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Council: No snowmobiles on streets or sidewalks

February 16, 2014

GLOVERSVILLE — Following public discussion at the Common Council meeting Tuesday, the city police department is urging those in the community to report any people riding their snowmobile on city......

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Feb-20-14 12:44 PM

I am thankful for a the snowmobilers who pack dwn the snow on the rail trails for all of us people who walk it to Johnstown or just walk it for exercise. I also believe that if Gloversville city streets were plowed or even plowed better for half of us who can't afford 4 wheel drive so we can get from point A to point B,ther'd probably be less snowmobiles on the city streets. Where's the tax money go that is paid into the city? it should be used in the winter to pay somebody to plow the roads like they should.

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Feb-19-14 12:56 PM

I'm pretty sure that snowmobile registration money was used for that Rail Trail, snowmobilers spend money, buy gas, eat out, visit businesses all along the arterial.. they need a way to get out of the city, so why not embrace the revenue and added tourism to this county..

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Feb-17-14 1:07 PM

If there is snow on the road let them ride on it. Years ago ther was a plate and insurance needed to ride them on the hwys. The old timers should remember that. There was no problem then.

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Feb-17-14 12:27 PM

Tired of tax is only tired of his taxes. He's all for other new taxes. Typical tea partier..only cares about themselves.

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Feb-17-14 8:46 AM

Have them buy permits to ride the trail... $25 per machine times hundreds of machines... ca-ching! Loud pipes $200 fine, speeding $25. per mile over...

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Feb-16-14 8:29 PM

Contrary to popular belief not all us snowmobiler's are idiots thank you very much. Now onto the issue of the rail trail, while I am a snowmobiler i do not agree with the loud aftermarket pipes people put on so i can see why people get upset about that but i bet half of you do not understand the revenue that us "idiots" bring to the local businesses. I say open the trail, post a 10-15 mile an hour speed limit, and post strict penalties for disobeying the laws of the trail maybe threatening repossession and i bet if you did this you would have more riders like myself on the trail and less of the real idiot riders. Thank you for your time.

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Feb-16-14 7:21 PM

Just like EVERY activity here in Gloversville everyone wants to control everyone and everything. If done correctly there is no reason not to allow snowmobiles on the rail trail and on city streets, at least the most direct route out of the city. If done correctly the snowmobiles could be a source of revenue to the city, and county. It could be a business opportunity to enterprising individuals and a source of entertainment to residents. But as you know there are those that abuse these rights... follow the tracks and ticket them!

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Feb-16-14 7:12 PM

Yes, snowmobilers pay registration fees or join clubs that help maintain the trail system. However, the Rail Trail running through the city is not part of that system. Doesn't anyone remember the show dog that was hit in Broadalbin while walking on the trail. The snowmobiler took off when the dog's owner started to question him and try to get his info. Snowmobiles, 4 wheelers etc have their place, but not on city streets, sidewalks or the rail trail.

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Feb-16-14 5:41 PM

Wrandy is a miserable old *******!

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Feb-16-14 5:05 PM

ps : sorry the real trails DO NOT have blacktop.

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Feb-16-14 5:00 PM

I love it when people can say trail. It was a railroad track and right of way. You want a trail leave the city where there are plenty of REAL trails; Even trees and nature instead of peoples backyards.

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Feb-16-14 4:40 PM

gville70, also those idiots speed down the trail at night posing a serious danger to people walking and skiing said trail.." really???? and are there many out walking and skiing after dark???? meaning like 9 or 10PM. And the way the weather has been, it could be years since the snowmobile came off the trailer.

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Feb-16-14 4:29 PM

Scarecrow show me where snowmobiles specifically support our rail trail, also those idiots speed down the trail at night posing a serious danger to people walking and skiing said trail..Oh and the sleds are loud enough to wake the dead..

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Feb-16-14 12:23 PM

And just what are these snowmobiles hurting??? NOTHING!!! Just a bunch of typical useless nay sayers in the cesspool of Gloversville. Just another reason to avoid the place.

OH BTW, Snowmobiles pay annual registrations to support the trail system. How much do walkers and bicyclist pay????

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Feb-16-14 11:38 AM

Too many don't s not enough do s.

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Feb-16-14 7:11 AM

"I don't believe that they have business riding on the bike trail in the city,"

Does the councilman actually use the bike trail? I use it EVERYDAY with my dog, and without the snowmobiles packing down the trail, NO ONE would be able to walk on it. I am thankful for the snowmobilers and he would be too, if he actually used the trail.

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