and hauled him away for being AWOL, because he hadn't broken any laws, civil or military. Likewise, President Carter's executive order of 21 January 1977, which provided pardons and amnesty for those convicted or suspected of violating the Military Selective Service Act between 1964 and 1973 did not apply to Clinton because he committed no such violation. Read more at ***********snopes****/politics/clintons/felon.asp#D1LoYoOEzh47sIt8.99

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Mar-29-14 9:03 AM

The incompetent Felon wins? So far, it puts him one up on his wife. So far, she's better at dodging felony's.

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Mar-29-14 8:57 AM

Hill, please read Public Law 90-40 instead of Mother Jones. You do know the whole Dan Rather Texas National Guard issue was debunked long ago, right??? Trying to change History didn't work out so good for Dan did it. Don't be like Dan and twist facts and double down on a lie as he did on National TV.

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Mar-28-14 11:46 PM

Clinton was horny, Bush jr was incompetent. ******wins.

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Mar-28-14 8:17 PM

Forget that, he was impeached and lied to the entire world on live TV. I would rather be pardoned than impeached and be a known liar. Not unlike the current resident Pinocchio Obama, the resident liar in chief! If you shine a light on anything in DC you will see the rats scurry off in many directions. They will be a lot slower and easier to see as they are much lazier and fatter than they used to be.

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Mar-28-14 5:47 PM

Where and by whom was Clinton's arrest warrant issued? I couldn't find it on the snopes**** website. Sound to me like GW had much better connections to join the Texas Air National Guard and not attend meeting or drills. Like I said, they're all dirty.

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Mar-28-14 3:01 PM

The president just flew to visit the pope at the vatican. Using taxpayer money to visit religious leaders??? The headline should read "The Dope meets the Pope."

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Mar-28-14 2:54 PM

This whole editorial can be summed up in 3 words: Culture of Entitlement.

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Mar-28-14 2:52 PM

Hill, you forgot something. Bill Clinton ran for Congress in 1974 while a fugitive from justice under Public Law 90-40. Carter pardoned Clinton Jan 21, 1977. Clinton is the first pardoned Federal Felon to serve as president and grabbed another Felony while in office. Now, somebody tell me I made that up.

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Mar-28-14 2:12 PM

Abuse of Power is nothing new. Nixon pardoned Jimmy Hoffa, Ford pardoned Nixon, Reagan pardoned George Steinbrenner, GW Bush pardoned Caspar Weinberger (and himself when he burped on-mike), and Clinton pardoned Patty Hearst and Marc Rich. They all are dirty.

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Mar-28-14 12:55 PM

Power corrupts -- absolute power corrupts absolutely. This administration acts in ways detrimental to the ethic established by the founding fathers -- lawless, corrupt and anti-constitutional, more than any other administration since WW2. A change cannot come fast enough.

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Mar-28-14 11:50 AM

Like they aren't already?

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Mar-28-14 11:33 AM

Time to file a FOIL request. Oh wait then the IRS will audit me, the NSA will spy on me, and Obama care will bankrupt me.

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