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Cheers and jeers

March 1, 2014

CHEERS — To Garrett Boblowski. We needed to get this Glebe Street Elementary School third-grader’s name out there. Garrett, in conjunction with the 100th day of school, completed a 100-mile run....

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Mar-05-14 7:47 AM

global warming advocates have to dig deep to see the thaw this year! For the second time in what has been a frigid winter in the Northeastern United States, Niagara falls has come to an icy halt as the six million cubic feet of water that typically flow over the falls every minute has frozen over. The flow of water over the falls typically can withstand icy temperatures like those that have frozen much of the country this winter, but Monday's high of 9 degrees Fahrenheit brought Niagara Falls to a standstill - and photographers were there to snap some stunning images of the frozen waterfall.

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Mar-03-14 8:40 PM

I'm somewhat with the oldest cable company in the country and their rates are not considered cheap. I have a "lifeline" cable (37 channels) and 15 meg internet speed for about $60/mo. I also have a DISH pkg for about $90/mo which gives me more than can get with the cable company.

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Mar-03-14 8:34 PM

One-third of Americans say the Affordable Care Act has had a negative impact on them personally, while 14 percent say the law has helped them, according to a new Rasmussen survey. The poll finds that public dissatisfaction with Obamcare remains nearly as high as it was during the height of the website’s problems last year.

Rasmussen finds that more people say they have a “very unfavorable” opinion of the law than have a favorable opinion of it at 41 and 40 percent, respectively. Fifty-six percent of respondents said they view the law unfavorably, just shy of a high of 58 percent in November of last year. Of the 40 percent who have a favorable opinion, only 16 percent view the law ”very favorably.”

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Mar-03-14 9:05 AM

All things considered, I'm satisfied with Time Warner. Without going through great detail, Comcast has a nasty habit of throttling internet speed through a 10Meg pipeline. That's fine for standard 5Meg 'off the shelf' speed but I pay for 50Meg service and don't want that to change. Direct TV may be best for Television programs but, in my opinion, Time Warner's phone, cable and internet pkg is fairly priced. If anyone is interested, dslreports dot com is a great source for up to date information on Comcast, Time Warner and other providers.

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Mar-02-14 8:51 PM

today's Reading Eagle editorial said the big losers in this deal would be the customers

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Mar-01-14 10:25 PM

As for Time Warner, "do not end up in a roadside ditch!" "Do not become the local fisherman" "Stop taking in stray animals call Direct TV" "Don't sell your hair to a wig shop, Get rid of cable"

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Mar-01-14 7:09 PM

Global warming? Great Lakes Approaching 100% Ice Cover – For The First Time On Record Lake Ontario is the only major holdout, and the forecast there is for extreme cold during the next two weeks.

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Mar-01-14 6:59 PM

In a place where gun laws are the most stringent on the planet... More than 10 knife-wielding attackers slashed people at a train station in southwestern China late Saturday in what authorities called a terrorist attack, and police fatally shot five of the assailants, leaving 28 people dead and 113 injured, state media said.

I can't wait for the new knife laws to begin... progressives to the rescue!

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Mar-01-14 4:40 PM

JEERS to the ongoing battle known as Obamacare! The national survey of seniors, conducted by the Tarrance Group for American Action Network, found that 57 percent of voters 65 and over have a “negative view” of President Obama's signature health care law, the Affordable Care Act, while only 35 percent have a “positive view.” Seniors' disapproval of the law is 5 percentage points higher than the national average; their approval is four points lower.

The poll also revealed that cuts to the Medicare Advantage program could drive seniors' negative opinion of Obamacare even higher. The Obama administration recently announced that it would reduce funds for the program as a part of the ongoing implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

In the survey, 54 percent of respondents disapproved of the cuts and 59 percent said they would be less likely to support a Democratic congressional candidate who supported Obamacare “despite the fact that it cuts Medicare Advantage.”

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Mar-01-14 1:25 PM

I cut the cord 2 years ago..Time Warner was gouging me to the tune of 110 bucks a month for extended basic and a HD DVR!! Get yourselves a antenna and you'll get 24 HD channels for free.. Spend 20 dollars on a TV tuner card and use your computer for a DVR.. Amazon prime and netflicks is all I need.. Beware since net neutrality is gone internet providers are free to throttle streaming sites and bill you more.. Any fool that thinks the merger of Comcast and TW is a good idea should google monopolies ...

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Mar-01-14 10:03 AM

The only reasonable solution to the cable TV rate increase problem is "a la carte pricing" - which both the cable & satellite companies are fighting vigorously. As Hilltopper points out with franchise fees, it's more true to say that the customers are fighting themselves because a significant part of their payments go to lobbying against "a la carte" pricing in Congress. How many of the 150+ channels do YOU watch?

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Mar-01-14 8:08 AM

A franchise fee is usually paid by a business for the exclusive right of doing business in a municipality. TW charges its customers for the franchise fee and then turns the franchise fee money over to the municipality. Check your bill. If the customers are paying the franchise fee is it really necessary?

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Mar-01-14 8:00 AM

I find it very cute that the L/H just discovered that Time Warner Cable Corp has always been run like pirates!! When I dared to criticize the action of councilperson Wentworth and the Gloversville common council for rushing into a 14 year extension of the city's contract with TWC, the L/H was silent.

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Mar-01-14 7:01 AM

Loud and prolonged applause to Garrett - a current (and future) leader!

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Mar-01-14 6:59 AM

I think Time Warner is poorly run. Their rates over the years have climbed out of proportion to what others provide. A takeover by Comcast may be very beneficial.

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