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City argues over mayor’s authority

Internal dispute delays emergency resolutions

March 12, 2014

GLOVERSVILLE — The Common Council, mayor and city attorney got into a public dispute during a meeting Tuesday about who has what authority....

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Mar-12-14 11:31 AM

What we seem to have here is a meglomaniac narrcasistic mayor trying to sieze power from the council, similiar to putin, he doesn't like the bi-partisan cooperation that seems to be developing on the council, and questions are being asked that should be about residency issues and performance and accountability of dept heads...Kudos to Zarelli, Anadio, Wentworth and Siarkowski standing up to the liars and puppets and putting king, and the city attorney in their places....the mayor should be taking direction from the council on any financial matter...and the city attorney should be smart enough to keep his objectivity, but since the only reason he has a job, because of his good buddy king, I await the day king and his clowns are booted out of town, and Gville can start the healing process..

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Mar-12-14 11:37 AM

What job performance? Aren't these all lifetime Republican positions?

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Mar-12-14 11:38 AM

this idiot will try anything to feed his insecure ego..wake up king, you are not in charge of city finances, that is the job of the council, and kudo to them for making sure he understands that. I give alot of credit to Zarelli and his partners on the council for making sure the lap dog city attorney knows his place, and the lyin' king knows you will not have carte blanche on your personal whims. I've never seen such an insecure little boy, get smart dayton and resign...because it's only going to get harder from here..

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Mar-12-14 12:32 PM

Children, play nice now.

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Mar-12-14 1:14 PM

What you're seeing is in G'ville is happening in Towns and Cities across America and it is shameful and embarrassing. Local politicians are emulating our own megalomaniac, narcissist President trying to seize power from Congress. That would be Obama, not Putin. Putin's 'Congress' supports him.

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Mar-12-14 2:19 PM

The fact that this had to be news is really sad. First off, the city should not have fight over what the 'Mayor's authority' is. This is not the first time that King Donkey has decided he must define his roll as king. He did this before when he first took office, as under prepared for this job as he is. He took it all the way the attorney general to prove he is the king of the land. IT IS TIME THE COUNCIL STANDS UP! GOOD ON THEM! :D <3 Wentworth, Anadio, and Siarkowski should be given an award for standing up to this clown. WHY would anyone re-elect this man? This city has a problem, it starts with K and ends with G and it has a few people on strings being pulled by that problem. The city attorney needs to GO. Casale and Robinson are nothing but puppets for the King, they should have puppet uniforms that identify them as useless unless the King needs a yes man!

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Mar-12-14 2:28 PM

I sat through that meeting, it was a repeat of every other. The small minded city attorney & mayor taking jabs at a few of the council that dare stand up argue points of truth. No matter how many times i hear "the mayor is a part of the council" it baffles me how they can reach this conclusion. mr.casale smugly chuckles when council members speak, attempts by repetition, to convince council they simply do not understand. The statement over the breakdown between mayor & council should also state the obvious, Mr.Casale is also to blame for this breakdown as he does not appear to have enough knowledge to not begin every sentence with "I think" .. that is the truth, he does not KNOW. The only true moxie i saw came from 3 council members who stood their ground..Mr.Zarrelli, Mrs.Wentworth & Mrs.Anadio.

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Mar-12-14 2:39 PM

In my comment, I meant *Zarelli* not Siarkowski! Zarelli should get an award for standing up last night! Thank You!!! :D (LH, how about a platform where we can fix typos?)

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Mar-12-14 2:52 PM

Hate to break up the fan club meetings but the bigger picture is simple: the roads in this city are not being maintained while the multi-egos worry about "recreation" and countywide transit services, the first having nothing to do with legitimate sports and recreation and the second costing us over a MILLION DOLLARS every four years. None of this is news. Yet the citizens here did not see any need to replace Kiddie King with an adult. The only solution here involves moving vans.

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Mar-12-14 3:07 PM

It amazes me that inspite of everybody criticizing King he walked away with the last election.

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Mar-12-14 3:37 PM

It does not amaze me and it should not amaze any one else. The upstanding tax payers are highly out weighed by the those who sit home and collect in Gloversville. He bought rounds of beers for the lazy and motivated them to vote. I am surprised nobody did this before now. With that said, he still should not be the mayor. His history and behavior to this day have proven that. I agree Al, still the roads get ignored and all the king's horsemen and all the king's men can not put them back together again... albeit they have spent a million dollars trying.

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Mar-12-14 4:36 PM

it's g'ville 24 percent of families and individuals live below the poverty line. no matter what they or you do no one can polish this turd. i can't believe anyone would want to be mayor of this toliet. good luck to all in g'ville.

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Mar-12-14 4:38 PM

MrBob: of course Putin's "Congress" supports him!! What other choice do they have??

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Mar-12-14 4:52 PM

Don't forget all the pizzas he bought at Gianni's signing up the great unwashed to register to vote.......And do not forget all the pie in the sky campaign promises about restoring the bus route to Johnstown and other things, he schmoozed his way back in with the people he signed up who never voted in their lives and probably won't again.

At least some of the council members are now standing up against him. He can do nothing but whine and wail because 4 are the majority. Good for them !

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Mar-12-14 5:08 PM

The sad thing about all of this is that the king will not be held responsible for any of this. In the end, it is the tax payers who lose, no matter how you look at it. Mayor Dayton King is falling down but the truth is, he is dragging the tax payers right with him. How much waste can one city carry before it crashes and burns? That is the question every tax payer should be asking themselves right now. Can we really afford to keep this man in office any longer?

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Mar-12-14 5:26 PM

Listen I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. I know I'm gonna get blocked but whatever. This mayor is a piece of*****crook

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Mar-12-14 6:17 PM

Change of Screen Name same old hate..

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Mar-12-14 7:24 PM

Next thing you know he will try taking the City debit card like he did before he was kicked off the board of the Boys and Girls club.

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Mar-12-14 7:37 PM

The king/mayor does not care what you people think even though you pay his salary. He cares not for the city, nor the charter he swore to uphold. What he does care about is getting his picture in the paper, trying to make your elected officials look like incompetent buffoons egged on by his cohorts Robinson and Casale. Casale by the way is derelict in his duty as city attorney by not protecting the city, but instead is protecting the mayor. Sad that he knows not what he knows not. Your power trips have begun to be tiresome Dayton.

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Mar-12-14 8:02 PM

Casale, to quote the movie adventures in babysitting is like a " jumbo sized sewer rat " and should be disbarred. Now listen, if someone can tell me the process of getting king thrown out of office detail it for me and I promise I will start it

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Mar-12-14 8:04 PM

Also, please tell me when are any public meetings are that I can attend and stir things up, council school board etc... (Gloversville) I am FED UP

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Mar-12-14 9:27 PM

It seems whenever there is another article relating to the mayor, everyone goes off on matters unrelated to the article itself. In this instance there are remarks re:road conditions, how he got elected,etc.. the list goes on. I dislike this mayor & city attorney as much as all of you but this is about ego exceeding the power of office. It's about a city attorney that is unskilled in municipal law. It's about a city held hostage by a few elected & appointed officials unwilling to give that proverbial inch. You cannot expect to take people from rather, shall i say,questionable backgrounds, put them in positions of power and not have the chaos we now see.

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Mar-12-14 9:28 PM

@AgainstFraud....****mon council meetings are the last Tuesday of the month @ 6PM in the court chambers at city hall. That is when the public are allowed to speak. If you go to the city's website, you can see when the work sessions are held. No public speaking at those.

There is no way to get rid of the miscreant mayor because there is no recall of local officials in NYS unless he is convicted of a felony,or an egregious ethics violation, and can only be removed by the Governor.

Perhaps a petition is in order demanding he resign and sent to the Governor.

I do not know when the school board meets, perhaps you can call the Superintendent's office for that information.

I too have had it with this mayor. He needs to go and so does the inept city attorney.

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Mar-12-14 9:34 PM

And that Spritz is exactly correct. He is guilty of abuse of power and it has only grown worse. He seems to feel, as apparently does the city attorney, that he has the power to constantly issue "Mayoral Directives" to suit whatever itch he decides to scratch.

He is woefully lacking in understanding that he is NOT to legislate. That is the duty of the common council and his posturing is only to serve his own ego.

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Mar-12-14 9:46 PM

First everybody help me out please look at bill dingmans attempted insurance fraud in gloversville by searching YouTube for the phrase " bill trying to coach me into insurance fraud " we all suffer as a result of insurance fraud

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