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School official’s duties to be shared

Gloversville administrator faces drug counts

March 4, 2014

GLOVERSVILLE — City school district Superintendent Michael Vanyo said district administrators, including himself, will temporarily share the duties of administrator Frank Pickus, who was arrested......

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Mar-04-14 7:40 PM

Mr Pickus pointed out many times in private conversations that he was not a resident of Gloversville and also openly stated his disdain for Fulton County....We can now show our disdain for him. He has earned it

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Mar-04-14 7:38 PM

Are any of the Gloversville administrators residents of our district? The Supt lives in Saratoga too. What about the rest?

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Mar-04-14 7:22 PM

Re bmwfred's post, I believe some school districts have a policy that require some admins(Supers, principals) to live in the school district where they're employed. Not a bad idea...

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Mar-04-14 4:52 PM

Sarotoga deputy ran drugs also. Wonder if they where part of a drug ring??

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Mar-04-14 4:27 PM

My concern with this whole situation is Mr. Pickus is not a resident of his school district, or even Fulton county. He has no vested interest in either this city or county. He lives in Saratoga county which no doubts rates higher in state standards then Gloversville. How much of his work has helped this area to remain lower?

The second question to ponder is how many people like him are there in our local school districts making the high wages, but don't live here?

I want my tax money used to support our county with its public service employees that live here.

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Mar-04-14 4:18 PM

What a shame. And the GESD taxpayers have to give this a-hole 2K a week while he is home in Saratoga getting ripped everyday. When he is found guilty or pleads to a lesser charge the GESD should file a civil suit to get every penny back. Where does it say this guy or the J'town cop is entitled to COP? The Saratoga Cty deputy was suspended WITHOUT pay from the Saratoga County PD and from his job as a PT Ballston Spa cop. Produce his contract to prove he is entitled to COP.

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Mar-04-14 3:30 PM

It is crystal clear from Supt Vanyo's comments that he truly believes that every school employee "has rights" EXCEPT BUS DRIVERS! What an upside down attitude! It's not only time for a change in the Asst Supt's position, it's way past time for a change of the Superintendent too.

If this has been the culture in the central administration staff, it's now understandable why Mr. DeLilli left for Johnstown!

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Mar-04-14 2:39 PM

Time to polish up my resume !!

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Mar-04-14 1:41 PM

"I don't think people realize how much he did," Vanyo said...yeah, as in 'how much' meth? Sounds to me like they're circling the wagons. FedUp, could be because a lot of the people who make that decision are also speed freaks, smoke dope or snort coke?

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Mar-04-14 1:39 PM

You people need to relax!! Why don't we just start drug testing everybody. RELAX!!!

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Mar-04-14 1:05 PM

"I don't think people realize how much he did," Must need a lot of extra energy to do all that....

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Mar-04-14 12:33 PM

Random drug testing of people charged with educating children should be mandatory. How can anyone argue against that? That goes for the teachers and administrators and the non-professional staff as well. Any one that works in the school. And the welfare folks should have been getting tested long ago. Still can't figure out why they aren't.

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Mar-04-14 12:16 PM

I agree with the drug testing, but why just high level staff? In my opinion, anyone who receives their income from tax payers should be drug tested ie: public employees and welfare recipients.

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Mar-04-14 11:43 AM

"I don't think people realize how much he did," Vanyo said. Apparently, not Mr. Vanyo. I'd really like to see high level staff in Gloversville drug tested. I am sure he's not the only one, he's just the one caught.

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