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Obama has odd priorities

February 19, 2014

Say one thing for President Barack Obama: When he sets priorities, he sticks to them. Take the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline, which could help the U.....

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Feb-19-14 11:19 AM

His policies and priorities have the same goal. DESTROY the US economy! More than four months after its scheduled launch and despite receiving $305 million in federal grants and spending at least $160 million on the website, Cover Oregon has not enrolled anyone.

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Feb-19-14 11:31 AM

Pass the hash.

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Feb-19-14 11:31 AM

Remember Joe Wilson yelling at Obama? Turns out he was extremely right after all! Obama is a liar... I cannot remember Obama telling even a partial truth... hmm mm...

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Feb-19-14 12:08 PM

Admittedly off the subject of this editorial but I note that once again President Obama has declined to involve American soldiers in a civil war. If President Bush were still in office, I could easily imagine our bombers bombing & our fighters fighting with their Russian equivalents to help the NATO-leaning rebels in the Ukraine from losing to the Russian-leaning government of the Ukraine. And certainly all in the name of stopping the spread of Communism, which doesn't even exist there anymore!

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Feb-19-14 12:21 PM

Better we should stop the spread of liberalism, but that wouldn't be politically correct.

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Feb-19-14 12:35 PM

ToT: Cover Oregon's website is the failure of a PRIVATE corporation (and a big one too!) to complete the task that they chose to undertake. It is sad that $160 million has been pumped into this corporate scam. BTW, Cover Oregon has enrolled 90,000 people so far, all through paper applications. Hopefully Oregon will be able to successfully sue Oracle for their non-performance. No doubt $160 million buys a few nice yachts.

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Feb-19-14 12:36 PM

GRANT18: Now not only are you liberals blaming Bush for what happened, you are imagining things that COULD be happening. Your obsession with Bush can only be explained by you inability to defend the dismal record of the current occupant of the White House. Deflect and Demonize. Why not make a fact based argument defending your beloved President? (Because the facts are not in your favor maybe??).

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Feb-19-14 4:07 PM

Everybody wants to blame somebody these days. There seems to be no peace in this country anymore.

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Feb-19-14 5:33 PM

Ok, it's all my fault. In fact, that's also the name of my Auto Insurance Company...Myfault Ins.

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Feb-19-14 5:44 PM

Well before the March 31 deadline to buy insurance, California announced Tuesday it has already exceeded its 2014 enrollment goals for its health care exchange. "By the end of January, 728,410 people had enrolled in private health plans through Covered California, and 100,000 more signed up in the first two weeks of February. About 26% are 34 and younger."

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Feb-19-14 5:45 PM

Lancaster County District Judge Stephanie Stacy ruled in favor of three Nebraska landowners who filed the lawsuit against the state, issuing an order Wednesday declaring the law unconstitutional and void for divesting the state Public Service Commission of control over the routing of pipelines. The ruling includes a permanent injunction preventing Gov. Dave Heineman and the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality from taking any further action to authorize or advance the pipeline under the law.

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Feb-19-14 10:00 PM

I have never seen a more hated president than this idiot.

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Feb-19-14 10:30 PM

Hey when do we start seeing the $2,500 savings a year he promised families will see as a result of his dumb health care bill. Don't know about anyone else, but my premium, copays and deductibles all increased. signs of any savings yet! Oh wait, I forgot...I'm part of the working class ... oops - not one of his priorities.

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Feb-19-14 11:09 PM

Vice President Joe Biden acknowledged on Wednesday that it will be hard to reach the target on the number of people signing up for health insurance by a looming March 31 deadline for Obamacare enrollment.

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Feb-19-14 11:12 PM

The Obama administration said last week that 3.3 million people have enrolled in private Obamacare health plans between October 1 and Feb 1

I want to see how many actually PAID! I have heard that many of the enrolled people balk and do not pay after finding out how much the plans cost! Leaving an enrollment application but not purchasing anything.

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Feb-19-14 11:17 PM

Michael Cox, spokesman for Cover Oregon, didn't dispute the federal tally.

Michael Cox, spokesman for Cover Oregon pointed to the state's own tally, which shows 9,949 people had enrolled as of Tuesday — 9,219 in MEDICAID and 730 in private plans. SOUNDS LIKE A RESOUNDING MONEYMAKER!

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Feb-19-14 11:36 PM

Keystone Pipeline would kill George Soros' oil shipping line. What's better putting dollars into Soros or dollars into the working person's pockets? Pot just dumbs us down. If you were trying to destroy America, Obama is right on track.

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Feb-20-14 7:02 AM

ADKKEV: Once again, you liberals cherry pick numbers to attempt to make this pig of a healthcare law look good. Actually over 120,000 have signed up through Cover Oregon. But look into the numbers. ONLY 35000 of them actually got private healthcare with 75% of those qualifying for tax credits(and they wont say if those 35000 actually paid yet). The remaining 90,000 or so are Medicaid sign ups. Those 90,000 do nothing to help offset the mounting costs of this pig. Those 90,000 add to the cost of the plan. Nice try KEV, but once again, you never let facts get in the way of your adoration of the President. You lefties own ObamaCare and you will suffer great losses in November because of it.

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Feb-20-14 8:02 AM

I heard a political activist on the radio, he said he got so burned out that he stepped back from "political radio and television" for six months. When he did turn the radio back on it was as if he didn't miss a beat, Limbaugh, O'Rielly, Hannity, Matthews and Maddow were still yelling about the same stuff from six months ago.

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Feb-20-14 8:17 AM

despite the massive increase in the government's marketable debt during Bush's eight years, Obama managed to accumulate more additional marketable debt in his first five years in office than all the presidents who preceded combined.

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Feb-20-14 10:15 AM

Hilltopper, that's because nothing has changed. As a matter of fact Rachel, Al and Ed are still screaming about the same stuff. Nothing new here, move along.

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Feb-20-14 12:17 PM

Fed: I wasn't defending anyone. ToT had stated that Cover Oregon hadn't enrolled anyone, so I responded to that statement. Nothing more. No adoration of anyone. And a private corporation is ripping off taxpayers to the tune of $160 million, & I do hope that some, if not all, of that money can be returned to the taxpayers. Thanks for the correction on the total # for Cover Oregon & the research on the enrollment specifics.

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Feb-20-14 2:19 PM

It's getting harder and harder to defend Obama isn't it? All you progressives can go ahead and criticize him, it's ok..WE wont call you racist.

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Feb-20-14 2:28 PM

Adkkev, in case you haven't noticed, the Government is the entity that's ripping off Taxpayers. You CAN do something about that, why don't you? Other than being a stockholder, what a private company does is none of your business unless you want to make it so. The government, however IS your business and you seem ok with letting them steal you blind as you merrily criticize something YOU CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT. Focus on what you can impact.

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Feb-20-14 3:08 PM

MrBob: Oracle has a $160 million contract with the state of Oregon. They have not fulfilled their obligation under their contract. So, since they are private, I shouldn't care about what they do/perform in a contract with a government agency? The Oregon gov't managers for this debacle have already resigned, probably for letting the contract being fulfilled for months on end without doing anything about it. Again, I'm not defending any gov't entity or gov't person, national, state, or local; gov't is just as much at fault for this debacle as Oracle.

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