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Violence can be prevented

March 17, 2014

How did Adam Lanza go from being “just a normal little weird kid,” in his father’s words, to someone who “couldn’t get any more evil”? Peter Lanza made the comments in a magazine story about his son......

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Mar-17-14 11:51 AM

WAIT!!! You mean the guns are not the problem? Holy revelation Batman, it's the deranged people in our morally degraded society.

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Mar-17-14 12:30 PM

Scarecrow; what's your answer to the question posed by the editorial?

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Mar-17-14 12:48 PM

Looks like another dull day in Fulton County without anything here to complain about. Must be another ed written by some peon in the home office.

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Mar-17-14 2:03 PM

That is what I said... but liberals can't waste an opportunity to get what they have always wanted. You can take away all weapons you want but the mentally deranged will find a way to kill. But why look at the problem with an open mind then do something to attend DIRECTLY causing the trouble... because the control over what they really want would vanish before their very eyes! And the open mind is not a progressive mind they want to control everyone’s actions and thoughts and crush anything that may ever stand between them and their goal. The more it hurts their enemies the more that they want it, smart or not!

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Mar-17-14 2:07 PM

ToT: what's your solution? What's your answer to the editorial's final question?

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Mar-17-14 2:13 PM

adkkev, maybe someone should sit you down and tell you about insanity, what it can cause a human to do and that the tool that they use to do it is far less important than the mental state that drove them to it. Maybe it is people like you that take from innocent people the possessions that they see as important or rightfully theirs and should always be. Someone like you that sees only what the blinders will allow no mater how wrong you are. Do you believe that it would be ok if I came to your home and took some personal items that I thought were dangerous for you to own... complain a bit? Oh yeah you would! But if not them you are not a strong enough person to own anything as you are not willing to protect it from anyone! So the problem in my mind is you and people like you!

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Mar-17-14 3:23 PM

Democrats and liberals market their unrealistic belief that liberal government legislation can create a perfect world in which all problems are solved and all would-be Lanzas are detected. They can't. Deal with it.

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Mar-17-14 3:53 PM

ToT: Did you even read the editorial? Here's the question I was referring to: "Clearly more needs to be done to diagnose & treat people like Adam Lanza.We know that.So why are we as a society not tackling the problem?" So I really don't understand how you came to answer my simple question like you did. All I wanted to know was what YOUR answer was to the question posed by editorial. (same for Scarecrow) There's no left, right, up, down, or whatever involved. I did not mention anything about gun control (nor do you have any idea what my stance on that matter is & you would be very surprised, I'm sure, to learn what it is ... but that's another subject altogether for another time). And you accuse me of taking possessions from innocent people? That's quite an accusation to make, even for you.

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Mar-17-14 4:04 PM

the clear answer to the question is that we as a society are going to do nothing -- nada -- zip. Real solutions are politically incorrect and today considered cruel treatment. The institutions have been closed and most leveled. The disturbed are now part of mainstream society.

of everything I've lost, it's my mind that I miss the most.

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Mar-17-14 6:16 PM

I did read the article. It told YOU that the powers that be went on a gun control rampage instead of addressing the problem in a sanely manor. It truly is a progressive liberal plan that wants to rid the entire USA of any weapons whatsoever. It is a political argument.

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Mar-17-14 8:23 PM

Could it be that the right gutted the treatment of the mentally ill and now are trying to bypass common sense gun control?? Where was this revelation when the right blocked all debate on health care?? Talk about spin, it has to be Obamas fault right ??? Morons

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Mar-17-14 8:42 PM

adkev...tot's posts are boringly predictable, rambling about liberals and progressives is easier than coming up with a viable solution/alternative.

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Mar-17-14 9:51 PM

The only common sense gun control is you own the gun and control it. Walk around in Tennessee and see how many people aren't carrying openly. This has been a wuss state since 1912 when they passed the Sullivan Law.

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Mar-17-14 10:22 PM

Gee. all I see from the liberals are questions... you are the ones that have always stated that they have all the answers. Your answer to violence is take away lawful possessions... my answer to that is go ahead and give that a try. It is not going to work but then you have others to blame for your failures, don't you?

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Mar-18-14 7:12 AM

GVILLE70 - Let me see if I read this right - We are morons for saying it is Obama's fault? But for six years your lefties have made fools of yourselves stepping over each other to blame Bush!! Your world is scary to me. And please provide proof that the right "gutted the treatment of the mentally ill...". As if you will provide that. You have no proof of that because it is a fabrication. Show me the proof GVILLE70, Show me the proof. Like others of your liberal ilk, you think you can just say something and it becomes fact. Sorry, but I am FEDUP with your silly tactics and, like GREADER and his misstatements about his healthcare plan, you are being called out on yours. Show me the proof.

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Mar-18-14 7:46 AM

Genghis Khan, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Adolf Hitler...they too were all once little boys playing in the dirt, nobody knew the monsters they would grow up to be either. That being said, all together their violence cannot match the insane violence of 57 million babies murdered in America since 1974...all nice and sanitary and legal. Yeah, violence CAN be prevented if we REALLY wanted it to be. We can actually do something about murdering babies instead of trying to figure out why a dirtbag is a dirtbag.

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Mar-18-14 8:05 AM

Ignore adkkev FedUp, he's just pulling his hair and stamping his feet again demanding others do what he can't...explain himself without issuing pronouncements or accusations about everybody else. Typical, predictable lib.

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Mar-18-14 10:50 AM

Look at the title of the editorial- Violence can be Prevented. No. No it can't.

As for Tot and others who think "It truly is a progressive liberal plan that wants to rid the entire USA of any weapons whatsoever", this is rubbish. Show me any sane politician who wants to ban all weapons. Go ahead. Show me.

Gun violence isn't a matter of gun control. Vermont, a bastion of progressives, has little gun control and very low gun violence. The most gun violence occurs in red states with little gun control like Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida.

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Mar-18-14 11:52 AM

We had another mass shooting and someone wants to make it go away. The problem is NOT guns, the problem is dealing with the Mentally Ill in an appropriate manner. Someone said these kids need to be identified early. Ha! Here is your wake up call: THESE KIDS ARE IDENTIFIED EARLY, we just do not have the services to help them. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. The mentally ill are treated like the dregs of society and the services are the WORST OFFERED. THE SAFE ACT, HA! A bunch of laws made to make some people feel more comfortable. That is all it amounts to. The same guns come in hunting style and were not in the forced registry. If the SAFE ACT was made to make you safe, it failed. You want real gun control? Make the person who owns the gun RESPONSIBLE for anyone that gun kills. THEN, you will see responsible gun ownership. Which is why I am positive that the SAFE ACT was nothing more than political smoke being blown up the behinds of those who want a government seat belt.

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Mar-18-14 11:59 AM

Only in Fulton County would someone make this about Roe Vs. Wade. Seriously, please pick up something BESIDES the LH and being to read it, please.

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Mar-18-14 12:18 PM


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Mar-18-14 12:49 PM

So, JAO says "Make the person who owns the gun RESPONSIBLE for anyone that gun kills." Sure, ok, that's reasonable. I've talked to all my guns and they've ALL promised they will NEVER pick their trigger locks, go where I keep my ammo and load themselves then go out and shoot somebody. I'm now responsible for taking them at their word. Feel better now?

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Mar-18-14 12:55 PM

By the way, I don't live in FC and unless you missed it, the article is about violence. Too bad I mentioned the kind of violence that is ok with you and other fanatics. Point taken.

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Mar-18-14 3:39 PM

Seriously MrBob, you are insane. I am so tickled by your reasoning that I want to make a t-shirt so everyone can laugh at you. It will say: Gun Violence is because: Abortion ~mrbob51

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Mar-18-14 3:46 PM

BTW, 'mrbob51' if you could just take a minute to absorb what it is that you are reading, you might have gotten that no where in my comment did I mention blaming a gun for violence. IN fact,(I will spell it slower this time so you can get it), I said: MAKE. THE. PERSON. WHO. OWNS. THE. GUN. RESPONSIBLE. FOR. ANYONE. THAT. GUN. KILLS. Get it this time? I really hope so. Let me spell it out for you: If your gun is stolen by a child because you did not lock it up, you will be prosecuted. PERIOD. I hope you were able to understand me this time. After all, I am only typing in English, which is clearly your primary language. Your comments have taught me why they need labels on everything.

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