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Plan needs private funds

February 23, 2014

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to fund more college classes in prisons earned poor marks from several state senators — and the public — last week....

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Feb-25-14 11:42 AM

Congratulations, GReader. Your suggestion, or something reasonably close to it, seems to me to be the first constructive comment on this issue that I've heard anywhere.

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Feb-25-14 9:10 AM

Good question getreal, I suppose the PC answer would be: "We should be compassionate and give them a chance, after all, they served their time and made good use of it". Of course being the disagreeable cuss that I can be, MY answer differs a bit in that I'm already compassionate, so the Govt needs to show the same compassion and LOWER my Taxes and forget about propping up somebody else at my expense.

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Feb-25-14 7:13 AM

Would you want to hire someone who was a drug dealer or maybe even served time for manslaughter just because they have a degree over someone who maybe can be trained to do the same job and doesn't have a degree,which one would you choose for your business

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Feb-24-14 9:20 AM

I agree with MrBob51 and Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Always feel safe driving though Arpaio's territory.

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Feb-24-14 7:45 AM

Your comment Hill reminded me of the State Ed gods who said that all children can learn...and to prove it, they lowered the standards to prove how right they were.

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Feb-23-14 8:00 PM

What if they don't wear any collars?

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Feb-23-14 6:22 PM

They work as hard now as they would WITH a state job. And the only degree they need is to be hired, after that it is easy street!

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Feb-23-14 2:45 PM

The 4% recidivism vs 40% is an over simplification. What percent of those taking college courses have committed blue collar crimes vs violent crimes? What percent of those in prison already have a college degree? Do we give them a Masters or PHD? Bottom line, if they are serious about a college degree they should keep their nose clean in prison and get a degree when they get out, just like everyboby else does. College is not a guarantee for a job, but the deck will be stacked in their favor to make the whole BS program "appear" to be a success.

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Feb-23-14 10:12 AM

The only ones getting degrees are he ones who get it. The repeat offenders won't bother. Total waste.

mrshubbs - It would be nice if we could get anyone to work for the state, there are no workers, just employees.

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Feb-23-14 10:04 AM

Fair play = when they get their degrees, they have to work for the state.

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Feb-23-14 9:56 AM

It seems that NYS is continually going in the reverse direction. Isn't prison a punishment?

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Feb-23-14 7:44 AM

Every plan needs private funds that is what our money is BEFORE they tax, take fees and fines out of our paychecks. You cannot drive your car, eat anything, get anything or hire anyone without the state getting some "private" money. The real problem is not them taking it to fund the government, it is them wasting it on plans such as this one!

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Feb-23-14 7:41 AM

Those inmates who take advantage of this generous opportunity should have to agree to repay the full cost of their program. It should be structured similarly to the manner in which all other college students repay their loans, and the inmates should understand that repayment begins the day they are released from prison. That knowledge should provide the extra incentive they need to find and keep a job and stay out of jail.

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Feb-23-14 5:32 AM

Or Prison life could be made so miserable nobody would want to go back. That's just way too Draconian you say? I wonder what Sheriff Joe Arpaio would have to say about this.

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