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Ideas to build up downtown discussed

Gloversville working on new Comprehensive Plan

March 1, 2014

GLOVERSVILLE — Many ideas to help revitalize downtown were discussed at the recent Comprehensive Plan workshop....

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Mar-01-14 9:15 PM

just below there are 2 comments that are both right. A big missing link (for lack of a better term) that has left most of society is respect for life, property, and our fellow citizens.

Wally world is embarking on a new mission to create manufacturing jobs in the US. The powers that be need to be looking into those initiatives with a "what can we make" attitude. There is plenty of useful real estate all over the county just wasting away.

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Mar-01-14 8:04 PM

Efforts to revitalize Gloversville's downtown is a collective waste of time. Gloversville's leaders have made a decision to abandon the downtown and to annex lands from the Town of Johnstown. These lands are serving as the anchor of Gloversville's economic development efforts.

There is just plainly too little money, ideas, and mostly talent to "build up" downtown. For the past 20 years (or longer), there have been not efforts in developing the downtown, while residents have grown acustomed to doing their business elsewhere where better and lower cost services are available along with much better customer service.

There is nothing being considered that will change this either.

As the large block of retirees who may have lived in a time when Gloversville was something and contibuted to what the city had to offer pass away, they will be replaced by uneducated welfare receipients who are a drain on the system.

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Mar-01-14 6:17 PM

What the old people remember is what the young people are looking for," DeSantis said about the future of the city.

if i could add 1 comment to this it would be what the young people don't know is that it was hard work and some pride in yourself and community that made this city what it was. not free handouts and no sense of right and wrong. these people have become multigenerational welfare cases which drains the life out of any community. gloverville/amsterdam/ect..

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Mar-01-14 3:08 PM

thinktank is on the right track. The powers that be will come up with 853 reasons that nothing will work instead of trying to find 3 reasons to try something.

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Mar-01-14 1:35 PM

The first step is to Clean up the drugs and the WELFARE BLIGHT !!! Why is this so hard to see? It's at a point of no return .

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Mar-01-14 1:20 PM

i enjoy when people like grant18 complain about, "negativism from a vocal segment" what, you don't think anyone of us don't care or hadn't had ideas in the past. after yrs and yrs of hearing the same old talk about this and that what does this get us. it just gives them more time to do nothing but talk and talk is cheap. taking action meaning working and working is not gloversville strong suit. the walkway is a great idea. start with the history of the city on the sidewalk leading right to a 16yr smoking with her 2yr kid and one on the way holding a wefare check looking at you like your stupid while flipping you off. that's g'ville.

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Mar-01-14 1:16 PM

When family and friends come to visit, they usually drive through Gloversville and always comment on how beautiful the flowering trees are in the spring along Main Street and the flower baskets in the summer, as the architecture is stunning throughout. All extremely great ideas mentioned will enhance the city. Also, keeping the public involved and active in these projects and endeavors will increase and develop pride in the environs. As for Ms. Wentworth's comment, I disagree. I think it could exceed what it was before and become better than it ever has been, just keep the forward and out of the box thinkers and doers busy and working and get a great motivating leader.

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Mar-01-14 10:21 AM

I am very impressed with the ideas put forth by people at this meeting. I especially liked the ideas suggested by Lance about creating a story walkway, and Barbara Madonna suggesting a college operated eatery downtown. We have some very creative and innovative people in the city and I think we can make downtown better.

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Mar-01-14 9:37 AM

What Gloversville needs to do is get in touch with the city fathers of Santa Cruz Ca to see how they did it.Ive lived in both towns and their downtowns are laid out the same.

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Mar-01-14 9:30 AM

Isn't it obvious from the comments of Adirondackal & FedUp0416 that the biggest problem is the persistent & insistent negativism of one very vocal segment of Gloversville. I don't know what the solution is but I do know other communities have found it. Get Ad'l & Fe'p to SMILE & the rest will be easy!

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Mar-01-14 7:53 AM

Say here's a radical idea: cut city spending so the confiscatory tax rates can be lowered. Then actual businesses instead of "not for profits" could actually do business here.

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Mar-01-14 5:18 AM

IDEA 1 - Reduce DSS benefits to the Pajama pants crowd so they move to another county. That alone would do wonders to clean up downtown.

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