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Council must obey the law

March 2, 2014

Sometimes, internal political conflict turns Gloversville Common Council meetings into a circus sideshow. As an example, look what happened at the Common Council meeting Tuesday....

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Mar-07-14 2:14 PM

As long as Dayton King is Mayor of Gloversville, the laws will continue to be ignored. What everyone missed here is the reason he called the meeting. To hold a meeting behind closed doors that included everyone on the common council but two people. He used a Republican Caucus to keep two of them out that did not agree, so he could bully the rest with his buddy Robinson. The problem with Gloversville, is they fail to get people elected who are decent and want to actually serve the tax payer. Someone needs to educate these people about the importance of not electing people just because he buys them drinks. The Dayton Robinson shop of horrors is the worst thing to happen to Gloversville in a very long time. It is like kicking a dog when it is down, multiple times.

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Mar-04-14 7:52 PM

TOT Dual standard at its best....council disobeying a law they may not agree with is bad, But TOT is in full support of a Sherriff disobeying a law he doesn't agree with. Cant pick and choose, where to apply a standard TOT

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Mar-04-14 11:44 AM

pards: You are right. Money talks. Anyone else would be in jail for driving under the influence of drugs.

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Mar-04-14 10:50 AM

Taxtired, leave the race card home. This is going to sort itself out without it.

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Mar-04-14 8:06 AM

If that school super was some black person he would have been charged with criminal attempt for resale seeing as he had mutiple bags in his possesion. A drug dealer running the schools. What a shame.

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Mar-02-14 8:45 PM

I apologize to any who feel that my first post is off topic. My point of view is that the exponential decay continues while the focus is not on the route of the problem. Every week it's some new less significant fight. Whether it's premature Republican endorsements, the transit head's place of residency, illegal use of city vehicles, disagreements on zoning board appointees, and this weeks illegal closed door meeting. In the big scheme of things I just don't believe that these things matter. A tremendous amount of energy has been expended on these kinds of issues for years and years and the decay continues. If I was on life support I really don't want my doctor focusing on my ingrown toenail, I want him to focus on stabilizing his patient.

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Mar-02-14 2:31 PM

Two differnent reports on what transpired and no reporters were there? We get two different stories when the reporters are there, depending what they choose to print and choose to ignore.

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Mar-02-14 11:28 AM

Anyone remember Richard Milhous Nixon? Didn't think so. He was riding high after his re-election, so high that he decided that he and his minions didn't have to follow any laws. Only a matter of time before Ed Cox's GOP Rising Star becomes a meteor IMHO.

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Mar-02-14 9:59 AM

Laws normally have consequences if broken. The Sunshine Laws do not. If the worst you get is an opinion from Mr. Freeman, and an editorial slapping your hand, it will simply continue all over NY.

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Mar-02-14 9:33 AM

So what! Just who will bring any retribution? Our country (city)leaders used to stand for fairness and lawfulness, look at it today at every single level... it gets the respect that it deserves and attracts only those that live by those lax rules. Arrogance and nepotism are now the normal, not the pride in the country (city) or doing what is best for the country (city). They all seem to be in it for themselves and what they can give their "friends"!

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Mar-02-14 9:07 AM

Solarguy, the issue here is not about 'exponential decay." It's about politicians, who should know better by now, intentionally violating the Open Meetings Law.

Each of these individuals has had the opportunity to be trained multiple times on the rules. I am personally aware that the two primary culprits here - King and Robinson - have had that training (in Robinson's case, multiple times).

We do not have to wait until some hoped-for future time that the city is on the road to physical recovery for the political class to hold open meetings properly. That can happen immediately. No excuses.

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Mar-02-14 8:18 AM

I think that the fighting and exponential decay of the Glove cities will continue unless the real root of the problem is tackled. I don't fault our leadership for this, I'm sure that they are all frustrated and weary. How could they not be? In my opinion the solution is one word, jobs. When you have employment,the social problems, blight, and high property taxes can all be diminished. I think that employment has to come first, not the other way around. The reason that Gloversville and Johnstown were once great was because of jobs.

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Mar-02-14 8:11 AM

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

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Mar-02-14 7:30 AM

Don't expect any changes. Small-town caucuses such as these presume "local immortality" to pursue its own agenda ("they know what's good for everyone better than anyone else") and will not stop practices like this until they are legally reined in by the courts. I have seen it in other venues in Fulton County.

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