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‘Policy’ a temper tantrum

March 24, 2014

Russian leader Vladimir Putin and many other world leaders know how to use power. They understand diplomacy, military might and economics. Some use their personalities to exert pressure....

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Mar-24-14 12:25 PM

What else should we expect from an inexperienced and unqualified president?

We also need to recognize that in response to this bonehead move the Russians froze U.S. Assets. Reagan ended the cold war, Obama rekindled it.

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Mar-24-14 12:48 PM

It's easily explained. He's a thick headed theorist who has no practical solutions for anything and all the foreign leaders have figured that out by now. They're all gong to do what they please till we're rid of him.

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Mar-24-14 1:35 PM

When the American public TWICE made a crucial election decision by placing a totally unqualified candidate in the highest office in the land (a decision in the minds of many based on race and glibness), they have defined to the rest of America exactly what a "low-information voter" is. God help us, because a politically uneducated certainly will not.

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Mar-24-14 2:03 PM

This was made possible buy republican infighting. If the GOP was united Obama would never have been elected and Hillary would be laughed out of sight. Obama knows only one thing... how to blow off the right way to do anything and then insult and blame others for his mistakes. I personally cannot listen to his babble any longer as it is as repetitive as a one note melody! I cannot wait for midterms!

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Mar-24-14 2:10 PM

OK TOT, so after the mid terms, and after more Dems are elected, then what can we expect from you? Let me guess, more whining?

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Mar-24-14 2:22 PM

Obama knows exactly what he is doing. The bungled roll out of the Affordable Care Act was intended so as to get to single payer sooner. If Obama wants to undercut Putin, he would open the Keystone Pipeline and sell energy to Europe so they would not be dependent of Putin. It would also boost our economy, but did anyone ever read Obama's "Dreams of my Father"? His father hated the US for it's so called colonialism. Has anyone ever read "Rules for Radicals"? it's his playbook. Obama knows exactly what he is doing, and it's not for the good of this country.

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Mar-24-14 3:04 PM

He's exactly the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time and it will take years for the country to right itself, if it ever can.

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Mar-24-14 3:36 PM

HAHA Please gat a clue. Do you really think more dems will be elected in November. The repubs have not done a thing right and they are still predicted to win the senate and gain seats in the house.

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Mar-24-14 4:15 PM

Am I wrong, or did Crimea vote overwhelmingly to go with Russia? It's rather amusing to see Repubs, along with gutless Dems, who backed the Iraq war, now being critical of Russia's motives. Tot...can you see the irony in your "repetitive babble" statement!!

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Mar-24-14 4:54 PM

I must have mistakenly hit the url to the fox news whiner section.. Too bad there isn't a republican in the white house to needlessly kill off thousands of soldiers for a problem that is being handled easily through diplomacy .. Look up the word repubs..

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Mar-24-14 5:35 PM

All you Putin worshipers, take a look at what happens to those critical of his government over in the mother land. You idiots take for granted the freedom that allows you cry like babies everyday. Keep quoting the "founding fathers" when it suits your agenda, and in the meantime you are cheering for a dictator who makes up the rules as he goes. What GOP candidate will the Tea-Party sink in 2016? The Republican Party is so inept that it coudn't promote *hit during fly season. Romney would be president today is you fools weren't bullied by those fools. Stick to your guns and you'll be crying for another 4 years. Or, you can always move to Russia.

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Mar-24-14 6:15 PM

So you now claim the republicans worship Putin? I believe that he fills the bill for a democrat candidate in the USA. He already has the communism thing nailed and I am sure that he would like Obama blame others for his failures... So why would republicans like Putin over Obama? Only thing I can think of is Putin has harmed the USA far less than Obama!

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Mar-24-14 6:20 PM

Is this all about gas and gas supply. Don't the gas conglomeration have enough, or do they want our son to be sacrificed for some more of their greedy appetite and to get Russia's gas and oil. Is this what it is all about?

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Mar-24-14 6:28 PM

tot...instead of comedic incoherent rambling, would you care to answer my question about Crimeans overwhelmingly siding with Russia???

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Mar-24-14 6:28 PM

John, this is not about gas, unless you are talking about Obama giving us gas by the way he has handled or mishandled I should say every single thing that he has touched. This is not about money or gasoline it is about doing what is right and of course doing it RIGHT! If you want to know the correct way to do these things just see what Obama does ant then do the exact opposite thing, guaranteed that it will turn out much closer than the president will be!

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Mar-24-14 6:34 PM

Well if you hold a gun to my head and try to make me say I side with Obama... I would last longer than the Crimeans did. SO how much do you suggest the WORLD allows Russia to TAKE? Do YOU believe that this administration has done anything correctly here, and by that I do not mean he should do anything rash... just not cut the options down to nothing like he has done. Ruling out anything is passively allowing Putin to make Obama look the part he plays, a weak leader without a plan or strong position. Not what you would expect or want from a world leader.

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Mar-24-14 6:47 PM

I can't possibly comprehend what it's like to have the responsibility of our president, but I would like to see situations like this handled by the U.N. When I was overseas I found that many people perceived the U.S. as bullies. It was difficult to hear, but I did listen and there really were many valid points.

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Mar-24-14 10:05 PM

Thank you gville70 & john4848 for repeating in your own way that the Cold War is over, the Commies are not trying to infiltrate all our unions, no one wants to drop a nuclear weapon on anyone else any more & finally that very, very few Americans want to see their sons & daughters maimed & dying to resolve any other country's civil war. Thank God Dick Cheney & his ilk aren't running the White House any more!

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Mar-24-14 10:30 PM

A double amen to that Grant. Had Bush jr. heeded his dad's advice, Cheney wouldn't have been allowed anywhere near the White House.

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Mar-25-14 6:06 AM

GVILLE70: Still no response on your ridiculous and totally fabricated response on the Repubs gutting mental health? You are showing why the looney left is becoming as irrelevant as the Green Party. See you in November! You guys own this president's record and you will suffer in the voting booth for it.

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Mar-25-14 6:13 AM

PLEASEGETACLUE: "so after the mid terms, and after more Dems are elected..." So - What will you run on to win these additional seats? Give us a clue as to your talking points. Please pick Obama's foreign policy or lack thereof, his poverty record, his NSA & IRS record, his Benghazi record (anyone find out where the President was yet?)his foodstamp record, his debt record, his lawlessness record regarding immigration, his Keystone record, his median income record. Please pick any or all of the above. We can hardly wait!! You guys own this record - Stand up and defend it rather than demonize the other side. I'm waiting.

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Mar-25-14 6:18 AM

SOLARGUY: Could you point to a specific success where the UN handled an act of aggression successfully? Why would ypu put any faith in this body? Look at the members of human rights committee. That should give you a good indication of the ability of this group.

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Mar-25-14 7:35 AM

Actually f.u., I put my faith in the nature of man. Whenever I've met aggression with aggression, it always brings more of the same. After all the pain and suffering that war brings, people just want to go home and live in peace with their families. It just makes more sense to me to start there in the first place.

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Mar-25-14 7:47 AM

SOLARGUY: So I guess the answer is you can't name a success. Keep looking at the world through those rose colored glasses and singing Kumbayah. And see what the nature of of Putin the Man is. When you take off the rose colored glasses, I don't think you will like what you see. And what would have happened if we all just went home and lived in peace in 1939? The left scares me!!

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Mar-25-14 8:48 AM up our role as world policeman is long overdue. As for our entry into WW2, our country was attacked at Pearl Harbor, and Hitler was running roughshod. Come on Fedup, a little different than 2014. Why not address the issue I mentioned... that a huge majority of Crimeans want to go with Russia!

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