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Teacher placed on leave in Gloversville

March 12, 2014

GLOVERSVILLE — A teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave while the Gloversville Enlarged School District investigates complaints regarding the teacher’s conduct in school, a news releas......

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Mar-12-14 11:39 AM

Darn it! Wish I could paid leave for the next couple of months. But we'll never know what did, will we.

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Mar-12-14 12:16 PM

Not another one on "paid leave" . . . and you wonder where our taxes go? In these cases (as well as many others in the past) it's certainly not going towards purchasing books or equipment to enhance the instructional atmosphere for students !! The kids don't even have "field trips" anymore because there isn't any money for those luxuries? Now the lawyers will drain even more and if the teacher loses does he pay any of this back ?? Another big joke with how this system fails the students.

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Mar-12-14 12:38 PM


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Mar-12-14 2:09 PM

The story is always the same only the name of the school changes. The system that allows for this to occur here or any other school is a joke! The kids are the ones at risk and no one sees this? As long as the taxpayers keep paying it won't change. Send a message to your board members by showing up at meetings and being vocal. Remember a few years ago at Fonda the same thing - paid leave and the taxpayers paid the bill and are now being asked to foot the bill on a $25 million project. We all need to send a message by voting down budget that this same old, same old way of doing business is not OK with us.

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Mar-12-14 3:17 PM

Just to clarify one comment on field trips, when test scores began swirling down the toilet, the state decided that field trips should be limited to educational opportunities, tied into curriculum. There are still field trips, and end of the year trips aren't generally educational, but trips to The Magic Forest just because, are a thing of the past.

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Mar-12-14 3:44 PM

All of this is tied into the contracts. Unfortunately the dedicated teachers have to suffer for the bad apples out there but the kids suffer in the long run as it disrupts what should be going towards an academic environment. I don't know what the answer is but it seems that educators breaking the law should not keep receiving full salaries & benefits that sometimes last for YEARS !! They never seem to be convicted either but float off away into "early retirement" that means another negotiated pay settlement. Sorry but it all stinks and doesn't teach our kids anything either !!

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Mar-12-14 4:51 PM

i can't believe this school system which had a graduation rate around 65% can not start to think their part of the problem and well as other factors. it make me sick to see what is happening to the youth of this city and watching them fall into the darkest. makes the furture seem not so bright

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Mar-12-14 7:03 PM

There is a sickness spreading throughout our district and the board members better start looking at the "leadership" for the reasons why this infection is growing.

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Mar-12-14 10:16 PM

The infection starts with DRUGS! It is rampant here and it has to do with the influx of poverty level residents. Keep providing low income housing. If you build it, they will come. As far as on topic... I have no comment on anything that I do not have any facts on. Conjecture is not my thing.

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Mar-13-14 2:21 AM

Lets see, an administrator busted for drugs and on paid leave, a teacher on paid leave, the mayor and common council acting like children no wonder Johnstown doesn't want to merger anything with Gloversville! Even the School board had their child like issue trying to oust the president of the board that they had voted for last year. Yep that really shows major companies what they can expect if they want to move here. It's no wonder kids graduate and get the heck out of town quickly!

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Mar-13-14 2:25 AM

How much money could be saved if all Fulton County School Districts were merged into a Greater Fulton County School District and have one Superintendent? Look at the money being shelled out for that one position and just how good are the schools after paying all that money for one person????

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Mar-13-14 6:38 AM

EVRGreen, our children are most certainly watching and learning...the WRONG things.

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Mar-13-14 12:57 PM

johnsteady you have a great idea,, Schools in other states are run by the county. I believe NY is the only one that runs schools by district. It is a better idea for all.

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