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School district eyes $753K gap in budget plan

March 18, 2014

BROADALBIN — The current draft of Broadalbin-Perth Central School District’s 2014-15 budget proposal has a gap of $753,937 between projected revenues and expenditures....

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Mar-19-14 2:06 PM

Notreally...You have hit the nail on the head on both counts! People mistakenly look at consolidation as a "can't lose" proposition. Look at how BP's school taxes have skyrocketed. Every year you hear talk about "whats wrong" with our educational system, unions, blah blah etc....its all a waste of breath until the issue of funding education through property taxes is addressed. I'd like to think at some point our pathetic legislature would address this issue, but just wishful thinking I'm afraid.

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Mar-19-14 11:12 AM

I'm not surprised they have a $753K budget gap. School consolidation is promoted as a panacea of fiscal management in education. However, consolidation is a short term strategy and doesn't address the underlying issue. As long as school district budgets are linked to residential property taxes the budget problems are never going to be solved.

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Mar-19-14 10:17 AM

Has BP school district's enrollment been increasing over the last few years??...if so, a rather unusual trend in Fulton Co. Not doubting, just asking.

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Mar-18-14 8:39 PM

Don't waste your breath talking to these trashbags, Just. You live in Broadlabin so you know the drill. This is just what surfaces when Amsterdam flushes. This is nothing but welfare looking for a rise. It is a waste of time talking to them. They could not understand the term 'pride' if it was inked on their foreheads. It probably is inked on their foreheads. Just walk away.

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Mar-18-14 8:13 PM

Yadda yadda. It can always be done cheaper.

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Mar-18-14 8:01 PM

ha! Gloversville can come here and say whatever you want but the truth is, our record speaks for itself. In your hearts, if you could choose, you would BEG to send your kids to our district over yours LOL! What do you really have to offer your kids in Gville? really? Your promises are all over Main Street, pushing strollers.

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Mar-18-14 7:57 PM

So Just are you Steve's relative?

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Mar-18-14 7:08 PM

Oh, and then there is that little fact that Broadalbin-Perth is the most sought after education in the county. While Gloversville is just the dump nobody wants to admit their child attends. THAT is the truth, so again, I understand your jealousy.

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Mar-18-14 7:04 PM

But I could understand your anger and jealousy. To date we have yet to evict ONE SENIOR for back taxes to the District. You can not the same, now can you? ;)

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Mar-18-14 6:56 PM

Oily? really? Our Superintendent grew up here. WE all know HIM. He could buy a $500 suit long before he became superintendent. Most people in Broadalbin can and do dress well. He has done GREAT things for this District. I am sorry your that your district is run by criminals but our children, graduate more then before he came into this position. The parents are more satisfied with our district, the taxes, although we hate them, are managed through COMMUNITY MEETINGS and decided among the people. SO strut or not... you can say anything you want but we are not pulling drug addicts back into positions they don't belong in. When a teacher or administrator does something like yours did, we fire them, tenure or not. Look into it. WE have had our share of bad but at least we handle it. The truth is seniors may not be able to pay their taxes but that is something they should have planned for when they were younger. MOST Of them get a break through the STAR program if they are eligible.

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Mar-18-14 5:24 PM

I watched your oily superintendent strut his stuff in a $500 suit in front of a group of seniors crying for their support a couple years ago. He didn't get it.

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Mar-18-14 5:15 PM

Yes live within your means but I have great faith in the district keeping it in check! Our district leaders have done a great job until now and they will continue to do so! We could not ask for better administrators and our High School is over flowing with great people! Our principal is one of the best! Our support staff are also great! I have faith in them! Thank You all for your hard work!

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Mar-18-14 4:33 PM

Expect it every year. Sad but true.

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Mar-18-14 12:24 PM

Here we go again. live within your means! We have to.

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