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School board members back drug tests

March 21, 2014

GLOVERSVILLE — In light of a school administrator being arrested on drug charges, members of the Gloversville Enlarged School District Board of Education said they are in favor of discussing drug......

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Mar-22-14 4:04 PM

If our woefully inadequate state legislature ever passes legislation whereby the property taxpayer is no longer solely responsible for funding education, I'll agree to take a drug test once a day and twice on Sundays.

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Mar-22-14 1:08 PM

I'd like to answer gofigure's question 'where does it stop?' I may have mentioned this already but it stops when Property Tax payers are drug tested, fail and not allowed to pay taxes, that's when.

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Mar-22-14 12:51 PM

Of course unions are against drug testing bf1, they would lose too much of their membership. Plus, those background checks you hang you beanie on hasn't worked out so well either, has it. go back to sleep now.

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Mar-22-14 12:47 PM

So, it appears pre-employment or random drug testing in the Private Sector; factory workers, truck drivers, office workers is legal and does not violate any Constitutional Right to unreasonable search and seizure but somehow it violates the Public Sector's or Teachers Union workers Constitutional Rights????? Notice how that rule was implemented by Judges in the PUBLIC SECTOR. Talk about missing the point.

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Mar-22-14 10:45 AM

Sen. Farley & his colleagues should be told what another commenter said here recently - "the children are watching!" And they're also watching members of the State Legislature accept massive campaign contributions from NYSUT at the same time. What a lesson to learn!

BTW, I'm wondering if BlackFrancis1 submitted her comment to NYSUT for approval before posting it or just copied it from a NYSUT handout?

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Mar-22-14 10:12 AM

Nothing like getting them used to what it'll be like when they grow up. You'd think the parents would be more responsible.

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Mar-21-14 10:00 PM

Go ahead doctor, pull my finger.

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Mar-21-14 8:08 PM

Drug test the police officers that are on the school property,,,wouldn't that be interesting...

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Mar-21-14 6:30 PM

thanks for your comments Francis...It's hardly an indictment of the entire school system

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Mar-21-14 3:47 PM

Most here are missing the point. The unions are not resisting drug testing. They are resisting their members being treated in a manner that is unconstitutional. Courts have consistently held that people cannot be asked to submit to drug testing without a reasonable suspicion of drug use. Besides, every teacher has to undergo FBI background and fingerprint checks. Any criminal activity will show up there. And why all this agita over this issue. One person was arrested, not an entire school faculty. And that person has not been convicted of anything yet. We are still in America, right?

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Mar-21-14 1:16 PM

Read between the lines - while a couple are in favor, the majority are in favor "of discussing it". Big difference. As for the comment that Pickus would have passed an initial screening, true - that's why you need a "subjected to random testing at the request of the employer" in the policy. It can't and shouldn't be a one time test.

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Mar-21-14 12:24 PM

Agree with gofig. It should include all commercial people haulers and people who drive big things that can crunch little things. Will it happen? Never. Unions will fight it and school systems would have to spend all their money just fighting law suits.

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Mar-21-14 12:21 PM

Gee Gofigure, how may taxi drivers work for the school district????? That is up to the employer. And BTW, all of those people are subject ot alcohol test. They can be randomly stopped "with probable cause" at any time and tested.

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Mar-21-14 12:13 PM

How about transit bus drivers and taxi drives and big rig haulers and everybody's grandmother too. I'm not sayin it's not a good idea, but where does it stop?

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Mar-21-14 11:28 AM

It's about time! This should be done in all schools.

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