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Cheers and jeers

March 8, 2014

CHEERS — To accountability. In quick action by the administration of Fulton-Montgomery Community College, students were told anyone smoking in their rooms would be dismissed from the college....

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Mar-18-14 4:55 PM

Mrbob51: Coming here daily and calling everyone who disagrees with you a liberal fails at giving an opinion. The truth is this: You do not know what you are talking about. You are a complete fail at knowing the very political scene you are in and that is VERY clear each and every time you spit out another one of your cockamamie ideas. Here is an idea for you. Try reading something that has to do with what is really going on in the world and stop watching so much Duck Dynasty. mrbob51: "Gun violence is because: ABORTION!" Seriously, you are a nut job LOL!

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Mar-10-14 7:53 AM

Mod I hear you, I believe that it is time to give Obama the R_SPECT that he has earned!

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Mar-09-14 11:36 AM

Liberalism 101.1: Interpret the truth as meanness if you feel pain.

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Mar-09-14 8:14 AM

There you have it folks, you heard it from the horses...mouth. According to libs like grant, ideas are like unicorns, purple ones at that! It's awful nice of you to clarify you ARE unable to compete in the arena of ideas. Next lib please.

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Mar-08-14 4:57 PM

grant18, let me ask you a question. If you had to take orders from a man speaking eloquently through a TelePrompter or from a soldier holding an AK47 at your chest, who would you obey?

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Mar-08-14 4:33 PM

G70... once again you go with your anal thought process... where exactly did you take that statement from anything that was said in these posts? Ate you doing your daily dose of illegal drugs earlier in the day now?

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Mar-08-14 2:53 PM

Bob how does TOT's rear taste?? LOL BTW Bob facts are facts and "ideas" like purple unicorns don't need a shred of fact or proof.. There are other web sites besides Fox and the tea party..

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Mar-08-14 2:36 PM

Well TOT, tweak libs with enough truth and you catch one telling you who they are. Poor moderation, not one bit of substance, can't compete in the arena of ideas so TOT has to go away while the rest of us get to breathlessly await the silence and absence of moderations genius. Not today.

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Mar-08-14 2:23 PM

Grant, Anna inferred no such thing, you extrapolated that remark from somewhere dark inside you. I infer from YOUR remark that you do not believe in deterrents of any kind and therefore everybody gets away with everything making it an even playing field. If fits with your other parochial opinions.

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Mar-08-14 12:30 PM

And I will stand my ground even if I was the only one that knows that I am right, but in this case you know I am or it would not bother you. Truth hurts much worse than the lies you propagate.

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Mar-08-14 12:28 PM

The cancer and hate are intrinsic to you, of that I am sure! Your hate for a free and just USA is shown in your disdain for calls to fairness? When have you seen a conservative ask someone to shut their pie hole like YOU and YOUR progressive friends do? Why not throw in a few words supporting your position instead of attacking others that have stated their argument? Oh wait that would be progress not progressive!

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Mar-08-14 11:06 AM

Jeers to TOT who is incapable of clear thinking. Your Obama Derangement Syndrome is embarrassing. You continue to demonstrate your ignorance of facts, science, history and pretty much every subject. You are for NOTHING and are very good at plagiarizing suspect sources. You and your type are the cancer of this country and your blind rage and hatred should no longer be addressed in this forum. You have never shown any inkling of original thought debate. Just. Go. Away.

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Mar-08-14 10:47 AM

ADKman, you are not paying attention, Obama's administration threatened retribution for the unlawful act of using chemical weapons, said it crossed the red line, then backed off when they crossed the red line repeatedly AND then was DRAWN into an agreement by PUTIN that removed nothing but our ability to do ANYTHING at all except watch them laugh! Just like everything Obama has done! And the world is laughing!

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Mar-08-14 10:20 AM

Like I said before, if there's a way to make a buck out of the natural gas situation in Europe with regard to the Russian supply, American gas companies will figure out a way, even if it means our NG prices will double. And to all you Putin fans, anyone who supports the Asad regime is a self serving creep, as you are for applauding the creep.

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Mar-08-14 10:09 AM

Regarding "Should lawmakers convicted of crimes still receive their pensions?", the same question should be asked of any public pension recepient.

Gloversville Enlarged School District Assistant Superintendent Frank Pickus will retire from his position before he is convicted of his felony drug possession charges, pay a small fine, possibly serve a very short jail term, and take his $100,000 per year public pension and leave the state. Some penalty.

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Mar-08-14 10:08 AM

Annarondac, please read your comment again. You are inferring that an American President should shoot a nuclear missile at Russia killing tens of thousands of people because they want to continue to use a naval base that they began building in the 1700s. THE COLD WAR IS OVER!!!!

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Mar-08-14 9:33 AM

And Syria is better off now? Obama also gave up the missal defense system with nothing from Russia in return. That defense system would be handy now. He also pledged to support the Ukraine against Russian aggression. How is that working? All the while Putin has made Europe dependent on Russian energy so Europe will not support attempts to hurt Putin. Obama has been sorely out maneuvered.

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Mar-08-14 9:09 AM

TiredOfTax, you are not paying attention. Obama threatened Syria with warships to the point that they agreed to surrender their chemical weapons.

There is a time to use our military and a time to use diplomacy. Or, like most so called conservatives, you want to get more Americans killed in pointless wars?

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Mar-08-14 8:32 AM

JEERS to Obama's continued inept policies, both domestic and foreign. His weakness has led us to this point where no one in any country believes that the USA has the guts to fight anyone for any reason whatsoever. Most of the reason to carry a big stick and talk like you would not hesitate to use it is so you do NOT have to use it. Obama and his administration have demonstrated weakness on every single international crisis and has destroyed all US credibility abroad. We absolutely need change in American leadership.

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Mar-08-14 7:58 AM

Gee I have never heard of anyone getting evicted from FMCC for smoking dope. Maybe nobody does that there? Have you heard about the uptick in driving while high accidents. I saw on TV the other night a doper saying that he believed that dope smokers were safer because knowing they were impaired made them take more precautions. I believe that he was impaired at the time of the interview. But maybe legalization of drugs is what it is going to take to understand the logic of today's progressive agenda?

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Mar-08-14 7:16 AM

Not only should they not receive their pensions, they should spend time behind bars. This would be a significant first step to reform and reconfigure the current system in an attempt to install "public sevants" rather than "entitled takers".

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Mar-08-14 6:48 AM

If F.M.C.C. is not a tobacco free campus, maybe this will move that idea along.

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