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Confusing coup policy

March 14, 2014

No wonder so many foreign leaders are reluctant to go along with U.S. policy initiatives....

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Mar-14-14 11:50 AM

I am sure it is confusing to the foreign leaders. It is confusing to us too. I am sure ADKman, adkkev, Hilltopper, Greader(who has disappeared since being called out on his healthcare posting), BEUNREAL or GETACLUE can explain it to us all. They always provide a strong defense of Obama. C'mon lefties, give it a try!! (This should be good!!)

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Mar-14-14 12:00 PM

A coup is where you keep chickens.

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Mar-14-14 12:13 PM

This president, and any president, must be flexible and adaptable and resist making any decision "precident setting". Countless factors play into the numerous decisions made regarding political and civil unrest in foreign countries and the response this country should offer. Of course, each situation is handled differently - as common sense dictates. Any president, including our current one, should approach foreign policy this way. There is no cookie-cutter stance this country can take.

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Mar-14-14 12:35 PM

If this was George Bush the left would be running around setting their heads on fire. Obama's wishy-washiness is leading us into a war with Russia; all because in the end Obama's ego got hurt.

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Mar-14-14 12:37 PM

BLACKFRANCIS: Thanks for giving that clear and concise response. I fully understand the Obama Foreign Policy. (Sarcasm) I think he has a big Foreign Policy spinning wheel like we used to see at carnivals in the basement of the White House. Round and Round she goes, Where It Stops Nobody knows!!

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Mar-14-14 12:39 PM

Kerry is on television now laying out the step Russia needs to take to deal with Crimea, seems to me Russia has their plan figured out. Somebody give Kerry a coloring book and some crayons.

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Mar-14-14 1:05 PM

It's obvious you are unaware of this but that's what Presidents are for BF1, Making the HARD decisions that nobody else in our Republic are allowed to make and having the courage to make them. What part of that eludes you? The common sense part you mentioned or perhaps the Constitution or both, it also eludes Obama so you're in your favorite company. The political dilettante we call President now, has no foreign policy except blaming America or Americans for the wrong advice he gets and the wrong decisions he makes. He knowingly violated the 1994 Budapest Agreement Clinton originally signed even after reaffirming it in 2008 with Russia, he takes no responsibility for any of his disasters world-wide caused by his world-wide inexperience and even worse advice but still, you think that's how it should be??? No BF1, that is NOT how Foreign or ANY policy is approached. Obama keeps proving that.

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Mar-14-14 1:18 PM

By the way FedUp, a lot of libs end up leaving this opinion forum. We expect too much of them; and honest, open debate of ideas and solutions. There are also quite a few of all posters, left, right and center who actually do articulate and defend their positions well and don't get offended by an opposite or perhaps radical opinion. I believe we're less confused than Obama is.

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Mar-14-14 1:58 PM

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Mar-14-14 1:59 PM

Obama is wishy-washy, blames Americans and has a spinning wheel for foreign policy. These are the cold hard facts you use to defend your position - insults, lies and distortions. The only honest statement was that foreign policy is confusing to you. Possibly a little above your grade level? The effort continues to discredit the President by criticizing any decision he makes, yet little is proposed as an alternative. Empty shells certainly make a lot of noise.

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Mar-14-14 2:05 PM

It's really quite simple - his actions and reactions mirror his own left-of-center ideologies and those of his "inner circle". Having a consistent global policy which would support and elevate the international standing of the USA is a foreign concept to this administration.

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Mar-14-14 4:11 PM

Perhaps all the "righties" posting here have missed the point. Vice-President Cheney & the Neo-Cons pushed President Bush firmly into a foreign policy that centered on putting American soldiers in the middle of Civil Wars where either Big Oil or Israel was at stake. President Obama has rejected that policy. So I don't expect we'll have another Iraq debacle in Ukraine. I fail to see how that's a bad thing.

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Mar-14-14 4:28 PM

BEUNREALISTIC: Ever hear of sarcasm? Never mind. It isn't my position that needs defending. It is Obama's. So, cmon, be a sport, give it a try. On any subject, just defend it without demonizing the other side, insulting me and use REAL facts that can be verified. According to you on the left, it should be easy.

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Mar-14-14 4:30 PM

Oh yeah, and you cant blame Bush. Guess it will be kinda hard for you after all.

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Mar-14-14 4:33 PM

Its called doing what the American people want, minding our own business and keeping American troops the*****out.

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Mar-14-14 5:08 PM

Are you kidding me? This is the exact same issue we just went through in Syria... Lurch today gave Russia an ultimatum...

“There will be a response of some kind to the referendum itself,” Kerry said. “If there is no sign [from Russia] of any capacity to respond to this issue ... there will be a very serious series of steps on Monday.”

Another red line? Weakness abounds in this administration if you are not going to walk the walk do not talk the talk either, it only proves the point that you just won't get the job done!

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Mar-14-14 5:14 PM

Obama is not understood in any area of the presidency... until now the people of the USA could believe what the crooks said, Obama has ended that by being so openly dishonest. If you like your country you can keep your country until a super power wants to take it and make it their country... well you can keep your doctors...

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Mar-14-14 9:07 PM

No, 0416, G Reader's submissions are very selective depending upon the quality of the editorial and significance of his response, and have included several postings since the healthcare response several months ago. Please do your research.

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Mar-15-14 5:34 AM

GREADER: So I did my research like you asked me. Your healthcare comment wasn't "several months ago" is was February 20, 2014. And here it is: Feb-20-14 3:43 PM "My current savings under the ACA will total over $2500 per year including lower premiums and prescription costs. Plus the coverage is much better." Again I ask, since you are concerned with the quality of what is written here, Would you care to provide the details on that plan and the deductible on your new plan? What was your old plan and the deductible on that? Because if what you say is true, and I highly doubt that it is, I will switch to that plan immediately. I await your high quality and significant (and fact based) response.

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Mar-15-14 6:52 AM

The old plan was a private individual plan as my employer does not offer insurance and due to pre-existing conditions I was not eligible for a group plan. It cost $300 per month and only covered basic major medical expenses, thus all prescription, doctor visits, therapies and ER costs were out of pocket. My new Gold level ACA plan is slightly subsidized due to my income level so my cost is just over $100 per month. It covers those items listed above and much more. Just in premiums alone I am saving $2400 per year.

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Mar-15-14 7:02 AM

If you search key words in greaders statement you'll find thousands of similiar posting's all over the internet, quoting the same figures, the Gold Level plan and the same the penny. Obama's useful idiots are everywhere.

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Mar-15-14 7:15 AM

Grant, what you fail to see or understand is the Bush card has expired and the race card is overdrawn yet you libs continue to shout in a vacuum trying to change the subject and reassign blame. It's not working, Obama does nothing to defend the idiocies he calls Policy, he leaves that to his army of moochers and losers. Looks like Obama and I have something in common after all...we're both laughing our butts off at YOU.

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Mar-15-14 7:21 AM

Sorry GREADER - Your numbers don't work. There are NO GOLD plans offered in NYS where you get your premium down to $100. To get that low, they take you to Medicaid. For example, a 35 yr old single male making 36k, the lowest gold premium on the exchange is 341.58 with a $1400 deductible and $5 co pay, A 27 year old female making 24k is $188.07 (with a SLIGHT $219 tax credit!!) and a $1400 deductible. Your numbers don't work.

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Mar-15-14 8:10 AM

You're making assumptions about my location, 0416. If you feel it's so important to be right, so be it. I know what I am saving and how much my coverage has improved. Done.

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Mar-15-14 8:37 AM

Health care - Fedup, you're forgetting about subsidies, which lower one's premium. Try to keep up.

Egypt - Obama rightly criticized Egypt's government for killing over 600 Morsi supporters. Try to keep up.

MrBob - you ask for honest debate, yet you're the one most guilty of name calling and insults.

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