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City must get work done

March 16, 2014

Here we go again. It seems the Gloversville government is doomed to look like the federal government: Endless grandstanding with little work actually being done....

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Mar-18-14 10:45 AM

This reads as if the Mayor has not fought with every single person he was asked to work with. From Department heads to his sister city, Dayton King can not get along. NOTHING new to see here.

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Mar-17-14 11:59 AM

will someone, ANYONE who voted for this guy, PLEASE tell me why???? PLEASE? I need to try to understand how he won a second term after doing such an abysmal job first time around. I'll fess up, I voted for him FIRST time, BUT I learned that was a HUGE mistake and didn't vote for him last time...HELP ME UNDERSTAND

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Mar-17-14 11:07 AM

You should put the blame where it really lies LH. Right in the lap of this incompetent, arrogant mayor. You won't because then you would have to admit that you erred in endorsing him. The council should hire their own lawyer as apparently the city attorney is only representing the mayor and not the best interests of the citizens and taxpayers of Gloversville. The charter is clear. Maybe someone else at this newspaper has the reading comprehension to understand it, because it seems whom ever wrote this editorial does not.

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Mar-17-14 10:06 AM

Someone should bake some cookies and take them to the next meeting. Mother knows best.

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Mar-17-14 9:30 AM

Patriot1, if you think that the problems faced by Gloversville are just Gloversville's problem then you should think again. Gloversville's problems are not isolated. Just about every small rural town has the same problems including your precious Johnstown. The ship is sinking, you may higher up but you will get wet.

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Mar-16-14 6:28 PM

The three stooges had nothing on this.

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Mar-16-14 3:50 PM

anyone who does not agree with the kingster gets the boot. he does not not work well with other people at all. Nor does his bride.

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Mar-16-14 2:14 PM

"Work" not getting done by local government should not be viewed as a pejorative term, as this in many cases is a positive outcome. If Mayor King had a rubber stamp council, as has been the case in the past in both Gloversville and in many towns, only the Mayor’s programs, as bad as they are, would be instituted.

A contrarian council is a beneficial challenge to a poor leader.

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Mar-16-14 2:10 PM

this city is the land of misfit toys and you have Burgermeister Meisterburger as our mayor. good luck getting anything done in this city of Charlie in the Boxes and know wants a Charlie in a box!!!

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Mar-16-14 10:43 AM

The King is the problem. He doesn't work well with other people. Too immature for political office.

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Mar-16-14 10:33 AM

1coach, a truly honest person would not last a year in a political position anywhere in the country. Corruption rules the day now and I do not see how we can make it anything but. I believe that the choices that we now make are choices of the lesser evil... just great isn't it? mrshubbs, if your assumptions were true we would no longer have Mayor king at the helm. He was NOT supported by established republicans I believe that they opposed his nomination both times.

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Mar-16-14 9:51 AM

It isn't a matter of thieves or crooks. It's a matter of these positions traditionally going to loyal republican stooges. The mayor wants to remove the stooge who tried to eject him from office and he should.

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Mar-16-14 8:46 AM

Tired, There are honest people that want those positions, but they can't compete with the thieves and crooks. And this is in many communities, counties, and you know for sure in the state and federal level.

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Mar-16-14 8:30 AM

Hate to inject a little reality into the discussion but the county budget and city budgets are two entirely different items. The taxes of the county are lower because Gloversville taxpayers thoughtfully subsize countywide transit to the tune of $250k per year and pay the county to pick up our recyclables. Hence the only people affected by Gloversville's problems are the taxpayers of Gloversville. As to the original article, the bigger picture is not why the idiot politicians aren't passing "emergency" resolutions for transit and "recreation" but rather what is a thread bare two horse city that can't maintain it's roads doing wasting money in those unnecessary areas in the first place?

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Mar-16-14 8:19 AM

Time to separate Fulton County into two parts - the lower part consisting of Gloversville, the upper part consisting of those towns and areas not affected by G'ville's problems and have nothing in common - our taxes would be lowered considerably

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Mar-16-14 8:05 AM

When you have a job that only thieves and crooks want... you get crooks and thieves! Honesty in Government these days is simply believing the lies that you are told.

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