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Senate must approve bill

March 20, 2014

Taxpayers should know how much government employees are receiving for their pensions. However, a court decision in 2011 ruled that public employee pension data could remain secret....

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Mar-23-14 9:15 AM

Getreal, excite me more, please! I promise I'll fall for it.

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Mar-23-14 9:04 AM

That's funny adkman. So, who do YOU suppose is resoponsible for YOUR choices??? Or are you claiming to be a 'victim' of circumstance??!!! You sir, have never embraced personal responsibility, just assigning blame to others rather than yourself. That's in a sub-heading in the Progressive Dictionary under the word 'Choice'.

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Mar-22-14 2:41 PM

Mr Bob..I complain Because I know it get you so excited and if It didn't you wouldn't always attack my posts. Just because I'm a government worker doesn't mean I'm liberal... and as I said before If the public didn't need me I wouldn't have a I guess I will get my longevity pay!

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Mar-22-14 9:54 AM

MrBob thinks that not saving for retirement is a personal choice? You're an ass. Apparently you've never heard of lower and middle class folks who struggle paycheck to paycheck, barely keeping up with their bills. They struggle with grocery bills, utility bills, their mortgage on their little piece of the American dream, auto repairs, and medical bills. This is your 2014 American dream.

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Mar-22-14 8:37 AM

Agree Bob. And we've become so polarized that in many instances people, along with some politicians, actually look at the person voicing the opinion even before they look at the issue, rather than form their opinion based on the issue.

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Mar-22-14 7:43 AM

C'mon laker, a lot of us drift from the topic and both of us would be bored stiff if this was a single topic forum. Personally, it's the opinion and resulting discourse I'm interested in, not so much the person.

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Mar-22-14 7:32 AM

No 1stwardcitizen, they did NOT 'forget'. They were convinced Government largess would be there for them, after all, that is the lie liberals have been telling other liberals for 50 years. They all believed it. Now that it is NOT happening does anyone really think liberals will blame themselves for their ignorance? Not a chance, but I do like reminding them from time to time, like now.

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Mar-21-14 10:48 PM

I love it when people get old and they forgot to save for retirement so they ***** about people that set themselves up for retirement.

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Mar-21-14 12:36 PM

a little off topic, but how bout the LH editorial staff individually signing their editorials, or are the opinions always unanimous??

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Mar-21-14 12:01 PM

well the chamber of commerce leader herald IS BACK AT IT AGAIN

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Mar-21-14 11:38 AM

You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube but you can stop squeezing the tube. Allowing someone to have a pension based on an exorbitant amount of overtime in the last 1 to 3 years of employment is ridiculous. Social Security has developed a system of using the highest 35 years out of 40 years adjusted for present value. Good enough for them good enough for me.

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Mar-21-14 11:18 AM

Adkman, I agree. May I add, my opinion all along has been that this is what happens because the Taxpayer has no seat at the negotiation table, or ANY table for that matter. Taxpayers are not represented anywhere, just our money, which cannot scream !STOP!. I suppose this is the NEW re-definition of 'Taxation With Representation' and most certainly not what our Founders intended.

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Mar-21-14 10:53 AM

Yes indeed! I'm fighting YOUR fabricated liberal, morally deficient self-centered reality gofigure..the one that arrogantly advances the notion that people who don't steal from the Taxpayer are somehow stupid for not taking advantage of the ability or chance to do so. Quit being part of the problem in America, will you?

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Mar-21-14 10:02 AM

Mr Bob, you can fight reality all you want but the winers here are the ones who didn't think ahead far enough to climb on board the double dipper's express.

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Mar-21-14 8:36 AM

Don't blame government employees. Blame the idiots in government who created these contracts with clauses that make no sense. Take, for example, longevity pay. The longer an employee works for a local government, the more that is added to his hourly wage. That was an incentive to retain employees in a time when it was easy for private enterprise to lure employees away from government jobs. In this day and age, when the private sector is in such turmoil, is it necessary to pay longevity pay to government employees? For every government job in Fulton County, there are ten people who would take it in a heartbeat.

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Mar-21-14 8:02 AM

You know getreal, the Private Sector manufactures and produce goods and services that people desire, want or need. 'Government', the Public Sector, produces NOTHING but Fiat money contrary to what your liberal masters have convinced you of. You choose to complain about the Private Sector, I choose to invest in it. YOU made a bad choice.

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Mar-21-14 7:46 AM

Talk about not thinking ahead, gofigure figures theft is ok and even admirable as long as it's somebody elses taxpayer money or gofigure is a thief and just extending a professional courtesy. Or both. Silly libs keep verbally shooting themselves in the foot.

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Mar-21-14 7:00 AM

Oh wait when the bail out came for all the Private sector companies who caused the stock market to go....who received that money all the big wigs in all the private sector companies and what did they do with it they lined their own pockets with bonuses...but blame the government workers....I guess you have blame someone, and it is never the right people, that is what is wrong with the system.

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Mar-20-14 8:20 PM

Another bill, This senate and our government are a joke!!!!

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Mar-20-14 6:58 PM

But it isn't, it won't be, and like I said, government retirees have it all figured out, so fat chance of changing it. Just climb on the bandwagon and enjoy the perks or fuss about it because you didn't think far enough ahead to no avail. Next question...

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Mar-20-14 6:55 PM

Gofigure, As your thinking goes; don't complain about the welfare people who also figured it out. After all it is your tax money so stop complaining.

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Mar-20-14 6:22 PM

There are no perks to work for yourself... you cannot double your retirement (if you even have one) by staying on the clock for overtime bilking the system for all that it is worth? Is that what you believe is honest. I believe that the government employee have gotten way beyond their value in benefits and then to STEAL from those that have paid you very well is a slap in the taxpayers face. It is not fair, it is not moral and I believe should be against the law!

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Mar-20-14 4:30 PM

Not long ago, government jobs paid generally less than the private sector, but the stability of the job was the perk. Not so far in the distant past a Democrat President asked us what we could do for our nation. A complete reversal of these fundamental policies have rendered people "feathering their beds" at the sake of the honest tax payer.

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Mar-20-14 2:11 PM

Fifty to one the bill gets killed - Albany is as corrupt as it gets.

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Mar-20-14 11:59 AM

I love these hypocritical editorials. Are you gonna put a red X on somebody's front door because he was smart enough to work the flawed system to feather his bed, or are you just ticked off because you weren't smart enough to do it yourself?

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